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LUMIX S1 & LUMIX S1R New Details

Photo Moment - February 02, 2019

On Feb 01, 2019 at 11:00 GMT Panasonic released many new details on their upcoming full frame mirrorless cameras, the LUMIX S1 and LUMIX S1R. In this video (recorded from my hotel room in Kolkata!) I went through all the newly announced features and capabilities, explaining, analyzing and speculating throughout.

Products Mentioned

Panasonic LUMIX S1 and LUMIX S1R Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras

Panasonic LUMIX S1 and LUMIX S1R Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras

Panasonic LUMIX S1 and LUMIX S1R Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras

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Hey Joseph! I was hoping you could help me out here. As soon as I use a flash on my S1 my live view of the exposure is gone. Doesn’t matter what my settings are my viewfinder or back screen does not change exposure. Is there something I’m missing? I’ve tried many attempts changing some of the settings but still no luck. Any insight would be great. Thank you.
I’m thinking that Constant Preview is on, and you’re using a studio flash (not an on-camera TTL). Am I right? If not, tell me if Constant Preview is off or on and what flash you’re using.
@PhotoJoseph Constant preview is on and I am using a Godox flash for the Panasonic on the camera. But the same happens when I use the Godox trigger. Is there a way to toggle between the preview on and off?
It’s probably Constant Preview. When connecting a flash it’s supposed to turn off automatically but it sounds like it isn’t. I haven’t connected a Godox flash (or any flash) to the S1 yet. You can turn it off in settings and probably assign it to a Fn button for quick access. The idea is that Constant Preview shows you what your exposure looks like. This is usually a good thing. But if you’re using strobe, then a 1/250s exposure in a dark room is clearly going to be very very dark — but that 1/250 is expecting the flash. The camera can’t know the final exposure when flash and potentially multiple flashes are going to trigger, so it’s supposed to disable Constant Preview as soon as it sees a flash. Since you’re using Godox though it’s possible that there’s a bug or even that Godox needs to update their firmware. Turning Constant Preview off should solve the problem though; then what you see through the viewfinder is always properly exposed, regardless of your settings.
Hey Joe what is the difference in the low light performance between the two? Is there any?
S1 will likely be better because of the lower density sensor, but the two sensors are actually very different so until we can do side by side I can’t say conclusively. (Also, it’s Joseph, not Joe… Thanks)
I would love to get my hands on one. PhotoJoseph Can you make it happen? Haha Great vid 👍
Manny Ortiz Let's do something together. Been looking for an opportunity to collaborate with you. Hit me on Twitter or email or through my site
I remember the days when you said that there is no chance in 10000000000000000000 years that Panasonic would go into full wrong you were.
I think that your Channel Is awesome.
I look at your talking, like you are a real sector benchmark.
You are intelligent, how much you can do entertainment.
Your information is always perfect.
Please program to speak how about there are so many specs lacking in this platform.
Fake Full Frame cropped in APS-C with nice (and non-meaning) name of super35..... Is such a shame.
An old focus system and the lack of 10bit internal recording are not accettables.
Paying for firmware upgrades, Is an incoming trend, that is questionable.

Thanks for your Work
Difficult to understand what you're trying to say, however, you appear to be radically misinformed.
The S1 has unlimited internal recording in 4K30, and will have a 10-bit 4:2:2 premium upgrade for industry professionals. There is no monthly rental. There is an APS-C crop for 4K60 on the S1, but not for the S1R which has a x1.09 crop for all its video modes. No other FF cameras can do unlimited 4K30 recording and any 4K60, let alone at x1.09. It can also record 10min of 6K30 in 2:3 ratio.
@Fellow Citizen may be my english is not good like yours. I apologize about that.
My smartphone does autocorrection in english.

-4k/60p is cropped otherwise than in Sony a7iii - fact
-SR1 costs like a real cinema equipment - fact
-S1 is expensive and L-Mount a new standard - fact
-Autofocus is old and probably more problematic (if possible) - fact
-I love Panasonic and this Channel - fact
-Don't bore me please - fact

[Freedom of expression is democracy]
Are you using the Leica 12 or the 15mm lens? :) Also, any new info on the 10-25mm lens :D
I use both. This video was shot with the 12.
@PhotoJoseph I knew it. It looks sooo nice! I have the 15mm only but am so excited to use the 10-25mm. Lastly, are you going full frame or staying m4/3?
I'll stay m43 for most of my work but I'll use the FF for projects. Can't say that I'd buy one; I moved away from full frame a long time ago.
yes a little dot moves around and shows how steady your hands are. This was demoed on another channel that I don't recall. This is the Nikon that should have been.
It's after 36 seconds in the video on the DPReview channel.
I'm missing this on the GH5 since IS-Lock is available. IS-Lock gives a very stable video frame but it jumps if you move to far and reach the limits of the IS. The problem is, that you don't have any feedback about you movements because the frame is stable. You can't see in which direction your hands are drifting. With such an indicator, it should be possible to use IS-lock with longer lenses and for a longer time.
They are talking about this in photo mode where it helps to improve the way you hold the camera. I hope something like this is also available in video mode when IS-lock is used.
Gorgeous and in the right size, not as small as Nikon, Sony and Fuji,better grip and built well, we see that it is solid!
@PhotoJoseph High end market is over saturated it's way too late to enter the full frame arena. MFT is dying the latest Olympus shows how out of touch the company is with even their own users needs. Maybe they will sell 3 of them, seriously it's fantasy camera world for Olympus. Nobody is interested in MFT that's the reality, sure it could have a place at the right price point.
I'm pretty confident Panasonic are looking for a way out of MFT, do they have the resources to support both?
Making a high end camera with no phase AF and non flippy screen for video seems pretty ill advised, bigger and heavier than a DSLR yes I think it will tank and be a niche product, once you slam in those big heavy super expensive lenses - you really think Panasonic is going to carve out a market share v Canon/Nikon/Sony? Hard to see it happening.
Maybe you missed the sales figures for photography - they sold more stuff in the late 80's then they do now, the boom is OVER sales have bombed 2-3 makers will quit no question just not enough sales to go around. I for once think that's great we get more bargain deals on ebay and a few makers go out of business for being greedy and misreading the market. Olympus and Pentax are top of my list
@Paul Jones Wasn't really going to waste time even answering this but I feel the need to. Like @PhotoJoseph said, you're very confident without ever having touched the camera, or, I suspect, many other cameras.

