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Do NOT Do This With Your GH5!! ▶︎ One BIG, FAT, Hairy Mistake

Photo Moment - September 28, 2018

Ever made a shooting mistake with your camera settings? Yeah, me too. Learn from PhotoJoseph. Don't be like PhotoJoseph. Grrrr…

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Comments from YouTube

Thank you so much for sharing this with us! You took your bad experience and converted it into something helpful to a multitude of others!
Thanks. I keep finding it funny how many people either appreciate the honesty and experience vs calling me an idiot for making the mistake ;-)
Great video thank you for sharing!! I do have one problem and I am trying to set up my GH5 to my new Ninja V. The option "HDMI Recording Control" is grayed out on my GH5 and I can not select that option to turn it on. Any suggestions? Thanks
Very,very helpful as always!!!!!
yakkity yakkity yak
you lied to everybody, you did NOT record in 60fps
YOU are not recording UHD 60P on atomos.
OK… and?
@PhotoJoseph you wanted to record 4k60P 4:2:2 via HDMI on atomos, no?
I honestly don't remember what I was trying to do at this point… that was a while ago. But the point of the video was to show an easy mistake to make when using a monitor. That's it.
After watching this...I have tried to get my GH5 setup to trigger the record on my Atomos Ninja V and can't seem to get it to work. I have followed the exact steps outlined in the Atomos V manual by setting (under the Atomos Timecode tab ) Source to HDMI and HDMI Timecode to ON and then on the GH5 under the video menu I have HDMI Recording Control set to ON and I am using the 4:2:2 10bit Bit Mode setting.

I am also in the Creative Video mode from the mode dial on top of the GH5.

So, I have everything set up correctly from what I've read from the instructions but when I hit the record button from the GH5...the HDMI icon on the GH5 screen indicates the recording has begun with the flashing red circle BUT nothing is happening on the Ninja V. It simply does not start recording.

Also, if I choose 4:2:0 8Bit mode from the camera and then hit will start recording on the GH5 and even though both the GH5 and Ninja V time code is in sync and indicating both are recording...once I check my SSD from the Ninja...nothing is recorded.

So..I have no idea what I'm missing or doing wrong but I can't seem to make the remote record trigger from the GH5 to work with the Ninja V.
Enable timecode output on the GH5
Bought my first camera from Hunts and it was pretty much THE camera shop in the Boston area to go to for top quality gear and advice. They also had a small shop up in S. Portland, Maine. I've since moved around and now live in Vegas where the best camera shop here is a few miles down the road from me named B&C Camera.
It’s nice to be able to shop local.
@PhotoJoseph Yes it is and many times I need some guidance in purchasing the right gear or making sure it's the right fit and that's not something you can easily do on Amazon or other online retailers.
Definitely agreed!
If only you mentioned what this guy did, the 13 min video would be complete:
Do you mean that I didn't explain how to enable the feature that got me into trouble in the first place?
@PhotoJoseph I had a problem where the option itself for enabling HDMI Recording Control was disabled. In order to get the option not to be grayed out, one has to enable TimeCode over HDMI (as explained in the video I linked)....
Yeah, that's correct. The command to start and stop is sent via the timecode datastream
Watching from the Maldives. Nice tip. Amazing video.
Thank you, and the Maldives sound nice right about now! (Snowing outside…)
Hey Joseph! Thank you for All you've done teaching us! Invaluable content!!! I Need tiny bity help understanding something drives me crazy :)

In MANUAL MODE of GH5, v2.5, I'm able to to record video (Red Button) and take pictures (Shutter button).

My problem is, when I start video record (in M Mode) my Exposure/Aperture changes automatically to Automatic and cannot be changed.

