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Is This LED Light an Aputure Killer?!

Photo Moment - September 17, 2019

Aputure LED lights are very well known and very popular, and for very good reason. They're fantastic. But that doesn't mean the competition isn't biting at their heels… could this light from PIXEL take the crown?

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thanks for ur advice
I measured all the values.
1. Yes, the Pixel is powerful. Twice a Godox 60L.
2. At about 55% the fan kicks in and it is dammed loud. Filming is not possible any more. It is possible to deactivate the fan, but after a while it kicks in again.
3. At 50% power in 1m distance the light has an output of 3000 lux. That is still 1000 lux more than the Godox 60L at 100% power.
Conclusio: It may be an Aputure 120D on steroids, but due to the fan noise the power above 55% is unusable.

I will send it back.
I use mine at a distance of about 11 or 12 feet from the mic (me) and the noise has not been a problem.
@PhotoJoseph 12 feet distance? - remember the invert-square-law!
Sure… my point is that the sound is only a problem if you're right on top of it. Anyway, not every product is for every use ;-) Glad you tried it though!
great lights
Thanks! Now I can finally show what that is for:
Your setting in the first part of the video is really amazing!
Above 60%, when the full power of the fan kicks in, it becomes really noisy.
I thought it was relatively quiet, given the power. I use this light daily now and it’s never been a problem.
I don’t comment often but this was a fantastic review! Much appreciated!
Thank you! The comment is much appreciated too ;-)
I think you forgot to mention one very important selling point in favor of the Aputure: BATTERY OPTION (or did I miss it?)!!! The Pixel only runs on shore power, whereas the Aputure lights can be powered up by one or two V-mount batteries. This eliminates the need to haul a generator, say if you are shooting an exterior scene, and insure dialogues are clean. To me this feature is well worth spending the extra money. When i filmed by motion picture DEUCE OF SPADES, we had a lot of night scenes out on the dry lake, very far away from civilization and shore power, and only two small generators to try to light everything. It was very challenging. Had I had the Aputure lights back then, it would have been such a game changer! Well, I do have them now :). Of course if your shoots are limited to small indoors sets, then it might not seem you need the battery power option (but even still, being able to power up a strong light with batteries can mean less cables and electrical wires cluttering your set ;) and more freedom in positioning the lights). Plus I think all filmmaker should invest in gear that can GROW with them. One day you'll take your shoots outdoors and the Pixel lights will fall short.
It’s mentioned in a text pop-up. You have to keep in mind they while this is a critical feature for your use case, it’s not critical for everyone. Where I use mine is a semi-permanent studio setup that always has power access.
Does it have non DC options V-Mount possible?
This one does not do V-Mount or any other battery options, sorry
@PhotoJoseph Thanks for the reply. Thats frustrating as I see real value in it. I suppose that gives the Aputure a tick for offering a bit more flexiblity.
Yep. I added that as a text pop-up somewhere in the video as I neglected to mention it verbally.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks again. Excellent Channel by the way.
Thank you!
Nice Video! I´m going to buy the Pixel! But may be, the 140Ws one. Thank U!
did the fodavil or pixel can work with the V-mount battery? thank you
I just checked Aputure 120d II discription at B&H and it says, "It consumes a negligible 180W of power while outputting 135,000 lux, equivalent". Your chart says 30,000 lux so why is it different??
PhotoJoseph I see. Thank you so much for your precise explanation! Do you still think C220 is a 120d II Killer?
Amzon Coupon is now for $50 off.
seems too good to be true.....more light for less money.

Looks like it doesn't go very dim though.
Hey Photo Joseph, question re: the Pixel Fodavil C220 - doesthis lightt require a special heat resistant softbox or would my softbox for strobes be ok... ? thank you..
It doesn’t get hot, so I think any photo one would be OK, but I’d check with the manufacturer. See if you can find a heat output on the website.
When I find out I'll let you know....
I found myself out of light power at a industrial shoot using TWO Genaray Powerhouses. We talking here 740 watts of LED power consumption at 100%. These lights are insanely bright, more than the Aputure 300DII. So yes, light output is EVERYTHING.
Formaset LED lights are no match for tungsten and HMI fixtures
Colin Ziemer of course they are. The powerhouse compares to a Joker 800.
And look at this one here! Amazing.
Have you ever tried the Godox SL60w, this looks like a good budget option?
@PhotoJoseph yes, that's right, but I don't know the details. But maybe if you use the aputure at 50% power, it might be powerful enough..
One thing about Lux measurement is that it's a point measurement. A light can increase it's Lux measurement just by concentrating all its light in a smaller area with a lens. This can happen even with the same output power.

