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FEELWORLD F5 5-inch Monitor

Photo Moment - March 20, 2019

Smaller, 5-inch monitors are all the rage these days. You can spend over $1,000 or well under $200. The features will of course vary, but for those on a budget (or even those not), is the Feelworld F5 worth considering? 

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  • 0:32 Price & Competition
  • 1:38 Exterior explored
  • 4:06 Menus explored
  • 8:49 Recap
  • 9:06 DCI 24p vs 30p 

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What’s the battery life for an NPF 550?
Got this for 109 dollars lightly used as my first monitor
Huge fan of the channel. Thank you for making my GH5 a joy. I have 2 of these monitors but they're branded 'Andycine 4k'. Exact same body, menu etc etc. Love them, but...........big problem for me is that when connected to my GH5 I can't hear the beeps when I start & stop recording, even though silent mode is off and the Beep volume is high. It's the same for both monitors. As soon as I unplug the monitor the Beep comes back. I can't find a way to fix this. Even tried a full reset on my GH5 but to no avail. Any ideas on how I can use the monitor and still hear the Beep from my GH5 would be much appreciated. More than once I have found myself stopping recording when I thought I was starting recording, usually when the action is happening fast and there's not much time to check all my settings. Is this common with all monitors? They're the only two I've used so far. Thank you.
How interesting; I really don't know because I have all sounds turned off on my cameras. That may be a question for Panasonic support, sorry!
@PhotoJoseph hi and thanks for replying. Already tried Panasonic - silence was the loud reply ha ha. I guess not surprising right now. Will keep pestering them as I think it's an important one. Cheers.
Any idea if you can scale the whole image down to 3 inches? Not the aspect ratio
You mean to scale the image within the monitor, so it has big black borders? No… why would you want to do that?
Wonderful information. I have the G9 and often film in 60fps. Is there a field monitor that will display when I am at 60fps in 4k?
Thanks! So, first off know that none of these monitors have 4K displays — you are looking at it in 1080p, even if it's a 4K recorder (like an Atomos). Whether you're seeing it in 60p or downsampled to 30p though is actually not an answer I know! You'll have to look at individual models. I'd say with pretty sold confidence that no cheap monitor is going to do 60p, but I could be wrong! If you learn something interesting, please come back and share here for others, thanks!
@PhotoJoseph - thank you, Joseph. I don't care at what resolution or frame rate it displays at as long as I can see what I am recording on my G9 when I am recording 4k at 60fps. The least expensive monitor that I can find that will do this is the Ninja V which I like, but it's expensive and then I'm also paying for larger files and more storage. I guess that's good in the long run and maybe I need to go that route eventually anyway, but I was hoping to find something around $300 or less that I could use just as a monitor. Thanks for your kindness in responding. I know you must be very busy.
Oh yeah — the G9 will downsample it’s output to match the monitor automatically. I just tested with this monitor and with the G9 set to 4K60, you can see the image on the Feelworld F5.
PhotoJoseph - that is really kind of you. That you so much. Appreciate you going the extra mile. So kind.
No problem; enjoy!
I purchased this last week...have yet to really use it in the field. Excited to give it a good. Thanks for your menu review-saved me from reading so much. Just used for (so far) photography! Thanks again.
Can you use the monitor just for photography?
Sure thing
Excellent review! Thanks for the info!
You're welcome!
Great review. Would there be any issues in recording 1080 @120fps? It was mentioned that recording 4K 60 leads to a no signal issue but how does it handle 1080 @120?
Those specs would be listed on their site but it depends what you mean by 1080p120. A file that is 120fps? No, it’s unlikely to capture that. A file that was shot at 120fps but output at 30fps? Yes. You have to look at the output. On LUMIX cameras when you’re shouting VFR the capture framerate and the output framerate are different.
PhotoJoseph thanks. Ye, I guess I’m talking about recording at 120fps but I’m not sure what the camera is actually outputting on those settings. Thanks for your reply.
Hey Joseph. Great review! I've just purchased this monitor but I can't figure out how to move the zoomed-in area from the centre of the screen to other areas. Is this possible with this monitor?
It’s been a while since I used this but I’m pretty sure you can. That said if it’s not in the menu then I guess not. Odd.
Came for monitor, stayed for review. This is how it's done, straight to the point, information packed, and thorough. You sold a monitor and your channel in one video. Sub'd. 👍👍👍
Awesome, thank you!
@PhotoJoseph Received monitor, however it's having issues with my A6300. Sony is notorious for not allowing dual record and playback on camera and external monitor when recording to internal memory as I've just found out. The work around is an external monitor recorder, one of which you mentioned in this video. Thought this may be some insight for others. Thank you for the Atomos recommendation, probably the route I will need to go.
Asterngeisha oh no! What a drag. It’s crap like that that really frustrates me… those little details you never hear about. So sorry man. For the record, LUMIX cameras like GH5 have no problem with this 😏 Good luck and hopefully the Atomos solves the issue!
This review was excellently done I have to say. I'm subscribing for sure.
Best comment of the day ! ;-)
I have had no issues putting Canon batteries on there. You have to press in the button at back for it to slide on.
One of those rare reviews where I felt not a moment was wasted. I have recently bought an ESDDI F5 which appears to be identical and I learnt several things from your review. Thank you for doing this.
Why thank you! If you’re not in a rush, I have two more units in reviewing right now.
Oh wait you already bought… I saw that 🤓
Link a monitor in Amazon please
It was already in the description but here it is again
It takes some fiddling but the canon battery does fit. You have to start it at the far end of the slot, push the battery release button in and then slide it over.
Dang, you're right… I had to kind of angle it in to get it past the first stop. And it was even harder to get out. Definitely not recommended! Thanks for letting me know; I'll update the text here.
Like the Atomos cable... MINI-USB? That was a while ago - but a trademark for cheaper gear obviously.
Yeah I forgot to mention that it does come with an HDMI cable; I just can't find it. And the USB; well since it's hardly ever needed, why make it special, right?
@PhotoJoseph as I recall, micro USB worked just fine, and I never broke one of them...
I never understand why a manufacturer uses one port over another. Probably availability and cost of parts?
@PhotoJoseph probably, and the 'old' ports are still around in surplus storages for a tenth of the cost.
Look forward to more product reviews! :) Maybe you could review something for the GH5s? A low budget gimbal that does not take too long to set-up? :)
How low budget is low budget?
I guess lower than Ronin Gimbal.:)
UPDATE: You can use a Canon battery. It's really hard to get in, but it does go in. And it's even harder to get out. Use NP batteries. Much easier.

Smaller, 5-inch monitors are all the rage these days. You can spend over $1,000 or well under $200. The features will of course vary, but for those on a budget (or even those not), is the Feelworld F5 worth considering?

0:32 Price & Competition
1:38 Exterior explored
4:06 Menus explored
8:49 Recap
9:06 DCI 24p vs 30p
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