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LUMIX S1H First Look!

Photo Moment - September 03, 2019

Everything you didn't already learn somewhere else about the new LUMIX S1H, here in one tidy little package. I hope you enjoy… I had fun making this one!

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What do you think? Is it everything you hoped it would be?
Its a step in the right direction for Panasonic. I know you said Pro-Res RAW is coming via Atomos Ninja V, its a shame you cannot record Prores HQ internally. I would like that option Panasonic. I might hold on for the GH6.
I would trade the 6k option by a better autofocus. Apart from that it's an amazing camera!
Given the burdening weight of the S1 H, street and documentary photographers/videomakers feel really frustrated to be confronted with bulgy monster options when deciding their lenses setup offered by Panasonic and Sigma for native L-mount. The average weight for coupling the S1 H with either manufacturer´s lightest native l-mount lenses boarders the edge of 2.5 kilos!!! Gimme a brake, fellows. Leica´s SL2 and their native L-mount lenses yield same or superior results at half the weight.
I’ve read all of your comments. I feel that you’re confusing the S1H with the S1R. The S1H is not a camera designed for photographers. It’s a cinema camera that happens to also take great still photos. It’s focus is on cinematography not photography.
As an addicted videographer to 35mm lenses I suffer from not being able to use the superb Canon EF-mount f/1.4 USM lens through the Sigma EF-L adapter on the S1 H without the C focus tracking (only S tracking possible). Please, Panasonic, either give us an EF adaptor with all S1 H´s focus tools or make a lens beating Canon´s 35s`. After all, that Canon lens is reigning above all others for 5 years now.
And the Panasonic 50mm f/1.4? Have you used it?
L-mount native Panasonic lenses have been proved superior to their competing Sigma lenses but at a twice as much price. Not twice as much superior in IQ though.
It´s a serious candidate, this S1H, for the "Dream Camera Award" once upgraded to Phase auto focus.
Can’t argue with that
I'm kind of falling in love with this camera. Great video Joseph! It's SO weird to me, the 1DXiii drops and like every photographer youtube does a video on it, this thing drops and there's barely any hits on it. It's baffling! Thanks for the great video dude!
Thanks man! Yeah, it's because Canon's market share is massively bigger. And this is not marketed as a youtuber's camera (although neither is the 1Dx). The S1H is super overkill for YouTube, but of course you've got people shooting YT vids on RED so 🤷🏼‍♂️
@PhotoJoseph RED and 1DX have been popularized by some pretty big youtubers, I think it's the case of monkey see monkey do. Influencer is a pretty accurate term. Agreed it's overkill for Youtube, but man that 1DXiii is WAY overkill for youtube at that price point, no flip out screen...EF lenses though are like a dime a dozen though.