I want to use GH5 as my C1 + taking bracket photos for HDR

Or just be able to record video and take stills without and SS/aperture/exposure change (Manual defined)

So the camera mode is in M (photo) mode, not the video camera icon (Creative Video Mode), correct? That sounds right; because your exposure setting for photos would not be the same as it was for video. So the camera takes over. No way to do manual for BOTH simultaneously, sorry. What you'll need to do is swap between M and Creative Movie mode. The aperture will be maintained (i.e. if you set it to f/2 in M it'll be in f/2 in Movie) and the shutter speed will be remembered by the mode; i.e. if you set it to 1/125th in M and 180d in movie, it'll stay there. So you can easily change the mode back and forth.
@PhotoJoseph I figured that's going to be the case and would wish you can further custom your GH5 to do just that in C1 (setting shutter as bracket/take stills) as it's not a technical barrier but a defined manufacturer barrier.

You probably can imagine the huge amount of respect I have for you for answering and helping me in my question. Thank you so much!!!.
Happy to help, and good luck on your channel. I just subbed; we make bread at home occasionally!
@PhotoJoseph Thank you Joseph, I appreciate your time and help! 👍
Thanks you for your warning . I think without your advice i would have done the same mistake.
Thank you for saying so. Got a little tired of being called an idiot for making a mistake ;-)
With most monitors only displaying 8 bit - why not just stick with 4k 60p 8bit internal ? Save carrying all that extra expensive and cumbersome gear around.
Because you have more options with color grading, exposure adjustment, and highlight recovery in 10 bit. Also less banding. Overall better image quality, that’s why.
this is why a like audio / midi. I/O isnt just I/O its send and receive. you can set which device is the master / slave etc. a wireless connection would get around this problem for the gh5 /atomos set up though. dont know if atomos has wireless.
this is why a like audio / midi. I/O isnt just I/O its send and receive. you can set which device is the master / slave etc. a wireless connection would get around this problem for the gh5 /atomos set up though. dont know if atomos has wireless.
The Atomos does not. But wireless wouldn’t be fast enough or reliable enough. There’s a LOT of data being pushed through and a single drop could kill ya.
@PhotoJoseph wireless for control commands. rf at 2.4ghz is plenty workable for that
great video and you noticed the mic was dead pretty quick!
Thanks for this important tip, I would have gone crazy if this happened to me while running and gunning.
Thanks man. Appreciate that!
of course, you could just know that one is a monitor and one is a recording device. it's sad that someone pays you to do this.
It’s sad that trolls have keyboards, but whatcha gonna do.
​i'm gonna enjoy that a ten-second bit of snark obviously hit a nerve... trolls love that shit. we feed on it.
I shot a video in 4k 24fps 10bit Vlog mode. But when I went home and saw the footage, there was light amount of noise going on. Was it bcs I use wrong native iso??
Hard to say without knowing what ISO or seeing the footage, but it could be simply that it looks noisy because it’s not corrected gets. Pull the blacks to black and the noise will probably disappear. Also it could be because you exposed incorrectly. Log is easy to screw up!
PhotoJoseph the footage was set at 400iso.
@Hoang Vu Nguyen That is the base ISO for V Log mode on the GH5. You must expose correctly using a waveform monitor guide and make sure whatever you are shooting stays within an 80 to 15 IRE window (80 Peak and 15 on the low end). Otherwise, you will get excessive sensor noise in the footage that will have to be hit with something like NEAT noise reduction software. When you use a Vlog to whatever color space you want conversion LUT, the dynamic range will expand out and you won't have the heavy noise.
@Dan Hitchman Thank you so much for your help.
Great vid. Moral of the story? Not only is this not your dad's Oldsmobile - it is not a point & shoot video camera but a near (Red, etc) full-on pro video camera. Lots to learn / know in order to unlock the power.
Definitely, and easy to make a mistake, no matter how well you know your gear.
Question: I have the Atomos Ninja V (Firmware 10.1) connected to my GH5 (Firmware 2.4) with a UCEC Full HDMI to Full HDMI Coiled Cable for Atomos for Ninja Star Recorder A to A full size @t. When I select 4K 8 Bit 150M 60p setting the Ninja display shows "No Input". But all other settings appear to work. Have you ever experienced this? Can the Ninja record 4K @ 60 FPS? How do you set it up for this? Can seem to find a tutorial or review explaining this.
