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LUMIX GH5 Firmware Update V.2 ANNOUNCED! — Improved GH5 Autofocus!!

Photo Moment - August 30, 2017

We've been waiting for this firmware update all summer… the official announcement is below; tune in here for a live analysis of what this means!

Read the complete press release on my blog at — but here are the headlines:

1. 3:32 - Compatibility with “LUMIX Tether” PC software
2. 6:58 - Improved auto focus performance
3. 12:53 - Improved performance in [6K PHOTO] and [4K PHOTO]
4. 15:54 - An additional ALL-Intra Video Recording mode
5. 19:31 - 4K HDR video recording
6. 24:36 - Enhancement of the Anamorphic video recording mode
7. 29:16 - Enhancement of Body I.S. (Image Stabilizer)
8. 34:05 - Correction of white balance setting
9. 34:38 - Improved usability of Time Lapse Shot
10. 35:04 - Improved usability of Power Save LVF
11. 36:22 - Wireless functions
12. 38:34 - Other improvements

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Comments from YouTube

For some reason I can't import the latest firmware update for GH5 - I formatted disc, I downloaded the correct version for Mac but when I put disc into camera I get the message "No valid picture to play" instead of the firmware. Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated.
+Karen Erbach You’re copying the .bin file and not the .zip to the card, right? And you’re turning the camera off, inserting card, turn camera on, immediately hit play? If so and still having issues try another card perhaps. Try the other card slot too (don’t think it matters but I always used slot 1).
Yes, I'm transferring the .bin file, not the zip file. The camera is off, then I slip in card, turn on and hit play and get the same message. I have tried another card as well. It's incredibly frustrating! :(
+Karen Erbach How odd. Try a reset on the camera, then upgrade?
@PhotoJoseph Are you still using the same autofocus setting as you presented on your GH5 training?
+Tomek Tomczuk Yeah… all custom OFF!
A small (major) problem, I have just updated the firmware on my GH5 to version 2 and now the flip out screen will not display anything, but will briefly display the info for about 5-10 seconds then it shuts down the camera. It will display the menu again very briefly, but if I look through the EFV then I can see the menu for longer and of course the usual EVF picture display. I tried to do a re-install of the Version 2 update but it will not do that as it knows it has been installed. ANY Ideas?
+Vincent Oliver Yes I know what is wrong. It’s a mistake setting on the firmware update. See message on this page.
Thank you very much, have now fixed the problem, all is well. And whilst I am here, a big thank you for all your hard work on the live feed videos on YouTube, I follow them each and every day.
+Vincent Oliver Awesome, and thanks!
@PhotoJoseph I've now tried the tethering, and it sucks harder than an airplane toilet. No USB video class device, resolution on the "live" view is fixed to "postage stamp" (or "badly scaled postage stamp" if you embiggen the window), laggier than even the Panasonic image app over wifi - despite using a 5GB/s USB 3.1 connection that's 7x faster than even v90 cards.

I really, really wanted for this to be a great tool for helping nail focus in stills, or for being able to use a tablet as a monitor for focus pulling. Instead, it seems a very poor conversion of the image app - resolution and all - to the desktop and adapted to run over USB. Truly pitiful.

When you do your inevitable video covering the release, I really hope that you expose this abomination for what it is, and don't simply brush the thing under the nearest carpet.
Hey Kevin. I finally had a chance to try this out this morning, and I have to say… I have no idea what you're talking about. First, you have to understand that this is a STILL SHOOTING feature, not a video-class feature. It's not meant to bring in full UHD at full framerate for tethered shooting. If you want to do that, connect the HDMI port and pick up an HDMI to Thunderbolt or USB 3 adapter, and knock yourself out.

I tested shooting RAW files and the transfer was less than two seconds. And I'm on an older MacBook Pro without USB C. I would logically imagine that on a USB C equipped Mac, this would be even faster.

The preview display is barely laggy. I haven't done a side by side but it seems as responsive as using Capture One and a Canon camera.

Resolution could be higher, but it's certainly enough to compose and even click on the screen to define a focus point. I haven't dug into punching into the image for critical manual focus (I'm in an airport trying this for the first time) so I can't comment on that yet.

