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Mevo Start — First look

Photo Moment - February 11, 2020

The all-new Mevo Start is here! It's the best of the Mevo Plus and the Boost — a great  live streaming camera that you can take anywhere to stream anytime!

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Live Show Test!

I did a live show the day of launch, using just the Mevo Start with its built in mics to see how it'd do!


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Thanks so much for incredible video we have two memo plus we used in our Church but, we will be change to the memo start, again thanks for your time and great video, Pastor Francisco Collio.
Wonderful, that’s nice to hear!
You have very interesting shows. But there is one major problem: not all of your subscribers are native english speakers. So, if you will try to slow down a bit your speach it will become more understandeble. Mybe you know that the speed of the speach on the screen must be nothe same as a real conversation with someone witch stits next to you. Waiting for new interesting show from you. You are doing a very good job, very useful. Thank you! Greetings from Romania!
Thanks Meddir1, but I can’t slow down my speech… it’s just how I talk. And this isn’t even a live show; those I move faster. I recommend using the playback speed control in YouTube. It works very well! Try slowing me down to 0.75 and see how that feels. Thanks!
Paying extra for such a simple graphic on your video is just crazy. I just hope you can eventually use more than 1 camera at a time without them charging more for it.
Yeah, I agree that seems a bit much. The restream service I totally understand — that takes real money to make happen. But yeah, the graphic should be included.
Question- If I'm 5 firmware updates behind on my gh5 should I update my firmware one at a time up to the latest version...or should I update to the latest version right away? Not sure if my camera will miss out on firmware upgrades if I skip a bunch of them all at once.
Just the latest is fine
Yes! I would really appreciate more in depth videos with the start.
OK, we're building momentum here… a few more people are asking!
Please do more videos on this - and make sure it's on Mevo facebook site : which is how I found this video. Please do lots more videos on this!
Mevo posted it for me on their site… that's up to them. Hopefully if I do more then continue to share!
Also, be sure to subscribe so you know when I do ;-)
I’ve heard if you have multiple cameras you can use the app to switch from camera to camera. I wanted to know would that be possible with 2 Mevo Starts and a Mevo Plus. 3 camera set up and being able to switch.
@Joe Capehart Thanks for the information, I cant wait to try out the multi Cam switch. I already have the Mevo plus with the boost. Im going to order 2 Mevo Start for my Livestream company.
@5Star Live Entertainment shoot me your email, If you have multi cams ready I'll make sure you get into the multicam beta as soon as we open it up :)
Hey Joe, thanks for chiming in! That's really great to know… I have two Mevo Plus sitting here, so I can't wait to show off the update! And I'm glad you liked the video, thanks ;-)
Hey Joe — 5Star won't be able to post his email here. Bad idea and it'll be blocked anyway. Maybe he can DM you on twitter?
@PhotoJoseph Ah true, didn't think about it! You can reach me @JoeMevoInc on twitter :) Thanks Joseph!
If i stream up to youtube. What bit rate is the stream? Is there a 4K version to come i wonder?
6Mbit is what the chart says, and I don’t see a way to adjust that. It won’t do 4K because the camera itself is only HD. But the Mevo Plus also streams only in HD, while having a 4K camera. Important to understand that the 4K camera on the Plus is a super wide field of view. You have to punch into it for a normal shot, meaning you’re only using a portion of the sensor; pretty much an HD portion. Then you’re streaming in HD. The Start only has an HD sensor, but the lens isn’t as wide, so it’s usable at full width. Watch the live show that I did from this camera; it’s linked in the description and at the end of this video. You’ll see it in real life that way.
@PhotoJoseph yes they had the 4 isos from on 4k master frame feature on the 4k cam. 6mb would be way too much for a mobile webcast id think. Im surprised its that much.
I'm sure it's dynamic and "up to 6 Mbps", not a forced 6.
Would love to hear more. I understand they're going to enable multi-cam capability (up to 5?). 5 of those with an iPad sounds like a very usable studio. I also read on the Mevo FB page you can bring in USB audio through the USB port (true?).

We use 4 MevoPlus setups for a public access TV station and they're finicky but usable. There's a lot of complaints about grainy quality (true if you're using auto) but if you really light the subject(s) up, and go manual on the settings, you can get very good video.

Low light sucks though. What I saw you do.. THAT's interesting. Very interesting.

