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How to Firmware Update LUMIX G9 (and V-Log L), GH5, GH5S, S1, S1R

Photo Moment - November 20, 2019

The November 2019 Firmware updates for the Panasonic LUMIX S1, S1R, GH5, GH5S and G9 are now available — here's how to update your camera!

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Joseph, I just got an S1 with 1.10 firmware--and I can't find the 1.2 firmware update. All I see is the 1.3 on the Panasonic site. Is there any problem with me skipping the intermediary update and just installing 1.3???
PhotoJoseph great. The camera comes tomorrow. I’ll install 1.3 before I load in V-log. Bye the way, I really enjoy your videos— so clear, so helpful. Thanks so much.
Hi joseph i am preet from Sydney i am panasonick GH5s user now i buy panasonick s1 camera i try to find shutter priority like we can set in GH5s 180°,,,, can i set in lumix S1 or not
Big thanks if you help me with that joseph
Just responded to you on Facebook
Thanks joseph for help
Thank You! It works! I have v-log now!
Greetings from Germany, Berlin
It is Work for te gh4??
Excellent. Just ordered a G9 so when it arrives I will apply the update and purchase the V-LOG upgrade. Been waiting for a year for the G9 to come down in price. Panasonic makes great cameras, but always too expensive for me until they drop the prices. Will look for your instructions on how to use the V-LOG.
@photojoseph hey Joseph, long time no talk. I'm finally back on the Panasonic horse and using my GH5. Well I went to go update it just now with v2.6 and right in the middle of updating the camera just shut off. I thought it was part of the update, but after a few minutes I turned the camera off then on only to realize to my horror that the entire menu is now gibberish of letters and symbols and I can't use the camera. It keeps shutting itself off. Is there ANY way to do a reset on the camera without the menu? like a 'insert this firmware, power on the camera and it will auto install over the corrupt firmware'?? Any info at all you could help with this would be appreciate I REALLY don't wanna have to send my camera in to Panasonic to have them reset it....grrrrrr thanks
PhotoJoseph is there a link you can provide or the phone # because I’ve spent the last 24hrs looking for a contact number lol and all I get is “live chat” which doesn’t work or at least I can’t contact anyone and a support page. Literally couldn’t find a number to speak with a real life person anywhere
PhotoJoseph thank you sir!! I forgot google existed for a second lol 😂
Panasonic still doing there thing which is great. How much is the Panasonic GH5 and GH5s in the Black Friday sale
I haven’t used back-button-focus since version 2.0. Not once ! Awesome.
Hi! Very helpful videos! I was trying to update my GH5s to version 1.4... and I couldn´t. Then I realized I wasnt running the previous version 1.3... is that maybe the problem? I´m trying to fing de 1.3 firmware version but in the Panasonic support page isn´t available. Any help? Thanks!
Thanks for this tutorial...just got my GH5. How do you update lenses? Thanks! Mike Meyer - Columbus, Ohio (football capital of the world)
Same way as the body
@PhotoJoseph Thanks...I'm trying to figure out if my lens (Lumix 12-35mm) firmware is current. It shows version 1.0 in my camera. Just upgraded the camera to 2.6 successfully. I'm not seeing this lens firmware on Panasonic's list of available firmware updates, so I guess I'm OK. I just got the camera, so I'm unfamiliar with everything about it. I really appreciate your videos...huge help!
As always, Thanks for these videos! QUESTION: The GH5s & G9 both received Animal Detect, but the GH5 apparently did not. Why is this? And will the GH5 get this as well? Thanks.
Hi Joseph
Great video. I have the GH5 and after updating I still can't get the Focus Peaking to work on auto focus, any body else had this problem ?
Dear Jospeh, Is the Panasonic Image App still usable when the new firmware is installed? Are all new features for the G9 automatically included in the app or will there be an update soon for the app as well?
@PhotoJoseph Thanks for your reply. Just updated my G9 to firmware version 2.0. Camera settings are untouched after installation and Panasonic Image App works fine with all new features included. Great job Panasonic.
Joseph, could you explain how to turn on the focus peaking while in an autofocus mode feature for GH5 that just became available.
I have a Macbook pro that's up to date but it won't mount freshly camera formatted SD. Tried other Macs and have same problem. Any thoughts?
Resolved. Card reader. Keep up the great work.
Dude! When you going to get rid of this micro 4/craps cameras!? Also you have had the same view count and similar sub count since I first saw your channel!!! Ahahhaha