This is most certainly not aport from the Image App and I don't know what makes you say that. The interfaces are nothing alike.

I'll do a critical look at this on the channel next week, but this is certainly no abomination.

And in fact, the ONLY problem I had setting this up was in Lightroom. It took me setting up Lightroom twice before it'd actually start importing photos from the watched folder — regardless where those photos came from. 100% not a Panasonic issue. But once Lightroom started to behave, it worked great. Lightroom feels slow… took about 4 seconds to import the photo, but again that is out of Panasonic's hands.
I have to disagree PhotoJoseph - This is a camera that clearly sells on the basis of its video features. Yes, many of us bought it as a hybrid, but with a definite bias towards video performance. If stills were more important, the cost/benefit tends to favour other makes + models. Knowing the circumstances in which the camera sells, it is - at best - disingenuous for Panasonic to then add this feature for stills only. Especially given the potential for video tethering to be used for live streaming, via a tablet-as-a-monitor, etc, etc. after they already added the right hardware in the form of a USB 3.1 port capable of writing 7x faster than even a V90 card.

As a tool of any value on a video camera then, I still brand it abysmal. The "barely laggy" delay is still an order of magnitude slower than you yourself found unacceptable for audio self-monitoring over HDMI. The live preview is the exact same glorious 640x480p resolution as shown in the image app, with the exact same compression artefacts. The UI might be styled differently, but the functionality and quality of the live preview is directly equivalent. I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that tethering and the wifi app are handled almost identically in-camera, which is frankly disgusting given the bandwidth available over USB.
+Kevin Wright You are welcome to your opinion but the FACT is that this is a still photography feature. It is not intended for video use and I’ve already explained how you can use the camera for video on a computer.
Well indeed you have, and I use the blackmagic converter myself.

Even limited to just 1080p I resent the cost I had to spend on the device, and if you want 4K the situation gets a whole lot more surreal - where the MOST economical way is to drop a mere £400 on the Inogeni 4K HDMI-USB 3.0 converter... a figure that represents 1/4 the price of the camera, for functionality that the camera could very easily offer internally given the hardware available. This is money I would far rather be spending on lenses, a fact which I hope Panasonic are noting

What I fail to understand is how anyone can just quietly accept this state of affairs when the camera already has:

1) the ability to generate an h.264 stream
2) the ability to write data over a sufficiently fast USB connection

It's a software problem, and a trivial one at that! I have a decade-old Fuji bridge camera worth a fraction of the GH5, and that detects as a webcam.

