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Go LIVE with TOUCH SCREEN Switching on ATOMOS Shogun 7

Photo Moment - April 04, 2020

If you've ever wished for a TOUCH based live switching interface… the ability to record all isolated video feeds (ISOs) independently, and get an XML file for re-editing, your wish is granted. The ATOMOS Shogun 7 can do it all!

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Convert FCPXML for Adobe Premiere

The FCPXML file natively works in Final Cut Pro X and in Resolve, but not Adobe Premiere. So, here's an article on the Adobe site on how to conver FCPXML for use in Premiere!

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This is a very useful video!! thank you for the info on the shogun and the setup. Question, could you do hdmi out of shogun 7 to a laptop with an hdmi port for live streaming with OBS or other programs?
Just for clarification. Does the program feed .mov have all your cuts recorded into that file? If you had transitions on would there be black space on the program feed or would they come through? I'm thinking if you wanted to edit in premiere pro you would use the program feed and make adjustments from the multi cam but I'm not sure how the transitions would come through.

great video!
Hm, it’s been a while since I did this, but I’m quite sure this was all addressed in the video. However from what I recall the recorded program has just cuts where you had added transitions.
How does it look whit the fan noise...mine is not so quiet
It was in use during this video… can you hear the fan?
@PhotoJoseph no, have to try that, if I sit near to the shogun I hear the fan...maybe with the right microphone setup it's not recogniced...
Don’t expect or try to have pure silence. It’ll never happen outside of a sound booth. You can always run a de-noise filter in post.
Hi...thanks so much, I learn a lot from you...short question if I want connect 2 iPhone to the shogun 7 then I need either a Decimator Design MD-HX or the yelow box from atomos? I use this original apple HDMI connectors on the iPhones
​@PhotoJoseph Hi and thank you so much for your quick case the Decimators are really expensive in Europe, around 350-400 Euros thinking about to buy a camera (I also got 3 BM converter) ... will it work with a Canon EOS M3 ... bought alo the webcaster :)
Decimators are expensive but extremely reliable hardware
T H A N K Y O U!
Finally ordered one of these today. New promo on as well until July 31st which is a bonus. Great video, thanks again.
Right on, and thanks!
Hello Joseph; first of all, thank you very much for your work! I would like to know if it is possible to use the HDMI IN in multicam recording with other sdi input (3 sdi in and 1 HDMI in) Sorry for my english and thank you again for the excellent work that you do!
I would like to see better Timecode, Sync, NDI, Rj45, and 2x XLR or a DB25 Connector Integration in Showgun 7;
have you seen my latest video?
can you do this on the Atomos Shogun Inferno ? maybe with a firmware update ?
I was able to set proper resolution on Decimator MD-HX to MBP for 3 Sony 6400+ MBP at 1080P@ 59.94 into Shogun 7 on a 4 channel switch . Can provide settings on Decimator scaler screen shots available if anyone else has this issue .
Would you recommend atomos 7 over the atem setup?
Different needs for different folks. I’m not recommending one over the other, just showing the capabilities of each.
Great information. I have been using the Shogun-7 with 3 or 4 Sony 6400 cameras at 1080 24 Fps. 23.976 to be more exact.I am using Decimator LXs for the HDMI /SDI conversion into the Shogun7. I have a project where i need to bring in the HDMI output of my MBP laptop. I am trying to use the Decimator HX and scale everything to to match the framerate of the cameras + converters. The Shogun sees the Laptop as 50H 60 fps, no matter what the output is set on the HX converter. Is there a better HDMI converter to use to match the cameras so I can switch that? Any advice?
I don’t see how that’s possible. Decimators are superb scalers and if you have it set properly, I don’t see how the Shogun could be seeing a different framerate. My money is on the Decimator not being configured properly.
Thank you very much, I was looking for a solution to one of my clients needs which was streaming using 3 cameras and having a high quality recording for later editing. As I use FCPX this system you have described is perfect for my needs. Great stuff.
Excellent! Glad to hear it.
Hi, great video as always. Could I just clear up one point on audio. You get only ONE choice of audio input? It's not a case of one digital input AND the analogue, but one choice of digital OR the analogue. Thanks.
for the live output, yes. If you are recording then you can record as many as you like, but for live, it’s just one. It’s definitely one of the limitations.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks, that clears that up for me nicely. Appreciated!
How much decimator cause delay on video? I have heard 1 frame (HDMI > SDI)
i’ve never measured it but that sounds reasonable. I’d check with them for technical specs on it. I’ve only used mine for converting things like a computer display, so any delay that slight was not noticeable.
What is the impact of cabling (SDI vs HDMI vs NDI) of the video mixer performance. Image same set-up with NDI , how much I have to invest on mixer vs. converters/adapters.
I don’t understand the question. What do you mean by “impact”? And the investment; I shared costs of various converters here. If you need the cost of cabling, you’ll need to look that up for whatever lengths you need.
@PhotoJoseph Sorry wasnt clear, thanks for replying so fast. My question is related to how to decide which cabling to use (10+meters) because this impact to video res./quality as well as how much I have to invest on converters.
What would your recommendation for a similar set-up using NDI (1080p)?
(thinking of the set-up you had with touch)
SDI you can run VERY long (you can look up exact specs but it's a broadcast standard for a reason). HDMI much less. NDI is wireless and therefore lower quality. Don't have an NDI recommendation as I haven't played with any yet.