Totally correct about market share though, anyway great meeting you through the convo mate. Happy I did!. Great stuff here.
All true! And thanks for watching. Hope you enjoyed the lens video, too.
Can anamorphic mode be used without the lens? Just curious..
Absolutely. But look at the numbers: anamorphic captures at 3328x2496 (4:3) vs C4K 4096x2160 (1.9:1) or UHD 3840x2160 (16:9). Anamorphic is taller but less wide than the 4K modes. It’s hard to imagine a scenario where that makes sense without an anamorphic lens squeezing the image, but there’s nothing keeping you from doing it.
The tight pattern on the fencing masks at 3:33 are a digital cameras worst night mare. I see some digital pattern on my 2k monitor at work. Maybe its good at 6k and just a down sample issue. Can you confimr @photoJoseph
So, at 3:33 you're looking at Final Cut… so you're looking at a downscaled screen capture of the NLE playing back the footage in a downscaled window. When I look at the source, I see not patterning. Remember the S1H re-introduces the antialiasing filter for this precise reason. Removing that filter has been great for image sharpness however it does occasionally allow moire to sneak in. The AA filter reduces/eliminates that.
PhotoJoseph ahh okay got it. That’s what i thought. It was a issue of downscale/sampling. I tested S1H in Hollywood. I loved it. I’m a Varicam owner. I want this camera.
pixelatorNYC nice ☺️
Great informative video!
Do you think the Low Pass Filter would decrease the sharpness of stills and pics without video? I would love for it to be as sharp as Sony, if not better tbh.
If I decide to go with this camera my lens is going to be a LUMIX S PRO 50mm F1.4
Not sure what you mean by "without video", but the LPF does soften the image very slightly, which eliminates moire. I don't know Sony's history, but all LUMIX cameras had the LPF until the GX8, and adding it back is primarily for video since this is a video-first camera. Honestly though I think you'd be pretty hard pressed to tell the difference unless you're on a very sharp lens — which that LUMIX Pro 50mm is. If you put an S1 and S1H photo side-by-side shot on the 50, then yeah you probably could tell a difference. But I don't think there's any way you'd look at a photo and just say "oh that has an LPF". If you're extremely concerned then I'd head into a camera shop and do a side-by-side.
PhotoJoseph you are a legend, thank you so much.
I am not that concerned if stills results are still rest and only have this minimal affect that can’t be recognised. Camera will be used for PR purposes and not portrait etc.
It seems like this camera is a great surprise and it will probably be the selection for many that were waiting for the a7siii like myself. I will try it first for sure but I could well end up changing our decision to getting it for our work instead of Sony (menu seemed really smooth to use as well!) thanks once again.
I hear the AF is improving, but is still lacking. Do you think it is something they can resolve with more firmware updates, or is this a hardware issue? Also is the autofocus still rather useable or is it as bad as some people make it out to be?
It’s totally usable. People want magic, and honestly the Sony pretty much is, so it’s hard to beat. So no, it’s not as good AF as the Sony. But it’s totally usable. Those who cry otherwise don’t want to have to work for their image — this is not a camera for them. This is a cinema camera in a DSLR type body.
@PhotoJoseph so if for example I was filming a wedding would I be able to rely on it to track a bride? Also do you see this being significantly improved by firmware or do you think it's about as good as it's going to get? I am genuinely interested in the camera. I mostly make travel videos, but also need to take good photos so this sounds almost perfect.
Excellent video! Thanks for sharing it and love the shot on the red chair! =)
I love the fact the screen is moving in all directions. All good for S1 series next iteration. Thank you flr this video, was awesome.
Isn’t that cool? Makes you wonder why others haven’t done that! Glad you enjoyed the video, thanks.
Makes me want to go from weddings to being a full filmmaker. Great explanations.
Thank you!
I feel like you're reading us a Christmas story sitting in that chair.
Pretty close with these specs...
hehe nice ;-)
Yes!!!! The Red Chair!
yeah, I think I have it dialed in!
How fast is the sensor readout? How bad is the rolling shutter? All that computing bandwidth has to come at a cost.
That came up a lot in the filmmaker Q&A. No worse than a RED or other big cinema camera when shooting full frame. For whip pans it is better to go for Super35 crop. Less possibility of it there.
Cinema5D have tested the S1 for rolling shutter ( ) so I would expect the S1H to be just as good or better in 4K, but we will have to see what 6K is like. The one good thing is that you can shoot 4K Super35 format with 10 ms rolling shutter with the S1, so you could switch to Super35 on the S1H for the shots where rolling shutter might be a big deal.
That's pretty damn exciting. A bit out of my price range at the moment but definitely a possible upgrade from my GH5 at some point in the future. Great specs. Panasonic is king!
Nice format to your video Joseph. Prefer the lighting/seating setup compared to the previous one. In the previous setup (to me) the light around the back of the chair was a bit hot exposure wise, which I found distracting and the exposure on your face seemed a little high (I hope you don't mind me saying, especially this late in the day). This current setup looks really great and has a relaxed feel good factor to it...which leads to comfortable viewing. Thanks for the video Joseph, hope you don't mind the sincere feedback.
You’re referring to the previous version of this setup with the red chair? I agree… this came out nice. Took some work but it got there! Thanks for the complement.
@PhotoJoseph Hi Joseph, it was the 'crop for Instagram' video were you're positioned over to the viewers left in the frame. Apologies, I've only just checked back. Definitely a full version upgrade with the set and lighting in the latest video (LOL).
Great vid Joseph! Great to see ya!
PhotoJoseph i was barely there! Ran out the door as soon as I got the thing! Loved you note on the fan cooling! Didn’t know about that “tough book” fact. I wasn’t at the press release section
Dave Maze aw you missed that? Good info there. I hope you got to see the films on that epic projector!
PhotoJoseph nope! Skipped the theater for shooting around Hollywood instead!
Dave Maze nooo!! You missed out. You got to really appreciate the quality and capabilities of the camera when handled by pros and graded by pros. Was awesome.
PhotoJoseph I wish I could have for sure! I’ll take your word that it was awesome! I’m glad I had more time to shoot with it though. That’s why I went! :)
Some nice touches I hadn't seen elsewhere... Appreciate the energy to create this Joseph!
3:26 this is the best demonstration of why 10bit is useful!
Glad you like that!
Yup, I love this camera. Too bad I'm already in the M43 Alliance (ha...ha).
Nothing wrong with that!
@PhotoJoseph oh come on photo joe! come on man.... coooome on! really? come on man!
I'm looking forward to it. The IBIS is the only question. As I often shoot out on the boat with wind, waves and heavy chop, will the IBIS stay locked down? I'd rather not have IBIS, but I understand why they included it.
So you want the camera to NOT have IBIS; that’s better for your situation? A
Moving boat with IBIS off should be fine, I’d think. Have you had problems with that? The IBIS-off vs no-IBIS should only be a problem in hard shock situations like mounted to a car. A boat is think would be OK with IBIS-off, but I’ve never shot in that situation.
@PhotoJoseph The shear vibration on a boat from the engine is fierce. Makes any IBIS system turn to jello. Remember there is no shock absorber like a car and water is 800 times as dense as air. Every little nano wave translates into vibration amplified by the boat's hull..