Or if you prefer a comparative example to a different manufacturer failing to adopt a standard that has been out for 14 years and everyone else knows is clearly superior - this is arguably even worse than Canon continuing to use the all-intra MJPEG format for encoding video.
many Thanks, very good job :-)
Hi, Unfortunately HDMI 6K out will not happen per Panasonic...the processor is hammered and can not do any additional processing while 6K is being used. FYI
hi do you advise me to buy gh 5 instead of sony a6500 for photographing and if it is so, which lens i should use
+buti althani Ypure going to need to be a LOT more specific on what you want to shoot, how, where, why…
Great video; thanks for taking the time to put it all together. Subscribed ;)
+Glyn Dewis 🙏🙂
Hate the YouTube streaming, uncurated rubbish
joseph can you please offer me a good starter lens for gh5?! I want to spend all my money on this and forget about a6500 because my main thing is videography and this body is a killer videography body so what is the cheapest starter lens that is not that crapy for gh5?
+awsin maze Get the kit. The 12-60 Leica is a brilliant lens.
One thing that has bothered me with the release of the GH5 was the fact that none of luminaries and Panasonic fanboys said anything about the autofocus issues with this camera so therefore I take these reviews with a grain of salt. It's a big problem with this camera in my opinion and Panasonic should have done better with the release of the GH5.
+David Robillard well, I'm a Luminary and I was VERY vocal about the AF.
Does it going to support ALL-I in VFR (180fps) ?
+Day In Nature No All-I for VFR announced. That'd be too much data to write to the card too quickly, I'd think.
Thank you very much for the video, very good information.
I have a question related to GH5 and Final Cut Pro X. Can you edit GH5 10bit 422 files on Final cut Pro X?
Thank you
+Orlando DaSilva yes
One thing I would like addressed with regard to time lapse shooting is if the battery dies while mid shoot I would like to be able to slot a replacement battery in and then "make video from time-lapse" (Currently when the battery dies all I get is a card full of jpgs with no way to stitch them together in camera).
+GivesAMinute All LUMIX cameras let you build a video from time lapse at any time in the play menu. I've shown this before; I think in this video:
Ahhh thanks mate! This is going to help me a immensely whenever a battery dies during a sky time-lapse!!
did not fix the battery grip hot swapping bug??? I lost very important file for that reason. Not sure if it is camera fix or the grip fix?
+Paradigm Images Video-Photography Camera… Grip… or, could be behavior fix. Know what does and doesn't work and adapt. "Know your gear"… this is the mantra all creatives must live by.
but if GH4 does it why not GH5?
What about VFR slomo? any bumps on quality?
+Lucho Vidales Nothing noted in the release do probably not.
So the UFC match with Max is off?
+Duke Sweden 😂
with the new firmware update is there a possibility to control the shutter and iso settings via cell phone or i pad during a timelapse?
+Stefan Gimpl Hm, so currently when you set a time-lapse, the manual settings are locked while shooting and the auto ones continue to change. So you want to make manual changes to the manual settings, from the app, while shooting, right? I don't have the new app yet and won't until it's released, but be sure to ask me this again when that time comes. I'd love to answer it properly for you.
Yes exactly, I would like to change the manual settings from the app while shooting. with Nikon or Canon I used the CamRanger to do that. But it doesn't work with Panasonic. Thanks for answering.
Simply love your shows :)
+EzzenzDK Thank you!
how can u really talk about something you have not used.
+Cooma and Surrounds Multimedia Productions Because I understand the underlying technology and can explain what features mean? And when I don't know, I was quite clear that I don't know. That's how.
sorry, not trolling , but not more use than unboxing and reading a company spiel. watch yourself and ask whether you got any real information that gives real life shooting help. for example, on announcement gh5 autofocus on paper looks fine, but in real life????? have a good day ( alias max)
+Cooma and Surrounds Multimedia Productions Well, when I actually have it I'll give you a real life reaction. For now, this is what I've got.
+Cooma and Surrounds Multimedia Productions sigh can't please everyone…
@photojoseph - NEWSFLASH. Not sure who he is, or where he got it, but a chap named Bernard Bertrand has his hands on both the 2.0 firmware and the LumixTether software, you can thank CRFTSHO for finding it... It still doesn't answer all the questions, but his YouTube channel has a demo that's definitely worth a look!
+Kevin Wright Huh.
PhotoJoseph Bernard Bertrand, look at the latest vid on his YouTube channel - I'd post the link if I could
PhotoJoseph It's a video titled "GH5 FIRMWARE 2.0 - All-intra vs LongGop - HDR 4k HLG video - Lumix Tether Software", youtube ID is "g3moUzJ0b9w"
+Kevin Wright I've seen it thanks
with USBC tethering can you use the camera as a 4k web cam?
