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First Test LIVE Streaming with the Epiphan Webcaster X2 & LUMIX GH5

Photo Moment - August 09, 2017

I've got an Epiphan X2… so let's see how it does with the GH5! Sorry about the echo. We're testing out a new setup, so of course there will be kinks to work out… that's the fun of live.

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Wow that's interesting! This is an old comment; did you buy one? That's certainly a great price and if it works, then a great deal. Of course if it doesn't work or if the quality sucks, then… 🤷‍♂️
You were right this video was not to good,to much talk but nothing was working..LOL
Great deserve more subs!
Why thank you!
Hi it is Richard Seed from Johannesburg South Africa, I had a look at one of your shows on youtube about the Webcaster X2 live camera streaming device. I would like to know if you could assist me to buy the device to be sent to me here in South Africa or a better device that I can use for my broadcast video cameras I use? I look forward to your reply. Thanks from Richard.
One issue is you cant record live sound with this.
can this be used for surveillance? if I had a wireless camera outside could I stream it to a monitor to see whats going on?
As long as you had a persistent internet connection, sure. Although there's probably better ways to set up security systems.
Webcaster X2 vs 4k?
What lense are you using with the GH5?
hm, in that video it was probably the 8-18
Can I live stream a pre-recorded video from my SD card with Epiphan Webcaster X2 ? If Yes! Kindly teach me how to do it
Be prepared before you post. Viewers don't like to have their time wasted.
What app are you using to video switch with your ipad?
to much talk for a basic info
Great job tackling the issues. Makes us tech geeks feel not along. Great job!!!! From New Jersey.
thanks for all the great videos. would you recommend using this or teradeck vidiu por or atem web presenter? i need a reliable mobile streaming device with good quality streaming.
I liked the real world Trainwreck aspect of the show, solving problems in real time, just like most of us will have to do at some point.
I'd like to get a shot at one of these before purchasing too, I'm curious how much data this chews through, I'll be on a phone 99% of the time, I suspect dropouts..
Great quality.
Thanks. Sometimes it’s fun to watch :-) For the data; that’s just a math problem. You can encode at a variety of bitrates, so that tells you there the data per second. 6,000 kbps is I think the high end of it? I’d have to double check to be sure.
Great show Joseph - learned a lot!  Regards from enthusiast from Norway.
PhotoJoseph, I am using a GH5 with the Webcaster X2 and am struggling to get accurate colors. My set is lit with high quality LED lights at 5600K and 95 CRI. I have tried every color profile on the GH5 and tried every white balance setting I can imagine. Some colors are spot on, but bright reds come out looking too orange and blue-green colors look straight blue. We are streaming sales events for my wife's clothing business so colors are fairly important. I believe the color issues are coming from the GH5. What settings do you use in the GH5 for your live streaming? Have you had any color accuracy issues?? Thanks in advance for any help.
Hey Tom. Colors should be fine, so start by removing the X2 from the equation and just record internally on the GH5 to see what it looks like. The “natural” profile is the most neutral. Do a custom white balance in-camera too. If you don't know how, I did a couple of videos where I talked about that. I believe one of these two covers it or — let me know what you come up with and we'll take it from there!
PhotoJoseph Thanks for getting back to me. I did a custom white balance and tested the camera both indoors with 5600K light and outdoors (separate WB each time of course) and recorded in the camera with natural profile. Tested other profiles as well with somewhat similar results. In looking at the footage, it appears that the red channel is way oversaturated which is making an object that is lipstick red look bright orange. When I selectively drop the saturation of this color, the shirt gets much closer to it's real color - not perfect but much closer. Interestingly, all other colors look pretty darn close.
PhotoJoseph, with more experimenting in post, I can fix the issue by changing the entire image hue by a set amount (-9 or -10). I am going to try to adjust the hue in the picture profiles in camera and see if that fixes the issue.
learned far more from the mistakes than if it all went right from day one so thank you for a great video
Right on! I do think that’s one of the advantages of how I do these. Edited videos don’t show the fails!!
Is the AF-C working, when just connection the HDMI without start a recording on the camera itself? My G85 doesn't focus via AF-C (just half-press on shutter refocusses once), when not recording to an SD card. Is it different with the GH5?
+Martin Guder I think you need to dig into a setting for when it starts autofocus; whether it’s always or only when the shutter is pressed.
PhotoJoseph Thank you. I'll search again and report back. :)
I found the setting. It is in the custom menu and called "Shutter AF". It has to be set to "off" so that the focus kicks in all the time, also when not recording and half pressing the shutter button.
+Martin Guder Awesome!
Cool shows. Watching from Vanuatu (South Pacific Island country). LOL" too many on's there"..nice.
+Cainton Milroy Welcome! And thanks :-)
soooo funny .. but very usefull. thanks!
can i stream from my Sat DVB machine a TV SHOW with this,using HDMI ?
If it has HDMI out, then I don't see why not.
Would the webcaster work with Sony Pro cameras?
+M1MEDIA Films & Photography It should work with any camera that has a clean HDMI out (by clean I mean it’s at full resolution and doesn’t have menus embedded in the display)
Great Video! I'm looking to buy one of these and my only question is could I do the set up part of the Webcaster from the same computer I am controlling the live stream from?
+John Walker No. the entire setup is done as I showed here, with a mouse and keyboard and monitor attached. It's the device's biggest limitation. This is not a big deal if you're in your studio or at home where you have all that stuff, but makes setting it up remotely a lot more challenging.
So if I were to set it to one wifi network to stay on I would technically only need the monitor once
+John Walker Well… without the monitor you're relying on auto start and streaming only to your "stream now" channel. If you want to choose a show, ensure it's actually streaming, monitor comments through its interface, etc., you need a screen. It can be a tiny crappy display but you need something. Not having a web portal or a screen on the unit is, IMHO, it's biggest flaw.
2 widows open IE split screen?
I like the natural atmosphere. No script! Plain and honest. Love this man! Thanks for the help.
+James Nono Right on, thanks! We do a show every weekday! (At least that's the plan)
can you also make video how to set up facebook live using webcaster x2. thank you..
+cyvidal10 Hm, OK. Yeah that's fair… I actually just recorded a big video on setting up everything in the X2 but I didn't go into Facebook. I will edit and release this video while I'm away. Maybe I can squeeze in a little facebook config before I leave on my trip so it covers both.
thumbs up for the unplanned things, it is kind of essential to being live. Loved it, and you did a great job ! A GREAT show, Joseph !!
+AuthenticSound Thank you :-)
can you go live on Instagram>?
Not from the X2, no. As far as I know, you can’t go live to IG from anywhere but the IG app. I’d love to be wrong about that though!
well ....yes there were problems, but you handled it better than most would.....for a LIVE VIDEO...thumbs up.....loved it...subscribed
+phil baines I'll take it!! Thanks :-)
The M2L or M3L IEM systems from audio technica are VERY good wireless monitor systems.. Relative to Senheiser or Shure they are very competitively priced.. but still not cheap. M2L is $599 and the M3L is $799.. Compared to $1000+ with sensheiser, it's a great value. Another option, which I've seen used is the Audio Technica System 10 wireless lav system for cameras ( with the optional xlr cable ( then reverse and use the headphone jack on the receiver which you can put in your pocket... this option would give you an extra wireless lav to put in your kit when you're out and about. This option would be around $500.
+Jake Guptill Thank you Jake; I'll look into all of those!
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