A better measure of output power is Lumens, which is the sum total output of a light.
I did not know that. However as long as the modifier is listed (in these cases they were measured with the included reflector), then the measurement should be equal, right?
Was that coupon only good for one day?
The coupon comes and goes on amazon
Awesome Video, can you please make a brightness test with no light other than the pixel (at night for example), showing us the brightness at different distances with the settings? For example at 20m, 5m, 1m
No sorry, not doing another video on this light. The main scene in the first half of this video was lit entirely by one light though.
Very nice video and nice light as well. I have a few questions, do you know if there is an EU version of it and what’s the name? And about the fan noise, do you think that would be an issue inside a church during a ceremony? Thanks man ✌️
This link should take you to the local version. If not, just search amazon for it by name. and the fan would definitely NOT be too loud to use in church.
@photoJoseph Are those Airbirds?
No, they’re tropicfeel. Love these. Best travel shoes ever. And obviously I wear them at home sometimes 😁
Good review.
I was almost there. They lost me on noise level. I use 3-8 lights per shoot. All those fans add up.
It is louder than the Aputure 120. BUT, according to another viewer, the Aputure 300 series which, on paper, is still only 48,000 LUX @ 0.5m, is VERY loud. I just looked at their marketing and they say “quiet” but don’t have a db reading as they do for the 120. So it may well be that this light is not any louder and still brighter than Aputure’s bigger light! Ultimately you have to try it. Buy one, and if you don’t like it, return it!
@PhotoJoseph Yes, the AC adapter is loud on the original. It isn't a factor when using a battery.
Additionally, the whole thing has been reworked in the 300D II, which is much quieter.
I'm waiting on the 600D anyway.
It probably uses a standard computer fan that you can swap out for a quieter fan. Just make sure the new quieter fan provides enough airflow to cool the COB LED to manufacturer specs. I've done this for a few other cheap chinese lights like the Savage 1000W lights that cost roughly ~$250.
Great video! I love my 120D, and my 300D, but the 300 is DANG loud. I'd love to compare this one to the 300 in terms of brightness!
I just looked it up, and the 300d claims 55,000 LUX @ 0.5m… so even lower than this Pixel! That seems hard to believe though. Wish I had one to compare.
@PhotoJoseph That is fantastic if true... and I can confirm that the 300 is way brighter, and WAY louder! So loud I often have to build a baffle with pillows on one side to absorb the sound of the fan on the power supply... at least the loud fan isn't on the light itself.
Jef Gibbons wow that’s crazy. I’d say buy one of these pixels from Amazon (please use my link in description!) and test it. Definitely let me know the results and if it is NOT better/brighter, return it. Amazon has an easy return, just make sure it’s within the return window.
@PhotoJoseph Good call! I'll be sure to click through your link if I order one, thanks again for the great video man!
@Jef Gibbons I'm waiting for your test. Thank you :)
This kind of savings does come down to reliability and of course ability for someone to get a product repaired. If you need to send it to China... well not so much of a bargain. If you haul it to a shoot and expect it to work and it fails in the middle then all the savings are lost. Having said that...while Aputure has a clear warranty/service channel and is even available at local shops they have had some issues with colour accuracy with the need to add on a filter to correct the green cast of some of their lights. I would certainly try out the Pixel if it were readily available. The coupon is long long gone from what I can see but there is a $50 coupon. I am not sure if Photo Joe did any tests for flickering for video. That is obviously pretty important and frankly I would say more important than fan noise. If this puts out this much light it is likely going to be very far from the subject so noise should not be an issue...but flickering is another thing all together. If I can find this locally I will see if I can purchase it. I assume Photo J does not like the Godox SL 60 or even the GVM RGB... both of which are cheaper than the Pixel 220.
I have a "Breaking Bad" Feeling when I watch your video.. 😎
I need more light, bye Aputure...
Great video! That power brick thingy is the ballast :)
Haha I knew there was a word for that 😁
I remember when Aputure had a small booth at the back of NAB and I took a chance on them and have loved them ever since. Back then they were considered a "lower build" up-start company as well and look how they've grown. The Fodavil C220 looks like a contender at a great price point. While that obviously doesn't mean that every company will turn out really good products we don't have to dismiss a company just as they are starting out.
SSI reading plz.
This was a very informative video Joseph, I'd actually choose this over the Aperture 120. I'm planning to buy a budget light soon so I wondering if you could do a video on the Godox SL-200W Continuous Video Light.
Curious if you have tried different frame rates/shutter speeds to see if there’s flicker?
I have not and someone else asked that too. I’ll try to get to it today
@PhotoJoseph Please let me know! And if you have an affiliate link for the Godox P120L, throw that in your description or something so I can show some love on both
PhotoJoseph also! I’m thinking it’s a no.. but couldn’t find anything on the topic. V Mount battery option? Thanks!
@jarret I've just posted at the top of the comments about flicker. Read and reply there please.
Good breakdown and review. Competition is always good for growth and for the consumer. That being said Aputure has a serious lead in the market, with new models coming out consistently the previous generation of lights become extremely affordable. I purchased brand new 300d lights via amazon business for $526 each. I also have reservations about watt and lux ratings...There are other lights on the market like the godox and neweer 200w LEDs, that make wild claims, and fail to achieve said specs. I have them, I know. They are inferior to aputure products by a large margin. I suspect this pixel light is similar to those products just packaged into an aputure style body to capitalize on premium pricing.
SUBBED... btw
Been really hesitant on getting an Aputure. But this will fit my budget. Great video!!!
How is your second scene/setup lit? Looks great!
Looks good thanks for intel. Sure wish someone would make some affordable bi-color 250w LED spots.
@10:56 can get a DB meter app for a smart phone and hold same distance away to measure. Also cheap DB meters online. Accuracy TBD.
yeah I thought of that… but didn't. Sorry.
You need music for your videos! Especially a 14-min one. :)
I have the 120d mark ii. I'd like to see a comparison of that with the pixel in terms of output power.
@PhotoJoseph that's the thing, it's hard to go by rated numbers but either way the pixel does look like a good option for the price. I am just curious to see the difference is all. If I were closer to you I'd let you use my mark ii for a comparison.
Control box is key imo and worth the extra money.
I just don’t get how company’s are allowed to do this. I should make every household item in my name change a few thing change the name and be come rich. I think we should tighten up on our copyright laws. It really is stoping people from being innovative.
As far as global copyright it can be stopped by not allowing these manufacturers to sell here. True you can’t stop anyone from copying a shape I just think its many steps backwards in innovation. Instead of copying the exact design they could have came up with an single LED RGB light with that’s bright as the day but is battery powered and light weight. It’s funny because when a company does this it’s almost like after they create this mimic they sit around and wait until the “real company” makes a new invention then they get off there ass and do the same thing with one other upgrade. But hey I’m a realest so I adjust the sails.
PhotoJoseph absolutely
Here's the Clar 120 from Adorama. I have been told that it IS the original 120d repackaged and rebranded for Adorama to market and support. Leaving Aputure to focus on their new models and still make some cash on old designs.