+KayosWONER Not according to the release but I guess we'll have to wait until I get the firmware and I'll let you know
KayosWONER yes, yes, yes - exactly this! It's not just about webcam though, to be a webcam it has to support the USB video class standard, which uses h.264. Mobiles and tablets also support the standard, so you can use one of them as a monitor. It's also possible that the exact same stream being recorded could also then be pushed over usb. This is especially useful for 6K mode, where the camera is pushed so hard that it can't even pump out HDMI - being able to use USB instead in this scenario would be a MASSIVE boon for focus pulling.
cool thanks
Will HDR import directly into FCP and under what codec? I'm a newbie so please explain the difference between shooting V-Log and editing it in post production vs shooting HDR; including the advantages and disadvantages of each workflow. Tks!
+MJ Scott You'll have to wait until I get a copy of the firmware to answer this. Too many unknowns for me to try to respond now, sorry.
Great update to the GH5. Just shame they didn't add an update to the Waveform/Vectorscope so you can enlarge them or make them full screen. Why make such useful exposure tools so tiny?
+cobblesticks It should be resize-able — that I agree on. Too small or too large is debatable. I find it too small to be accurate but simultaneously so large it blocks the picture! Tough problem on a single small screen.
I think Anamorphic vlogging has to become a thing! lol
+BeardyFace You never know… sometimes I wish I had the time (and interesting enough day) to blog like Casey. I'd love to create more video content shot in varying formats like C4K, anamorphic, HDR, etc.!
Changing min shutter speed on the fly will be
great for when you swap focal lengths.
My entire family was killed by ITU-R BT.2100 =o
+Jason Joseph I hope you seeked revenge with ITU-R BT.2101!!!
Cheers :) when you started talking about SD cards, I thought of this resource, I hope this can help your viewers:
Thank you for the link. So the Sony SF-G UHS-II 64GB is the fastest of them all, but it doesn't have the V90 nor V60 label, I guess it doesn't matter... does it ?
That is FANTASTIC, thank you!!
I just baught that sony fastest card! it'd better work with the 6K photo loop mode :D!
Photojoseph thanks for explaining all this mumbo jumbo😀
+jon bilson I try! 🙏😁
Thumbs up
+thehalfnavajo 👍🏻🙏
Is there a way to get 6K 422 out of the GH5? I thought this was going to be a feature of the 2.0 update.
In anamorphic
+Chichunug They "call" it anamorphic, but you're not actually forced to desqueeze - by all accounts it can be used just fine as 6K "open gate", giving you a bit more space for stabilisation/crops/punching in.
This update is a selling point to buy the camera but Netflix still doesn't support the GH5😡😡😡
+jerry Dorsey Do you mean for shooting content for Netflix?
PhotoJoseph yes
+jerry Dorsey Ok I looked into this… if you're shooting for Netflix, i.e. they hire you to shoot something, then you have to use those cameras. If you are licensing them your content, then it doesn't matter. Why is this such a concern for you? Do you have a contract to shoot for Netflix?
PhotoJoseph hmmm interning and thanks for the reply and sorry for being off topic, but hopefully you're right and i can use a GH5 for my own content 😌
+jerry Dorsey A friend of mine is a producer and is working on a show sold to Netflix so yes the info is right. Good luck on your production.
Kindly, speak to the point and make less durarion videos.... You talk gibbersh alot. Fed up of your stupid style....
+Gurpreet singh Sidhu Then unsubscribe and don't watch. You don't have to be insulting about it.
PhotoJoseph I don't comment much, but want to chime in that I appreciate the content and format of your shows very much and how you present things. Please ignore this person, and keep up your great work.
Thanks.... For your reply... I appreciate that yiu cant accept truth. Im unsubscribed.
no class Gurpreet....your behavior is that of a petulant arrogant jerk, Photo Joseph format is quite pleasant and detailed actually, ....just my opinion : ) have a great Day!!
+dp40635 Thank you very much. I'm developing a thicker skin. Trolls still hurt but I'm getting better at not letting it bother me. 🙏😌
Will the All-Intra just be additional or will it throw out the LongGOP for all qualitys where All-Intra will be arriable?
ALL-I is added on top of the existing modes, nothing is removed.
The idea of tethering software scares me slightly. A watched folder will be of little use for video, I'd much much rather that it could just work directly with capture one or be made available as a video camera and appear in the OS like any other USB camera does (and there very much is a standard here). Bonus points if it can be used via OTG on a mobile phone which could then act as your monitor.
PhotoJoseph To be fair with this, I'd be more than happy so long as the relevant protocols were published - in which case 3rd parties could create the necessary plugins/integrations. Heck, I'd be looking to write a couple of them myself!
Looking in more depth, I see that tethering is very much classed as an improvement to stills photography, with the rider that it can still trigger 4K/6K video (which isn't classed as a movie feature)

