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My GH5 Training Course is COMPLETE!!! and Best Lens for Interviews?

Photo Moment - July 31, 2017

That's right, it's done!! The final video was rendered last night, and will get uploaded today. So let's have a look at a few of the vids, talk about the course a bit, and see what you might not yet know about it!


PRODUCTS MENTIONED IN TODAY'S PHOTO MOMENT (MANY ARE AFFILIATE LINKS… affiliate links make me a little bit of $ but cost you nothing more!):
•• Panasonic DMW-BGGH5 Battery Grip ••
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•• Panasonic DMW-XLR1 XLR Microphone Adapter ••
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•• Panasonic LUMIX Leica Nocticron 42.5mm f/1.2 ••
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GH5 in Real Estate Photo & Video & 12-60mm Smooth Iris Shift:

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Please time stamp the Lens review
Hello Joseph, I was wondering where to post this and thought you will be a great option since you work with Panasonic. I found a bug, pretty big one that I think you need to see and "report" it to headquarters. here is the bug >

Thanks a lot!~
What monitor headphones are you using? I am looking at some on Amazon/B&H so that I can have something discrete for online interviews.
They’re from WESTONE. I had to custom order the flesh colored wires though.
Awesome. Thanks.
What monitor headphones are you using? I am looking at some on Amazon/B&H so that I can have something discrete for online interviews.
Hey, can you please let us know when your course goes live on I'm a member and would love to check out your training!
It's live now! Just went up last week.
I just ordered your GH5 training course. I'm in it now and find it very insightful and helpful. This is a great tool to help people fast and along their way with the GH5. You are a Noble Good Sir for making it. Thank you for making this great GH5 training! There are people out there that appreciate it!
+Variety Store Productions Thank you for saying that!
Lovely intro video!!
+Gareth Croft Thanks!
Cool. I just snagged Chapter 7, 8, and 9, but don't see chapter 1 still. And the listing on the main site gh5training is still showing just intro for chap 1. I also worked on adding an episode to thetvdb website under the name GH5 Training, since I like to track my progress locally of what I've watched with Plex. :)
Hi Xachery. Chapter 1 is the intro, which was recorded last and will be uploaded today with the rest of the final videos. I don't follow what you mean by "adding an episode to thetvdb website"… I assume you don't mean that you're uploading my content to the website, but can you clarify what it is you're trying to do?
Must have this camera...for your info, both Neumann films and Yuri Palma have released amazing videos with Gh5
+Sarah Raffer Nice!
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