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iPhone 14 Pro Action Mode — HOW GOOD IS IT?

Photo Moment - September 27, 2022

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How good is the iPhone 14 Pro Action mode? See a comparison to the iPhone 12 Pro and see just how amazing action mode is!!

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Hey, what do YOU think of the Action Mode? It's kinda crazy how good it is…
Could a plug-in for Adobe After Effects achieve the same results as Action Mode for 4K video?
to a degree, but doing it in camera is amazing
Action mode looks crazy good! Thanks to you, I upgraded to the iPhone 14 Pro.
Sweet! It is amazing.
Hey, this is really an amazing feature. I wonder if there is software that can use one camera to shoot two kinds of video at the same time, one is after stabilization and the other is without stabilization.
Interesting. I’d look at apps like FoLMiC Pro for that possibility. Worth asking them!
Any comparison between the front selfie camera stability on 14pro vs your 12 pro? Reviewers randomly drop the line “action mode not available on front camera” then move on. For anyone self-recording any video blogs/action blogs is there any difference in stabilization with the front camera b/w your 12 pro and 14 pro?
I have no idea; I almost never use the selfie camera. If you’re self-shooting with the iPhone, my advice is to learn to frame blindly, so you can shoot with the “good” cameras. The front facing is always 💩 compared to the rear. If quality matters, teach yourself to frame without being able to see the screen.
I imagine the jump from XS max 😅 but still doubting if that's a reasonable purchase; thanks for the amazing comparison Joseph!
Glad to help, Yoanna! It’s a BIG change from the X series for sure.
is it worth switching from samsung s22 ultra to 14 pro max.. thanks
I’ve never used the Samsung. Check MKBHD’s channel for that.
Action mode? I'm more impressed you got a Desk Upgrade, w00t! ↕↔
@@EricLikness I hadn’t even thought of that 🤦🏼 Yeah that’d probably be insane!
@@photojoseph An action mode, too, a feast for the eyes. I'd say if you had a gimbal and wanted to use BOTH, man you would look like you had set up a dolly with rails.
LOL I’m stoked; that white topper has been bugging me for years!!
Thanks for this presentation. iPhones not here in Canada yet, so still deciding. As you said, lots of user reports about video on Twitter but you have taken the time to explain clearly. Cheers …
@@photojoseph I do, definitely from my X. I want to do a look and feel to decide whether to go Pro.
Thanks mate. Glad I could help. Think it’s worth the upgrade?
This needs to be sayd so you can do something about it. You need a better microphone. That sounds like a old AM radio. Sorry.
Definitely 🔥 😆
It’s sounds just fine on my iPhone 13 Pro Max. 😉
Also the guy you had helping you was amazing. And handsome.
wow, this is the first comment. Thanks. Much appreciated.
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