I was waiting for this G9 firmware update so much because of the 10-bit video feature, but it turns out that 10bit is only available in MOV codec, and the free version of Resolve 16 doesn´t support it. Dang! Spending 300€ for the Studio version of Resolve because of one feature is not very tempting...
New to the G9, grabbed the package with the 12-60 and other goodies from Adorama. Thanks for making this video, a lot easier and simpler than reading through the instructions!
Eye Detection for Animal after update G9...nice features...great Lumix
Eye detection for Animals? Are you sure? I thought it was only eye detection for humans.
I called the Pansonic site - they said no Vlog fiemware for G9. Not sure the Vlog L sfu1 will work with the G9?
@PhotoJoseph Thanks for the information, just want to make sure. Its seems the Panasonic is outdated.
The G9 for $1K is SO tempting, especially after the new vid enhancements in firmware! So tempted. I love my GX85 too, btw.
Yup. Just updated mine. The new features are awesome! I managed a decent hi-res 80mp photo handheld using the new mode 2.
@dpanch_89 that's awesome .. time for me to sweet talk the wife
@PhotoJoseph are there updated manuals available?
@PhotoJoseph Thank you, yes it is there :)
Yes all the bells and whistles. I wish these manuals would be more user friendly, but I can find my way around
If i use the g9, do I have to be on the newest version to update to 2.0 or can I also upgrade from lets say 1.1
Whats important to me is, that I don't lose the benefits of the old updates
Thanks for the great info. Could you also explain how to shoot and grade with HLG in your vlog for G9 video thanks
Great video, Joseph. As always very helpful and informative.
Waiting for that video explaining how to shoot in v-log
Thanks Joseph. Please do the Vlog-L sooner than 2 weeks hehhe.. Also if I have a GH5s and I updated the body firmware I DONT ) need to update the V-Lo-L wright ? Thank again btw . I a msg new on all this so that why I ask
@PhotoJoseph Thank you sir.
Does the G9 only allow the V-log profile in the movie mode or can I use it in Manual mode as well?
The card reader on my computer doesn't work. Can I transfer it over with a USB-C cable?
Yes, I just did it on my GH5.
Thank you so much. Look forward to that next video about vlog!
Love the new look shelving for your camera gear. Firmware updates installed for my GH5/GH5s. I'm holding out for the news of the Panasonic GH6 to be announced next year 2020!
Thanks! You won’t see this on the live show. Different set for recording. Fun stuff!
Youtube are changing a lot of stuff lately with FTC.
For a technology company like Panasonic to require this vlog activation code to be physically mailed is shocking, especially since you can order it online. Even from a green planet standpoint, negative marks. (Besides that thank-you Panasonic for this powerful firmware update!)
Should we expect a price increase for the g9 after the "holiday sales"? It would be kinda weird if Panasonic increased the price for 2020 🤔
Ázsiába Szakadtam Ne foglalkozz vele, csak fizess.😂
@Zsiros Deszka hahaha 😜 Én nem te vagyok 😎 Majd ha lesznek sub hegyeim, akkor menni fog. Most még össze kell kaparni
@PhotoJoseph thanks. That's a pity. I haven't budgeted for this now. 😐
@PhotoJoseph along with major update? Nah, there's something cooking. I think they will come up with new models. Then hopefully they keep the prices of the older models where they are now in this sale 😉
Same happened to the gx85 and its price never went back up. We'll see.
Ázsiába Szakadtam Ne aggódj, én sem a sub hegyekből veszem a dolgaim.
So if I have already V log in my S1, do I need to update?
@PhotoJoseph Thanks
Updated my S1 and GH5S. Rumors about 1.5 firmware for the GH5S? :D
@PhotoJoseph You don't have irony, Joseph! :D
Looking forward to an indepth video of the new G9 firmware. 👍
@PhotoJoseph sounds great! I'm actually considering swapping my GH5 for a G9, since the 2.0 basically makes it a GH5 "light".
@Jo Vaagan An undocumented change in the G9 firmware was a bump in 1080p bitrate from 28mbps to 100mbps. There are now also FHD 4:2:2 10bit codecs (also not mentioned). Still not up to the capabilities of the GH5 but a much more well rounded camera all the same.
@mikeselsewhere oh, it's documented in the manual. MOV mode gives 1080p 100 mbps. 👍
@Jo Vaagan Be aware the recording time limits are still in force (10 min for 4K, 30 min for 1080p).
@Ruben Remus i know. Have never exceeded those on the GH5 so should not be an issue 😊
Hello, and thank you for all the useful information you provide. As a Lumix expert (you, not me...), I was wondering if you could tell me if the new added functions near & far autofocus are working also when filming video, or just in the photo-modes... Thank's again!
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