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Filming with the Wunder360 VR Camera and Editing in Final Cut Pro X

Photo Moment - June 29, 2018

Ever wundered (ha… see what I did there?) about filming 360 VR? This little camera packs a lot of punch. Today we're looking just at 360 video and editing that in Final Cut Pro X. We'll explore this camera's other capabilities (pano still photos, time lapse, live streaming and more) in future videos.

04:02 | Connect to your phone
12:57 | Edit in Final Cut Pro X
23:00 | Upload and view on YouTube!

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Hope you all have a great weekend and a Happy 4th of July (to those in the USA).

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•• Wunder 360 (use code PhotoJoseph for 10% off) ••
I've played with the Samsung 360 (identical! This Wunder360, it must be a Chinese knockoff). I've discovered, it's better to edit in 2D (not 360) and control what the viewer sees. FCPX still lets you pan, "point the camera" where you want with a 360 editing control

So here's my thing. 4K video is a bit of misnomer.... 360 4K is not 4K when you're only looking at a small portion of the sphere, any one view looks more like 720p. The concept is fantastic, you don't have to point the camera anywhere, just let it roll. The current hardware just isn't there. Especially with a camera this inexpensive, it can't have the processing power to do much w/o burning up the tiny battery.

I like the GoPro Fusion 360, it has better quality/stabilization, but the offline stitching and file prep takes more work than most people are willing to deal with.
Agreed on the resolution. However I disagree with the editing. If you want to control what the viewer sees then I’d rather shoot with a real camera. The fun of shooting 360 is that the viewer can look anywhere. I’m sure there are situations where shooting everything and editing the view later is advantageous, but given the quality drop, I’d much rather shoot with a real camera.

I will have to play with your suggestion though. Do you create a standard project, then identify the clip as 360 and then the additional tool appears?
PhotoJoseph No disagreement, every video has it's own use case... To me, 360 video has good but limited use cases: tours, real estate, vacation videos, parties, weddings, etc. Wearing a 360 headset is modern day 3D red/blue cellophane glasses.

What is exciting is you capture every angle in real time, like having 6 or more 2d cams, and using cuts to switch angles. The audience doesn't have know you shot it in 360
Thanks so much for your awesome video! You always make such beautiful videos! And thanks for the tutorials, very helpful!
Lawsuit from Samsung in 3, 2, 1...

I really struggle with how this company can think making such a close copy of the Samsung is a good idea. Even if the internals and software are superior, it seems short sighted to not invest more in the appearance and ergonomics.

BTW I have the old Gear 360, and for the price (~$70) it is an amazingly great value and fun toy to get into 360 video. Highly recommended, even for people who don't want the Wunder360 - and learning about 360 and VR is one of those ah-ha processes, things are not how you anticipate them to be.
Yeah I hear ya on the shape. Then again, that’d be a bit “pot calling the kettle black” for Samsung. Hellloooo, Apple lawsuit? 😂

I need to get a new Samsung and see how it compares.
Hi there! Thanks so much for your feedbacks! It's really awkward to admit that C1 is similar to other brand's camera. The dual-lens 360 camera do not have much range to choose its appearance, we might say all the action camera looks like GoPro. We respect the original design and we got our own patent. Also, I would love to share our latest project with you, we will have our new Wunder360 camera S1 launch on Indiegogo soon. We would be so glad that you could check our prelaunch page:
An interesting device but I guess for a very specific market.

If you ever get the chance could you do a segment on how to extract stills out of 4K/6K modes on a PC if possible. With easy to use software if available. You may have already covered this but I could not find it if you have.

Hope you finish your other project on time
Here you go “GH5 6K Photo Mode; Extracting Frames on Desktop and In-Camera UPDATED”
Thanks for the link to the updated version.
Good to see you have some viewers who appreciate your work enough to post a video for one of your topics.
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