I had a problem on an old stabilized lens. Never could get good footage running on the river. A switch to hard mounted sensor fixed the problem despite what everyone says I should do. Every sense I've stayed away from stabilized lenses and sensors like the plague. That's why I'd rather run my own tests. That's the only way to know.
Black Warrior Lures That’s awesome to hear, thank you. I assume a gimbal doesn’t help either? In your case then yeah, this may not be the right camera for you. Obviously I’d love for you to test it and let me know what you find, but it is most definitely a floating sensor so probably won’t work out.

Keep me posted!
Seems like you brushed over the most crucial downside which is that the 4k 60p is only available cropped to super35. This is the one thing making me want to hold out to see what sony can do.
There’s always something else to hope and wish for. I want full frame 6K 60p 10-bit RAW, but hey, you know, it’s only $4,000.
Great insightful video thank you!
The S1H is best reason top start videography...phantastic camera!
still contrast video af?
answered my question of whether or not ALL 4k60p options are super-35 mode. it seems they are. great review
it seems once the video is 60p, it cant do full frame sensor in general (4k+)
@bear why not just use an APS-C camera at 4K60 then, what's the point in having a full frame.
Charbax i still prefer full frame for stills because of the dynamic range and malleability in lightroom. was curious to see if the s1h can be my one and done camera, but doesn’t seem so if 4k cropped. i like landscape shots and wide 4k60p, so i think i’ll still need some combo like gh5 with a7rii
@bear as far as I understand the S1H is a $4000 full frame video camera, but it cannot film the 4K60 using the full frame, thus it's like buying a $4000 APS-C camera, when it comes to filming 4K60, that's my understanding. And even they had to run a fan to cool it down they couldn't manage to film the 4K60 on the full frame. Too bad. I'll stick to my G9 for now. Worst of all video AF doesn't seem to be fixed yet.
Charbax yeah. so close to s1h fitting the specs i want, but gh5/g9 might be more worth it
Thanks, PJ, great coverage. Did you shoot this with the GH5? Also, is there a GH6 coming?
Shot with GH5 (and S1H of course).
Love it! Sony’s gotta be shaking in their boots. No way are they going to be able to top that with the A7s III when it comes out.
Tyler Penrod yes, when Sony finally releases the A7S3. I,m sure it will be nice,but not on this cams level..will see
All hail the new king in video production!
Great piece of kit, love everything about it. Personally I don't care too much for fullframe mostly because of (predominantly lens) size, weight & price.
But I hope some of it will trickle down to the GH6! That screen implementation is the best yet! Dual native ISO with IBIS! Gimme!
Haha, thanks man! Much appreciated!
Amazing camera, the lack of a good auto focus just wont allow me to buy it.
I get it. If it was Sony level AF, Panasonic would pwn the market. This camera is designed for filmmakers who will mostly likely use analog lenses, but I get it. It’s almost a problem that it’s this price. Should be double, then no one would talk about AF! 😂
That’s dope Bro
No doubt.
Good stuff, Joseph. I like that you vlogged it a bit. Cool to look back on.
Thanks man! Great seeing you again. Loved your approach to the video, too.
Hi Gerald, Joseph,

Nice summary! I’m at toss up here.

Love the specs but would like to see how it performs.

Just literally purchased the S1 + 24-105/4 for a good price.

At S1H price, I can still get a BMPCC 4K but it’s not about collecting cameras.

For stills, I’m still keeping my A73.

For videos, I’ll still keep my small setup GH5. But was looking for a hybrid cam that can do both.

What do you suggest? Keep S1 and get BMPCC 4K (for cinematic and raw) or just go for the S1H for an all rounder?

Btw, love the work that you’re both producing. Very informative and interesting with your own unique styles (particularly voice and delivery).

It is good times to be in with all the new tech and many options to choose from


Have you maybe had a chance to compare S1 or S1H with Leica SL2?

My intention is to use the next camera 50% for video and 50% for stills.

As I own few M lenses, S1H seems like an ideal candidate. I understand the photo quality will be lower compared to SL2, but examples you made between S1 and S1H would be of great help to understand how much would one lose.

Also, there’s Leica M to L adapter that transfers EXIF data. Does it work with S series too?

Hey Miretki — I have not compared the S1H to the SL2 in person, however there's no question that in the world of video, the S1H is superior. For example, the S1H does 6K full frame, while the SL2 crops at 5K. I think given the higher resolution sensor of the SL2, it probably compare more to the LUMIX S1R than the S1H. If photo resolution is what matters, then you should be comparing those two cameras.

And no, I don't have any Leica M lenses so have not checked out the M to L adapter.

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Also, I haven't watched this, but I trust Hugh implicitly — if you haven't watched his video on the SL2, you should:


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