$250 at the moment.
Is there, or will there be a bi color version?
I don’t think there is yet, but one is probably coming.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks for the response. I Have a lightdome mini. I should be able to use that and just gel it, right? Bowens mount.
AM1 Definitely. The only thing you have to be careful of is heat. Make sure you’re using real photography grade gels that are heat resistant, and keep an eye on the light to make sure the gel isn’t getting too hot. Good luck!
@PhotoJoseph Gotcha. That makes a lot of sense. Much appreciated.
Hi Joseph, few questions.Does this flicker and if it doesnt have you tested it at 25,30, 50,60,120 and 250 fps at shutters speeds from 1/50 to 1/8000 ?These cheaper equivalents suffer fork flicker and 90% of the times the companies hide this information.I had situation like this with Nicefoto HA3300 B and extremely difficult situation getting my money back because of the non existing customer service.So can you out your word and say that this is not flickering at shutters speeds up to 1/8000s and have you tested the CRI and noise level at full power?Thanks
Bobby Genev great question, I wouldn’t mind too much if it flickers at 250 FPS. If you find out please let me know
@Visethelegend If it flickers it is not usable video light and I am waiting for tests on here to understand if its usable. I wouldn't commit buying a product that doesn't have transparent specifications.
Bobby Genev that’s why I said that I’m ok at 250fps. Maybe even at 120fps. It’s not unusable, if you are shooting at those frame rates then you probably are shooting high end productions with high budget to rent a better light.
I think I have only filmed at 120fps once so it’s still a very usable light for me.
One plus 2?
I have a question. your link led me to the LED Light called PIXEL C220 but it says FOVIL instead of FODAVIL. It looks exactly the same except the logo and its name. Whats the difference between these two? Please help me sensei...
It’s the right one, and it’s “fodavil”. Maybe “fovil” is just a typo.
PhotoJoseph Actually there’s one with “FOVIL” printed on the light itself, and that’s why I’m so confused... If you google “pixel c220” you can find the version with “FOVIL” printed on it instead of “FODAVIL”. Do you know if there’s a difference between those two other than its look?
XENE Genosynx Oh, you said in my link you saw one that was called FOVIL. I have no idea if they changed the name, or maybe it’s using a different name in a different country? I’d ask the manufacturer if you’re concerned, however I doubt it’s any more than a name update or regional thing.
PhotoJoseph PhotoJoseph PhotoJoseph I’m currently in Asia so that might be the reason why your link took me to “FOVIL” one. I appreciate that if you’d ask manufacture what’s the difference other than it’s name and the print because I’m thinking of buying this light soon. Thank you so much for being kind..
XENE Genosynx You don’t need me to do it. you can ask them. Let us know!
I think the Neewer H2000 200-watt LED light for $200 is an even better light and much less costly.
The H2000 is listed at 10,000 LUX. It doesn’t specify a distance, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a measurement closer than the 0.5m that this Pixel or the Aputure are rated at. The Pixel is 66,000 LUX so that’s a massive difference.
Anyone compared the Clar line by Adorama?
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