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LUMIX G9 Autofocus ► Tested at a SOU Women’s College Basketball Game

Photo Moment - February 21, 2018

I wanted to really test the autofocus capabilities of the LUMIX G9, so I brought it to a SOU Women's College Basketball game to capture the action. Sports Photography may not be MY strong point, but this camera makes up for it. You can easily see how well the autofocus tracks the fast-paced movement. It is definitely one of the best sports cameras on the market.


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What do you think? The LUMIX G9's autofocus is great for tracking the fast action of a sporting event! Is there something else you would have liked to see?

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i would like to see some raws images presented in this video.
At that frame rate it switches to electronic shutter automatically and always AFC
LUMIX G9's autofocus the same autofocus as the Panasonic gx8 ?
hey, why do you shoot in 1080p?
@@edwardcoates2094 those weren’t 1080p… why would you think they are?
@@photojoseph sorry, I meant the photos you took of the sport event
Are you talking about this video? This was a live show; I stream in 1080p
You have great info - but PLEASE, PLEASE - SLOW DOWN your speech! So hard to understand when you gust up to 600 words-per-min!
I really like the content of your videos, but and it's a big but. I don't wish to be rude but if you were to talk a bit slower you would be easier to understand. English is my first and only language but I struggle to catch more than 50% of what you say. Have a look at Marlene Hielemas videos I catch every word. I think you would pull in a lot more subscribers if you slowed down. Just trying to be helpful.
please share the lux value of the basket field or the setting of your camera otherwise i cant understand the light ammount ...
Please slow down. I can’t hear that fast. 🙂
Why???? YouTube has a playback speed feature
Sorry… Youtube does offer a slow playback option that works very very well
Does the G9 use Phase focus or contrast focus or both?
Love your stuff man... always happy to see your feed!!
I think I have been having trouble with touch to focus. My nose presses against the screen when I raise camera to eye, It's the best explanation I have so far for why the focus area moves.

That strip setting looks good, I might make it my default setting.

I am here because I tried to photograph some Australian football. Results weren't good. My lens for the day was 75-300. For best framing, I need to keep to around my nearest quarter, the oval is quite large.

It's cricket season now, most of the players are in the middle of the oval most of the time. There really isn't a good substitute for a narrow, fast lens.
Love your videos. I completed the GH5 Lessons on Alice. Was wondering... do you have a downloadable file for your G9 settings like you have for the GH5.
Also, thank you ☺️
I don’t, sorry. And my GH5 one is pretty old even.
Something you might try. On my Fz2500 - in the menu @ wrench C is a setting called ' AF Sensitivity ' where '0' is the factory default. When I move it to ' + 2 ' the camera focuses faster for moving subjects. I can see the improvement. It only works in A-FF or A-FC & there are some limitations, like it shuts the pinpoint focus off. Thanks for testing the different focus modes. In the ' custom ' I will try using the ' middle horizontal ' setting as you suggest. I like doing nature shots of animals that can move - birds in flight, ect. Thanks for this video.
The accuracy of focus doesn't matter it's women's basketball.  So you picked the right subject.
it looks like you didn't know what wanted to shoot lol!
Hi i have a lx15 now to record Judo but i looking for the GH5 or G9 or a7iii and i dont now what i have too buy Help pleas
See if this helps:
Man! please stop with your redundant dialogues! The speed with which you speak, you could've finished this video in less than 15 mins. But you keep repeating and its crazy irritating!
My 5D III performs at about the same level albeit with more archaic focus modes. I just dont go to gym games or night sports because I find them just too frustrating and turns into a waste of time. Sony's A9 would be the pro's choice for these environments, IMO.
Does g9 have video feed out while recording
Hello Mr. Joseph, please, what camera settings were used? Did you get the chance to use 12800 ISO? Can you make some RAW files available for download?
What are your recommendations for cleaning the stabilized sensor?
That would have been more useful if you had grouped the shots by focus method... It is tagged in the images.
How do you do that trick getting the settings on the screen like that? Is there a way to do that easily?
PhotoJoseph thanks, I am a brand new G9 user (maybe it was an ambitious jump, but I liked how the photos looked and the smaller lens sizes). However, I still know very little about the camera and how to best use it? So, basic info like focus choices in this video is really useful for me. So, thank you so much for that.
Yeah… HDMI settings to include camera info. That’s it!
Still waiting for 'live bulb' mode. Please,please,please.
Hi! I've watched only a few parts of this video because it being too long. So sorry about asking this for not watching the whole video, but it is too long for me to view it at this moment. Did you use 20 fps with continous shooting all the time? I will be shooting a rally pretty soon, I am interesting in the G9 for it's continous shooting capabilities both on 20fps eletronic and 9fps mechanical with continous shooting while retaining raw photos which is insane at 20 fps compared to the alternatives like the 1dx ii or sony a9 which cost a lot more.
As a Panasonic shooter, I was hoping to gain some insights from this video. Given that it was 9 minutes before you actually showed a shot and couldn't tell us what your setting were, I passed on the rest.
Oh, and I got to the settings
Welcome to the show. Sorry it didn’t meet with your expectations. My show is more in depth than your average five minute YouTube video.
Thanks for doing this test I think it shows about how it should perform in a similar situation. I shoot a decent amount of school sports some of which is basketball and I think in general I have shot mostly it with my Nikon D750 over my G7. This is partly as you found the lighting is rarely very good stadiums to allow for a good shutter speed to freeze the action. But also as the action is closer I think the phase detection seems to work faster and more reliable. In general I have shot a lot of BB using the group AF setting centre of frame using the 70-300mm or 24-105. While the images you have taken were mostly good I am not sure I see enough that would make me buy the G9 for this task at least.
The ability to shoot 20fps raw I am sure would be nice I have rarely found I needed more than the 6-7fps I have now to get a shot I liked.
Where I do find my G7 good for shooting sport is outside during the day where the smaller and lighter long lenses allow for easy hand-holding of the distant action and the Nikon for the closer action. So at the moment I would say a D750 which is about the same price is still better value if you are shooting indoors but it may be closer if you are outside.
Excellent video! Panasonic ☄️nailed it with the G9
I don’t have Facebook or I would enter. it’s a beautiful bag and $130 value if $ is people’s motivation.
You can always make a Facebook account even if just for this contest :-)
Really nice summary of the G9's AF-C performance. You certainly did not do yourself any favors in regards to your subject. Even with light coming in the windows, the gym is a challenging environment! My main interest is action photography, so I shoot in AF-C 90% of the time. As a Canon shooter, I picked up the G9 last week and took it out to the dog park over the weekend with the 12-60 dg. I was amazed with the results. Not a sure thing yet, but this could finally be the one that gets me to sell my dSLR's. I would like to share this...... As an experienced action photographer, I am in single area focus 90% of the time. As you say, keeping that single area on the subject is a challenge, but that's part of getting good at action photography. It helps to know the sport as well. I would have been worthless shooting a basketball game because I would not be able to adequately anticipate movement or envision compositions. I look forward to experimenting with all the AF modes on the G9, but I will bet you that I will come back to single point in the end. Cheers!
Thanks, and I’m glad this was useful for you. I’ll happily shoot more sporting events as I can with this camera. I’ll have to get the 200/2.8 to try out as well but for more distant action.
What shutter speed are most of these and what iso? Indoor sports are very tough to shoot, lighting always sucks. These appear to be pretty darn good for a small sensor. Thanks!
Thanks for the video , and replies ! much appreciated !
I think pre burst works when you half press, then when you full press it takes frames from before the press. In 6k photo mode
Yep that’s right. But it also works in regular raw shooting mode! Pretty amazing.
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