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Photo Moment - October 04, 2019

The GNARBOX 2.0 is here! If you're a photographer, do you need this? You may be surprised at who should and shouldn't buy this!

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Nice vid. Compared to the WD SSD wireless, which one would you recommend and why???
Totally different products. WD is just storage. This is an entire mobile workflow solution.
@PhotoJoseph thanks for replying. but correct me if I'm wrong (most likely I am) but the WD also has an app whereby you can view or images as well as make edits to and even tether your camera to (as far as I'm aware), how does that differ from the Gnarbox 2???
Symz G for video, the Gnarbox generates proxy files and works seamlessly with LumaFusion on iOS. Gnarbox Also does a checksum on copy to verify a successful backup. For still photos, if the WD does keywords (I don’t know?) then it’s probably but that different. The Gnarbox stands out in the video workflow the most.
@PhotoJoseph oh ok perfect. Thanks for the clarification
Yup - you got that thing... 😀 I'm sticking with my 4tb simpler, slower WD wireless pro blah, know which I mean.
Hehe fair enough!
Was this the model slam you were talking about? Great location and great images 😀
Yep! Yeah this one was particularly great. Super fun. We just had another one last weekend where I shot only video. Can’t wait to release that one!
PhotoJoseph Ooh, looking forward to seeing that! 😀
Would love to see this use to back up video, I am really thinking sometimes might be useful with the GH5 though files are pretty big, anyways, looking forward to next videos. Thanks for the recent videos, as a university student I find them super useful before even thinking on buying new gear :D
Yeah for video these are extremely useful, ESPECIALLY if you want to edit on the go.
@PhotoJoseph Interesting! I know you are really into using iPad for editing though... 1080p 10bit All-I 200Mpbs files must be a challenge in such device, I cannot start to imagine 4K files.. hehe..
natfonck I’ve been editing 4K60p on the iPad for three years now. No problem. Using the Gnarbox makes the workflow even better.
Wow, PJ you look like you were enjoying this job a little too much, I guess you were really focused on the GNARBOX 2. I would be too; he he. Great work as usual. Like your unbiased assessment.
Sometimes the work is harder than others 😁
Hi PJ something completely different, have you done any thing on teaching yourself to use a DSLR? Something like an idiots guide to teaching yourself to use a camera.
Fritzroy Smith you mean like this?
FileExplorer Power 😃✌️

So in your opinion is this device useful for video shoots?

Yes, especially if you want to edit on the road using an iOS device

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