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How to Eliminate Light-source Flicker In-camera!

Photo Moment - March 25, 2023

You know that super annoying flicker or wave you see from some lights and on tech products in YouTube videos? Turns out it's really easy to eliminate… in-camera! Watch this to learn the secret!

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Hallo Joseph, kann das flackern beim abfilmen eines LED TVs auch vom Weissabgleich im Auto modus kommen? Das gezeigte Video oder Bild auf dem TV ist klar und ruhig und bei einem Szenen/Bildwechsel fängt das flackern an, welches dann nicht mehr zu stoppen ist. Habe ansonsten schon alles probiert. ISO,Shutterspeed, Hz NTSC/PAL... nichts funktioniert. Hast du eine Idee? Danke und Gruss
@ludde303 very odd indeed then
@@photojoseph Focus und White Balance is set to Auto, the rest is manual.
No idea man… I don’t shoot Sony. But it sounds like a setting is changing without your input. You sure everything is full manual?
@@photojoseph Thank you for an answer. Yes, reducing the shutter speed reduces the flickering, but it does not disappear and the overall image quality becomes too slow. With my old camera (Sony A5100+Sigma 16 F1.4) I couldn't eliminate the flickering and horizontal banding at all. With my new camera Sony A6400+Sigma 16 everything is perfect at the beginning. No flickering or banding with perfect still images or videos (shutter speed at 1/100, ISO 400 50Hz, 50f), then the flickering suddenly starts and I can no longer get it eliminated. Also, previously perfect images and videos suddenly flicker when recording with the . No SyncroScan option by my cam.
Shutter speed is the only thing that affects flicker. Does the flicker get better (but just not go away completely) when you change shutter speed? If so then you need more precise adjustments. Does your camera have synchroscan? As for white balance that should definitely be on manual if you’re filming a scene that’s changing.
Good morning! I have had a problem filming people in front of LED panels during presentations and the LED panel keeps wobbling. How can I solve this, I use lumix gh4 and S5mIIx.
If it’s consistent then you should be able to solve it by doing what I showed at the end of this video — just roll through the angles while in synchroscan so you have every 1° angle available and look for the wave to go away.
Duuudeeee! Thank you sooooooooo MUCH! You have fixed a problem I have been having for the past 8 months! 😭 omggggg I’ve watched so many videos reset the camera to default settings and I was getting the same issue! I was ready to buy a new camera because i’m not a tech person I just need to turn on and record. I wanna cry I can finally record my videos now. Thank you thank you thank youuuuu!
Oh wow that is so amazing to hear!! I’m thrilled that I could help you 😊😊😊
Amazing video !!! Thank you so much !!!
Can you fix in post?
There are tools and tricks to reduce. But it’s very very difficult if not impossible to eliminate.
I have big problem, In photo mode,I can not fix flicker this problem, anyone help?
Because the light make the photo colour very stranger
There is an anti flicker photo mode you can turn on
Nice in-depth review! Just had some banding and flickering happen to me in some nightlife footage from my FX3. This helped!
Great tips in there. I see a lot of flicker in car videos as well - from outside the car and inside. Car reviewers need to check this video out!
Oddly enough, watching this on my phone I couldn't see any flicker in the Philips hue examples. One of my fav things about my GH5 is using shutter angle. Had to do this very thing the other day for a timelapse with a VCR clock in the shot.
@@Samuelhlr awesome
@@photojoseph forcing 4K in iPhone, now, I can see the flicker
@@chris_sparrows ok phew and varying the refresh could definitely make it disappear if it hit just right but I think videos always play at their intended framerate
@@photojoseph It could also be a distance thing. I had my phone on the counter while cooking breakfast, but when holding it up just now I saw it fine. Or perception...I noticed when I was focusing on the bulb I didn't really see the flicker, until I looked at the colored part of the frame.