That said... The announcement could also be interpreted as stating that some form of "live view" will be available.

So maybe not so very promising on the surface, but reading between the lines offers a lot of potential wiggle room here.

What I'd really like to see here is functionality equivalent to the inogeni 4K -> usb3 converter, just without the added cost and frustration of needing to stick another piece of hardware in the chain... I'm quite sure that the camera's hardware is capable of this.
+jon bilson I wonder if it will come, too. No idea.
+Kevin Wright Hear hear for open source, right?! Or at least a public SDK. No idea whatsoever if that could happen but I don't think that's in Panasonic's DNA.
+PhotoJoseph Hell yeah, open source all the way. I have sooooo many ideas for what I could do if this were an open protocol... and if it isn't, then I'll just have to try reverse-engineering it anyway.
This is ridiculous ... How come CRFTSHO and EOSHD already have access to a pre-production version of this firmware? A website named after a direct competitor gets to see and review it before luminaries are even made aware of the announcement, what gives? It's surely @PhotoJoseph and co who have a stronger vested interest in reviewing this more thoroughly and being able to produce some more in-depth demos of e.g. tethering.
+Kevin Wright 🤔yeah… I know 😢
I guess by giving it to websites where members own competitors cameras, they're hoping to convert them. Not so urgent to preach to the converted.
You're the greatest. I have a big smile now :)
+Hybrid Life aw thanks 😊 Now I have a smile, too!!
Hybrid Life can you 2 get a room🤣
jerry Dorsey I am sorry. But I prefer taking time with my wife ;)
+jerry Dorsey haha
+Hybrid Life Me too. My wife. Not his. Shit now I'm in trouble!!
I am excited about the new firmware, especially the hybrid log gamma and maybe the 400Mbps recording if it is any better than what er have now internally. I really hope the AF will be improved so when it locks onto a subject it stays there with no pulsing. I am not hoping it will be excellent since its only contrast based and AF systems like Phase detect and Dual Pixel have proven to be way better than contrast only. I was looking to get a new SD card for the update and saw this ADATA PremierOne 256GB V90 card, would this work for the new update?

Is it possible if you could find out if they could add a couple of small feature? First, let you see on the screen what ISO the camera is using in Auto ISO mode like you can see when you choose the ISO, and second let us see real time exposure on the exposure meter when recording in 4K/6K photo as it just shows this fine until you press record and then the exposure meter stays at 0.
For your feature requests… yeah, believe me I've already asked. And for the memory cards; go here and from there you can follow the trail to a video about memory card speeds.
Great video! I am very excited about the new GH5 firmware!
+Variety Store Productions Thanks! And me too!!
great video, cannot wait to get my hands on one of these beasts.....when funds allowed..! ;)
+phil baines Awesome!
Will the tethering function allow us to set the time on the Panasonic GH5 from the computer ? This would be very useful, especially when using two bodies, so as to make them display a similar Timecode.
+Makha Sy That function is already built into the Bluetooth app connection. As soon as it's connected the time syncs with your phone.
what happened to native (not over cranked) 48fps ?!? 💔
+MH Not here 😢
MH ...Which deserves a good answer from Panasonic
+Kevin Wright Not to speak for Panasonic, but I think the answer would be "there's only so much we could do and make the promised deadline"
I really hope that the AF is now super fast and has no pulsing in video mode :)
+B. Hoffmann You and me both!!
How much better AF? Is it perfect now?
I've just realized that I was partially answering a different thread about G85. Oh well...
Did notice for the few that have "try" the 20.0 they say AF was not the focus, not much difference. And what you say about the af "works" if you do right...
For Video the Gh5 is sweet, but af have been tit´s problem from start. And if my X-T2 Fuji af works better on just af right now...and next update fuji did go out say they will change the algorithm to give af 50 more speed..So they should/could fix the af on the gh5..question is just why they don't do it..:)
@Ariozo To give Panasonic the benefit of the doubt here... Everyone I've seen reviewing the new firmware has done so specifically with regards to the 6K Anamorphic (and, in one notable case, some brief and frustratingly lacking coverage of the tethering software) - and they've all done it with a pre-release version! In the interview with CRFTSHO & Mat Frazer from Panasonic, Mat made quite clear that development is still continuing relative to that early version, especially as regards AF.

