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Live One-light Portrait Shoot, Edited in Lightroom

Photo Moment - March 07, 2017

Today we're doing a live portrait shoot using a single Profoto light and octabox (with grid) modifier, then taking that into Lightroom for quick X-rite Color Checker color balance and VSCO preset treatment. 

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Using an X-Rite ColorChecker Passport in Lightroom

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Heeey, so you said something about printing a monster color chart?? How can it be possible? (I mean, how can we make sure the colors match ? (I've heard the colorcharts are made using a color spectrum mesure tool)
Hmm, no… that wouldn’t be what I meant. Can you point me to the timecode? I’ll watch it and clarify.
Maybe I misunderstood what you said at 19:24 but I couldn't find the next video in sequence to see what is the "monster size one".
Ohh thanks, now thing makes sence.
when the preview doesn't update just go to the film strip at the bottom and hover over the picture your on
+David White Ha! Ok I'll try that next time, thanks!
Hey Joseph. Obviously most of your links are US centric. If the Amazon ones are Affiliates have you one for the UK as I am in the market for a Colour Checker Passport and would like to support.
+Graham Parker Hm, I have NO idea if you click on my Amazon US one from the U.K., if that'll carry through. It's all cookie based so it might. Please click the one in the description and see what happens. You won't know if it worked but if you buy it let me know, and I'll try to remember to look at my report next month to see if it shows up. Thanks!
In yesterday live broadcast you said that to see how you made the "Ryan" colour passport profile I had to look at the beginning. Which I did, but I couldn't find it. So I guess that's in another video. But anyway it's just great to learn that you can create a profile and automate the calibration with just a photo of the colour passport. As I thought the whole colour passport calibration had to be done by hand. Which to me seemed like a time consuming and complicated process.

Knowing that this is not the case makes getting a colour passport more appealing. Although frankly those colour passports are a little out of my budget after pre-ordering the GH5. ;-) And I'm also mostly interested in filming the Dutch landscape. Because I already liked doing that with my amateur equipment. And what I gather is that landscape photographers don't often use a colour passport, because they grade the pictures as they remember or like it. (which I always have done with my "simple" smartphone pictures).

But I'm still just an amateur and getting the composition, sound and lighting right at a shot is already quite challenging.

So should I a get a colour passport?

Or just concentrate on that and just white balance with a white piece of paper as I learned 20 years ago at the Video school were I followed a course when I was 18?

And sorry if my grammar and word choice doesn't make much sense to you, I'm both non native in English and dyslexic. So double handicapped when it comes to the English language ;-)
+Floris I love how it's always the most eloquent speakers who apologize for their English :-)

So first, go to 13:50 to see the Passport profile building. It's in this video.

Next, I don't think you need a passport. That's not to say that landscape photographers shouldn't use one; it can be VERY valuable to calibrate your scene, and it's not just about funky light, it's more about how your sensor and raw processor translates the colors. But if you're still "just an amateur", you'll be better served spending the money on education. Get a subscription (disclaimer; I'm an author, and hey here's my 10 day free trial and learn As much as you can, and obviously get out and shoot. Buy the Passport when you feel like you need more control over your colors.

Good luck!

Oh and WB on something neutral like a get card instead of a white paper. More accurate.
To fix the preview issue. Hover your mouse on the film strip and once the film strip appears below, hover your mouse again on your currently selected image and the small thumbnail in the upper left corner will resume to the correct preview image.
Would that help to make color matching if different cameras easier?
I’ll address your question LIVE right here on PhotoJoseph‘s Photo Moment 2017-03-20
That is great, thank you. I am sure, interesting for many: how to make the GH4 and GH5 look similar.
Joseph: That weird LR-behaviour with the wrong thumb showing up in the left corner: Could that be due to being "primary selection"? You selected that image, applied profile and then synced the others. I do not own LightRoom but I can imagine deselecting somehow in the file browser/stripe/whatever might help...
you could be right… I'll be watching for that next time, thanks
Very informative, thanks for video. I have a question. I will be switching to GH5 from GH4 and i want to keep the other as B camera and I am wondering if should keep GH4 or replace it with GX8 / GX85, what do you think? (this other camera is intended mainly for stills). Thank you for your vids again!
+extender01 The GX8 is definitely a superior stills camera to the GH4. If you travel, consider the GX85. The GX85 my favorite LUMIX (other than the GH5 of course!) because of its size and weight, plus without the antialiasing filter it's incredibly sharp.
You might also want to consider the G85. Also no AA-filter, but fully weather sealed, better autofocus (even better than GX8 according to what I read), greater, brighter, faster EVF and a wonderful grip (which the GX85 all lacks). But of course bigger and heavier.
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