If we'll address the tilting display first, most high end users would use an external display anyway, but I can see the problem if you wanna do selfies, but, in that case I would dare say there are better cameras for you. The 3-axis display was chosen for durability. Personally I prefer the 3-axis one like this, except for the fact that I can't turn it around to protect it in extra harsh environments.

What you fail to see and understand is that Panasonic is the only company right now that actually tries to replace the high end DSLR rather than complementing them. Sony has done an amazing job in fighting their way in to the market. They've done so despite piss-poor first generation camera bodies and very few lenses for the first years. They proved they were an electronics company, not a camera company. Yet people bought them in order to adapt other lenses. The third generation of Sony bodies are much better, but still the worst, ergonomic wise, on the market, also, they aren't sealed or built anywhere near Nikon, Panasonic or Olympus for example which is a deal breaker for some of us.

So while Sony has stolen DSLR sales from Nikon and Canon, those two finally wakes up and creates their own small mirrorless systems in order to stop people from changing. What the market might not have quite understood yet though is that maybe it's not only size that makes people switch? Maybe it's also all the modern stuff that comes with mirrorless, such as great EVF's, silent shooting and many other things.

I think Panasonic has done the smartest they can do here, they already have their small system, they don't need/can't fight the small game with 36x24mm sensors as well. So instead they release a true workhorse of a system with cameras that don't skimp on controls due to small size (even Nikon Z, albeit very much better in ergonomics compared to Sony, has had to skimp on controls compared to their DSLR line. And Nikon is known for physical dials for almost everything). They are the first company to release a camera to truly replace the high end DSLRs, with real controls and enough space to handle it well with gloves and by touch. Yes the system is gonna be bigger, but do you seriously, even for a second, believe all those working pros with Nikon D5's and Canon 1D's at the sports lines with log lenses will but a Canon eos R or Nikon Z behind those lenses and work with it? I believe some will try it of course but they will always come back to their big bodies with superb ergonomics for long lenses. Panasonic is not your ordinary "slap over your shoulder and walk around showing people you have an expensive camera system" type of camera.

Wether the choice of DFD is a smart or bad one remains to be seen. It's gotten better and better over the years but we'll see if it's a dead end or if it, in combination with deep learning, can become good enough to actually track stuff.

Of course, you're the apparent self proclaimed expert so all the photo companies need to take note.

Nice one Ramus. I'll point out one addendum/clarification. DFD actually is superior for most if not all stills photography situations. The G9 and now the S claimed world's fastest AF times. It's in video where it's not as good, but as you said it's getting better and one of the biggest limitations is simply processing power. And that increases with every generation.
@PhotoJoseph Thank you and thanks for the clarification of DFD. I haven't used it enough my self in order to say how fast it is but the tests I did with a GH5 I had home for a few days, and the G9, they both smoked my E-M1 Mk II for still picture AF. Olympus is fast but Panasonic is in another leauge.

Indeed processing power is getting better every day which is also why I think Panasonic is doing the right thing to stick to DFD. Autofocus sucked in the beginning, many people focuses faster with manual focus than they did with AF, not to mention accuracy and yet now, AF with PDAF is far superior. New tehcnology is always a bit behind old technology in the beginning. :)
Joesph, your thoughts on GH5,GH5s,G9 getting the linear focus option, how many GH users would be excited to finally get this long asked for feature..
Linear focus? You mean like a geared focus? Yeah that’d be nice. I understand that it can be simulated in software even for focus-by-wire lenses. Yeah, that would be good.
Not planning to get one as I bought all my kit for my GH5 last year. But I suppose I will be blown away by the S1 and S1R. :)
But I found is fascinating that the Olympus Sales Exec said this on Sensor size.
Yep. Same for me. But as a non-pro, i think my GH5 will do me well for a long time to come. Always the same with tech gear... buy something and it is "superseded" almost too quickly!

Ho-hum. T'was ever thus!
Cat and dog tracking! The internet GIF industry will go into melt down!
What do you think? Does it have the feature you were hoping for? Are you planning to get one? If so, use these links! (thanks for those who told me these are already available to pre-order!)

Lumix S 24-105mm f/4 Macro O.I.S. Lens
Lumix S PRO 70-200mm f/4 O.I.S. Lens
Lumix S PRO 50mm f/1.4 Lens
I'm planning to get S1 almost 1 year, when first announced .
You can preorder from Adorama and B & H.
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Perhaps you can come by my hotel tomorrow morning and say hi before I leave?
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