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Lightroom CC Feb 2019 Update

Photo Moment - February 19, 2019

The Lightroom CC 2.2 Feb 2019 Update (desktop) is packed with new features, including HDR merging, Panoramic merging, HDR Panoramic merging (!!!), a new Enhance tool, Clipping indicators, and Target Adjustment (which has been on mobile for ages and is finally on desktop… weird)

Here's some time stamps…
00:57 HDR
07:47 Pano
11:15 HDR Pano
14:03 Enhance Details
18:38 Clipping Indicators
19:49 Target Adjustments

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How can I do geotag on Lightroom cc 2019?
Unfortunately there’s still no UI for it. If you want to assign locations to photos that don’t already have it embedded (like iPhone photos do) then you have to add it BEFORE you import. There are several apps for adding Geo data and many ways to capture the data while shooting, but it’s all kind of a pain.
I dont have the option under Photos. do you know how i can fix that?
Are you up to date?
@PhotoJoseph yes I am, I am on a PC, not sure if that makes a difference.
I’d be surprised if this is Mac only. I’d check the Adobe CC app and look at the features list to see if it’s supposed to be there.
can someone help me with this new update I can't find how to watermark an image. does anyone know !!
I believe that Adobe will have to invest some effort in implementing the features into the mobile version. Otherwise and practical, there will be 3 versions: Classic, CC, CC mobile.
You were not explicit when explaining that you tried Enhance Detail on a number of your raw files before demonstrating the sample raw file from the Adobe blog. Explicitly, the Enhance algorithm does not seem to work with Panasonic RW2 raw files. I wonder if support will follow in the near future.
Ah, I must have cut that out of the edited version because I definitely explained that in the live show. But you're saying the Panasonic files aren't supported at all? I wasn't aware of that but it would certainly explain a lot!
PhotoJoseph my comment was not definitive, I just could not see any difference between raw file and my processed DNG files with Enhanced Details.
Panoramic and HDR are something I really miss on iPad Pro... and no lack of power to do that. Maybe they need a little more time to adapt those new features to a touch interface... Or they are too busy with the Ps iOS 😅
Yoann Lee considering going more mobile but no HDR/PANO may be a deal breaker for me... is it still the case that this isn’t available?
Normally black file in adobe programs you need to update your video card driver. Run into this with premiere quite a bit, but light room every once in a while. But this is in Windows not in Mac
My pc and video card are all updated and I still get the black result.
IX Lives did you update through windows or your card manufacturer. I had the issue where windows had an up to date version. My manufacturer had a newer updated driver that fixed the issue. Wish you luck.
@Life and Times of Jarrod My pc was updated normally through Microsoft updater and my card was updated through Nvidia.
I've tried everything to get this running properly. Nothing has worked unfortunately.
Dang I got nothing. Sorry to hear it is giving you fits. Have you seen if there’s a particular driver that they recommend. I am using a rx570
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