And I have it off on my phone, but others could potentially have issues with variable refresh rate maybe...?
Ok you’re the second person to say they can’t see the flicker. Kinda freaked me out so I checked on my iPhone — I totally see it. This is really interesting. 2:51 — you don’t see it? Maybe it’s a resolution thing… if the phone is loading low quality you can’t see it; force it to 4K and see if it shows up?
Love the information. Thank you.
Glad it was helpful!
Put all the hues in other room. Havent tested the aperture bulbs yet in the studio.i hear they dont. I do have issues in the mall at 300 fps hd on the Gh6. Thank You for the recap🎉 Really enjoy your show. A recap w Atomos multicam edit again in Fcp if can if more may suggest it in comments of course . And where s that Gh6 w Pd , dual Cf express w 4tb capacity That shoots 5.7k 60 Prores RAW? 😂Thank you again
@@DroseMr no worries and thanks for watching! I love that people who don’t do this for a living are watching and benefiting. That makes me happy!!
I remeber now half way through watchin . I finished it again. Yes nerdy i guess because i dont know anything but functional math. I break concrete for a living.Thanks for the link. In regard to the 300 fps i guess i could milk anything w teets. Sorry to bother you w things you have already addressed and Thanks again for your channel.🤯🥳
Aperture bulbs don’t flicker — they are designed for filmmakers (and that’s why they are $$$ compared to Hue). 300fps is nearly impossible to shoot without flicker under artificial lighting. Watch the nerdy video to understand why!
oh my gosh, you posted a video that was not a short. thank you. for the love of all that is creative, please post more videos that are not shorts. also please post fewer shorts to your subscriber feed. thank you for your consideration.
@@jadefinchscene5644 appreciate you!
@@photojoseph oh i very much understand what it takes. i am a content creator, editor, producer and director. i do work on several channels, and create for several brands and on different platforms. I am glad you focus on what makes you happy. i just wanted to let you know how happy i was to see something i would actually watch. i don't watch anything under 5 minutes and not much under ten. just me. do your thing, and i will watch the longer stuff you make. =)
I would love to post more long videos but you may not be understanding of what that takes. This video was shot in a day but took a lot of planning, setup and of course editing. Shorts are by nature much faster to produce and I finally have a decent shorts strategy. I’ll never make everyone happy but if I can post more consistently at least that makes me happy 😊 I’m glad you like this video and I hope I produce more that you enjoy.
Hmmm: No flicker to be seen in the Phillips light in your video here - is that the case because I am in Europe? Strange…
@@photojoseph Thanks a lot for your time and answer. BUT I really, REALLY did look again - and there semms to be no flicker in the Philipps Hue light bulb in your video (e.g. min 3:20). (I am quite sure there is one on your screen.) Cf @chris_sparrows posting. Could this be result of some strange youtube filtering? Or of being in PAL-country?
@@frankpaulschulte definitely not. The flicker is very much there. Watch again 😉
@@photojoseph Yes, of course: seeing the flicker in my studio works :) - but what I meant was that I could not seee anything flicker in your video - at least at the beginning. Maybe that is because if watching it in a PAL country? Strange…
If your camera is set to 25p… then yes! See 5:24
I didn't see the flicker either
Excellent stuff Joseph, and perflectly clear info and advice, as always :) I’m a 30 year veteran editor in the 25 fps world. One piece of value I could add to what you’ve said is that if you’re presented with flickery vision, all is not lost. A plug-in for most NLEs called “Flicker Free” by Digital Anarchy works brilliantly. I’m sure there are others but that’s the one we use. It’s quick and easy to apply in the workflow as required and eliminates flicker in shots with localised or full frame flicker and/ or roll. In summary, it rocks.
Yes! I know that plug-in well and the founder of the company Jim is an old friend of mine. Always better to fix it in Camera, but if not, then, it’s great that you can fix the post!
Great video, as always! 👍🏻 What about the motion blur? With 30fps and 333 shutter angle we will have to much motion blur. What about slow motion? For 60fps the only options are 1/50 and 1/100, in both cases to much motion blur for a slow motion clip. Thanks 🙏🏻
@@photojoseph Thank you 🙏🏻 😉
Great question. I suppose the answer is “pick which you prefer”. You can’t always have it all!
Yes! Shutter angle / synchro scan FTW! Love my GH5 for that - dial it in to a very specific value to compensate for flickering device LEDs.
Couldn't agree more!
Great stuff!
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