TL:DR: more please. :)
hehe thanks for that. You’re one of the first to request more at this point, so we’ll see. Good lighting, manual exposure, and NOT zooming seem to be the keys to getting the best image. Yes multi-cam is coming which will be very interesting, and apparently you could even bring audio into the Mevo Plus over its built-in USB according to one viewer, so you probably can on the Start too. Of course it has the built-in 3.5mm mic jack, so converting USB probably isn’t necessary. Let’s give this video some time and see if there’s more requests for more content!
Great review
Any way of connecting this unit into a ATEM mini easily? Need HDMI for the ATEM mini.
Nope. Correct that you need HDMI on the ATEM. But since the Mevo does NDI, if there's an NDI to HDMI converter (opens Google… searches… finds several but in the $400+ price range) then that should work. But I'd say your odds of keeping a mevo over NDI in sync with a direct connected camera would be slim to none.
@Photo Joseph, what’s the price on this thing?
Excellent video, as someone that pre-ordered the first gen Mevo, I'm very interested in how the Mevo Start works. One thing I would really love to see is a comparison of the Mevo's wide-angle view vs. the Start. Honestly, the Start is the camera I really need, but the narrower camera angle may not work for me.

It should also be noted, the Boost isn't needed for anything. Any micro-USB hubs/devices can be plugged into the Mevo charge port. I actually have a shotgun mic running through a mini USB sound card with a 20k mAh battery pack charging the Mevo and powering the sound card running through a USB hub. Can even add on a USB ethernet adapter if needed. As long as you get a battery pack with enough power to charge the Mevo, you are good to go. No $250 Boost required.
Oh wow that's good to know! I guess Mevo doesn't want people talking about that ;-) If there's enough demand I'll do more videos on this and include a side-by-side. Thanks for watching!
Cool. Would love to know how the mic port sounds and how you can push it.
What do you mean by "push it"? Any mic connected would likely be a simple lav or at most, a wireless lav. What are you thinking; like pushing a mixer into it?
PhotoJoseph as it is a love streamer I was hoping you could put an instrument or mixer or something into it. Why I ask is that you can do that with the Roland go:livecast. So thought I’d ask.
aha, I see. It doesn't appear to be designed for that, but if you could mix your audio down to mic level instead of line level, I think it'd be fine. But as a non-musician who knows next to nothing about music, I couldn't really test it out ;-)
Same boat with the original Mevo. It was pretty unusable. Had high hopes but the quality and function was bad.
I think the zooming in function is clever but degraded the quality too much. Otherwise I’m impressed actually.
I still remember the day when you got the MevoPlus and did a live streaming test with it outdoor. Miss the good old 'live streaming' days.
That was fun. I think I’ll take this live today once I finish waking up…
@PhotoJoseph i do IRL livestreams so you doing a test outside would help me out alot about making my mind up about this camera btw is there stabilization in the camera
I did a real test and I did take it outside for a few minutes. And no stabilization… this is meant to be locked off, not carried around. Scroll down here for the live test:
Thanks for the video. We have the Mevo Plus, but never used it.
How come? Curious what you thought you’d use it for vs what you’re doing instead.
I have the original Mevo sitting on a shelf collecting dust. Cool concept not great execution of that concept. I will have to check this Start out. Thanks so much for the video!
My pleasure!
Nice to have you back Joseph! :) Still miss your live shows :(
Maryt, the youtube algorithm is complicated and purposefully opaque. No one knows what it's doing, but people make a ton of money trying to figure it out and tell everyone else what it's doing! What I've learned is that youtube likes live videos when they are live but then doesn't like them afterwards. Basically, don't expect a lot of love for a previously-live show. Over the last couple of years my format has been to do the live show, then pull it down, edit a short version and upload that. Did OK but it's a lot of work for a show that's not as good as if I shot and edited it separately. I almost never got more than 100 viewers for a live show so I have changed my format now. Live will just be AMA/Q&A style shows, with the main meat being in edited shows. If you have a massive channel, like @MKBHD, you can go live and have thousands of people watching… but he's got 10 million subs, so ;-)
@PhotoJoseph Thanks for this! What about if you were using faux-pas live via apps such as Everwebinar (webinarjam) so it regularly does 'live' off recorded videos ?
if it's a live stream, it's a live stream… youtube has no idea if what is being streamed is actually live or prerecorded.
Enjoyed yesterday's show. Was trying to find the chat where is mentioned a wide angle lens for the GH5.
If you go to the post on my website and click on the title of the video while its playing, that'll open it in and from there you can see the chat replay.
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