If memory serves, CRFTSO began making references to their GH5 project a full month before the 2.0 announcement, so the software they were using was at least that old, which means a minimum of two months work, perhaps exclusively on AF, between that release and the final one we're getting. It's probably more work though, and Panasonic will have had a separate team working on AF ever since they announced their intent to improve it - but their work to date will not have been included in the release given to CRFTSHO (and why should it, why give some potentially buggy and destabilising code to a team that are very explicitly demoing an entirely different feature?)

So... I strongly suspect that the version they had contained NO autofocus improvements whatsoever relative to 1.2, the preview releases were all about getting 6K anamorph and ALL-I into the hands of people who'd be making videos to best show off these features using the kinds of high-end lens that don't have autofocus anyway.

Don't, therefore, judge the autofocus in 2.0 until we actually have 2.0 - however good any improvements turn out to be, they're almost certainly not going to be what we've already seen so far.
+Kevin Wright well said
I really hope that you are right, Wright! The 2.0 that I was testing on the GH5 cameras at IFA last week, did not have very good AF. Sadly. At least not for what I could see on the LCD viewfinder with the 12-60 Leica, maybe it was slightly better with the 12-35 mark2. Not sure. And they didn't update the 12-60 Leica to 1.1 at the booth.
@PhotoJoseph: Please use your "internal contacts" to request some of those updates (specially the AF improvement) to be eventually ported to the G85. That would just kill the competition (like the Sony 6500) for vlogging and all around "on budget" film making! :D
Thanks!!! :D
+Focus Media Geez guys I'm trying to set expectations here. Do you really think Panasonic hasn't considered what it can add to other existing cameras? They are the only camera company I've ever worked with that release firmware updates that actually add features and capability to older bodies. The G85 is a supremely popular camera and if improved AF (or anything else from the GH5 upgrade) can be added to the G85, it probably will be. My "ridiculous" comparison is to make the point that no one seems to want to accept, which is that the GH5 is nearly totally new. It can do things that no other LUMIX camera can because it has tech that no other LUMIX camera does. Please understand that. You can't expect tomorrow's tech to show up in yesterday's hardware. That's not realistic. The GH5 is the only camera (outside of $10k+ RED cams) I know of that was sold with a promise of more features coming. Who else does that?! The G85 had no such promise (AFIAK) and you didn't expect it when you bought it. Don't get mad at Panasonic (or me!!) if these GH5 features don't trickle down to your older camera. Make sense? Fair?
??? I'm not mad at nobody men I love my camera just don't talk down to people, that's it
PhotoJoseph Dude, don't worry, we are not mad at you or Panasonic at all. If the G85 hardware can't get the update, fine, I still love my camera. The thing is that sometimes developers (I know because I am one) can achieve better algorithms that doesn't necessarily need more CPU power, and maybe the G85 still have some leftover power to run something more complex too. Again, the only person that knows that is Panasonic, that is why the only thing I asked was to you to ask them, that is it. The thing is that A LOT of YouTubers love the G85 but moved to the Sony 6500 just because the of AF. If Panasonic could improve it, it would boost their sales. I am just trying to help the company that I like, that is it :)
+Bernardo Silva 👍🏻
I finally can connect my Mac to G85, a bit sneaky but finally done. :DDDDDD
+AchitaLin Oh? Do tell!!
Check this link
ps. the site is super sloooooooooow.

It's working like real-time data send/back up kind of connection via Wifi AP. I'm new to tethering but at least this kind of work flow could cut of some risk of data loss during session shoot. Also I'm finding the way to use the folder with Capture One (because i'm a newbie at tethering).

I've found 2 way to do it is
1) via Direct Wifi
2) via Wifi AP.
I chose to connect through AP because I assume that connect to other network is battery safer than use the camera itself as a hotspot.
And with the AP always on so I won't accidentally interfere the network and move further than using on camera wifi module.

Just make sure the username/password asked from the camera to log on to computer is your NetBIOS name and your password. (not computer username)

to look for your Net BIOS
System Preferences > Networks > Wifi > Advanced > WINS
holy cow, the link is not work now.
Ah it works, make sure to copy the first " ftp:// " that's not hyperlink.
Had to watch it again!!! lol
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