This reminds me of the Odyssey 7Q, which also has video switching.
I have the Odyssey Q7+ and you have to pay another £1750 for the Apollo software licence to be able to switch between cameras and record the streams. That's why I'm considering the Shogun 7 because you get the switching AND the unit for way less than just the Convergent Design software. I'm not really very happy with the situation, but it is what it is and I have to shell out anyway.
Thanks for an excellent (even if a very speedy) review, it would have saved a lot of grief if Atomos had released an HDMI version! Can I assume from your review that there is not one planned in the pipeline?
Not that I’m aware of. But if you want an HDMI switcher, look at the Blackmagic ATEM Mini and Mini Pro. Search my channel; lots of videos on those.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks for the reply, I have an atom mini, but have not used it to broadcast yet, other than playing around with it in my den, fabulous piece of kit!
Can you send me a complete listing if all of your gear? I like you post setup system and want it.
If you would like a detailed explanation of everything I do, please visit and book some time with me. Cheers.
I talked about this in the video and linked to an article on how to convert it; visit and scroll down the to FCP to Premiere part. Thanks.
Great video and piece of software! Btw, is there a way to export the FCPXML file to Premiere instead of Final cut?
the setup is wayy you have anything with minimal cost?
ATEM Mini and Mini Pro — just impossible to get right now
Question! This is our first time attempting to produce a live stream. We’ve been looking at different options such as sling studio, ATEM mini pro, PEARL mini, but now I see this option that you now presented. After looking at all the pros and cons of all the options I mentioned… We feel that sling studio is possibly the easiest to begin with. Do you recommend this option? What do you think? there a better option with simplicity and steal good quality?
I know you were in the live show today LAT Studio so let me know if you have any follow up questions here. Unfortunately I don't have experience with the Sling but I definitely can say the ATEM and Pearl are both great products.
is it possible to use the blackmagic msc without an atem? all i need is a manual cinema lens? how about setting wb, iso etc? can i do that from the camera?
You can set gain (ISO) and shutter speed and WB from the camera itself, yes. Those are all in-camera options. You just can't control anything on the lens itself without the ATEM.
PhotoJoseph great! This can might be a great replacement for my go pros but not sure how good the low light capability is, especially when live streaming my wild camping adventures at dusk!
The low light performance of the studio cameras SUCK. Don't get it for that.
Nice one PJ, love the programme, bit too technical but I was able to follow. How are you and family coping with our new reality?
all good here, thanks!
Nice work. Yes, show the Panasonic that goes to the web.
Cool!! - I would love to see a comparison between something like this and the Convergent Apollo and the new BMD Atem Mini Pro. As someone that produces multi-cam capture of live theatrical performances for archival, and would like the ability to also live-stream, it's hard to know the best solution.
Yeah there's so many options. It's hard for me to do a viable comparison… a proper side by side would literally take hours (and a really long time to produce!). I think by doing ongoing analysis of these products and letting you guys compare is the way to go. If you have specific questions by all means drop 'em in here and I'll either answer here or address it in a live show. And thanks for watching!
@PhotoJoseph Totally understand that as the information I'm seeking is pretty specific. I enjoy and appreciate your videos and find them very informative. The main differences I've gathered between a system like the Convergent Apollo, with a Epiphan X2 vs the BMD ATEM mini pro, is the ability to independently record all of the individual cameras AND the live switch on the Apollo, vs only capturing the live switch and not needing an external encoder on the Mini Pro. Really comes down to ones specific needs I suppose. Also a huge price difference...
yeah no doubt; these solutions often have very specific features that some people can't live without, and are totally useless to others.
Great video!!! quick question, whats the connector you used to transfer the file from ssd to pc?
That's the USB-C reader from Anglebird — it's their own model.
Joseph! It's been a while. :) Finding myself doing a bunch of online teaching, so it's fun to jump into video...
...At least you can get an epiphan... ATEM Minis are going for 200-300% markup on eBay! Damn, can't do it.

In terms of HDMI Capture, I think there's two things to mention:
* BM Ultrastudio Mini Recorder. As long as you're ok with 1080p30, it's a nice option and gives you SDI. But $145, and an Thunderbolt adapter...
* I've found an affordable option on Amazon for $49, a cheap Wiistar.
I'm mostly using it until I can get an ATEM, but honestly it's working out well so far.
Thanks for that link, awesome!
oh and I had to see your name again to recognize, sorry… yeah, cool how goes??
@PhotoJoseph No worries!! Moving a bunch of courses online rapidly is challenging, but in some ways a fun challenge, since I at least love the tech and love the excuse to jump back into live video!
That Panasonic broadcast baby cam that LIVESTREAMS???? YES PLEASE!
haha OK, there's a vote!
one more vote from me @PhotoJoseph
@PhotoJoseph Yes, review of the Panasonic CX10 plz!
You keep putting out awesome videos and I keep buying awesome things. Thanks!
hehe is that "thanks 😃", or "…thanks 😡" Glad you like the videos! There's too much good stuff out there, for sure.
@PhotoJoseph My pocketbook isn't happy, but I'm so geeked about all the new tech that allows us to virtually connect. It's so important, now more than ever, so we can keep in touch while apart.
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