Camera shows it is 4k 420/8 59.94p but the Atomos is showing it is recording in 4k 29.97.
Make sure the HDMI out settings aren’t set to automatically adapt to output.
Man You suck
Yeah, probably
Why use an extra screen at all ? You already have a Ninja.
I’m reviewing the product. This is a viewer only, not a recorder. So much cheaper.
I’m so glad I watched the whole video. Thanks dude
Thanks for bearing with it!!
PhotoJoseph it’s was a great watch, how much coffee do you drink brother? I think I might start getting up early to film videos.
Not enough ☕️
I personally like your videos! Thank you so much for having the courage of admitting your mistakes so the rest of us can possibly learn something. I'm on the gh5s and would love some more atomos(ninja v)tutorials or walkthroughs! Thank you! please keep it up!
Thanks! I'm trying to get a V still
It is a good tip. I am learning the in and outs of this camera and sometimes using my GraticalHD viewfinder with HDMI, I could easily make the same mistake. Thanks!
Thanks. I'm glad I'm not the only one capable of admitting imperfection.
can someone give me time stamp when to start ... i don't have time for all this
TL;DW, don't set the HDMI triggering to one of your custom settings when switching back and forth between an external recording and internal recording because it'll tell you you're recording when you're not.
Thank god for this comment lol I was about to turn this video off!!
@Dr Shaym Wow. that's a heavy situation
Like this guy 👍 good video
And I like you! 😁👍🏻
This is elementary stuff. Yes it's a hidden feature, but who would actually turn of the recorder and not the cam ?? Video is a bit long. Perhaps get to the point quicker
Awesome, thanks for that!
2:50 seconds in, I'm guessing he outputed the display to the atomos and recorded that
I was wrong, but he was still recording the display on the atomos. Don't do that either.
I was doing that here to show the controls. But yes you’re right, don’t make that mistake!
Absolutely terrifying...
Good point but hee did you really had to take so much time to tell this? For other who get annoyed just as fast as me, skip to..... uhmm I can't say as there are things told everytwhere which are important, just there is alot of talk around it. Just don't use the remote function from your camera to start stop hdmi recorders and you do not have to watch this video :)
I educate with background, reason, intent, understanding, and story. I’m not here to deliver a one minute video. Sorry.
“There are things told everywhere that are important”… correct.
The new fujifilm Rec 60p at 10bit
OneWayStudio100 PhotoVideo but not in pro res, and not with a 7 inch screen, and not with a hdd on the back, and not with the capability of hdr, and not with a lot preview, and not with a lut baked, and not in avid, and not,.... an atomos adds a host of features.
Using presets DOESN'T make you free from thinking what are you currently doing. That's the general idea of using a professional gear... - all need to be done manually and in a specified order... "think-push", NOT the wise-versa...! :))) Sad, but... RIGHT! :)))
Super yikes. I keep that in mind
Great, thorough explanation! Thanks for the tip.
That music hard af bro
do you happen to get a redline on the right side of frame when reviewing Atomos 422 10bit footage? I spoke to Atomos and they said they were aware & would fix in an update, i was curious if perhaps all of them have this issue. I get it on DCI 4k60p. so i typically have to enlarge by 1% to remove it.
I have not seen that but I also don’t shoot DCI, just UHD.
I had a similar problem with the GH5s and the Ninja a few days ago. Press record button on the camera. records just fine. for whatever reason i stop recording on the via atomos. then since i'm run-n-gun, i see something that looks good (it's a live event) . press record on the camera & rather than starting to record, it stopped. didn't realize till i was too late to get the shot. now i just have to be extremely aware of what the camera/recorder is doing at all time & i still catch myself double-tapping the rec button on the camera quite often.

i thought about disabling the hdmi trigger, but i've grown to love it. ;)
In other words, just pay attention to your setup.
Dude how many red bulls did you have?
All of them.
get on with it !! Takes you 13 minutes to ramble on about this !! helpful but dude get to the point . another video did this in 3 minutes with all the info needed
@PhotoJoseph seeing how this video was not uploaded when live and it is edited, why not trim it down to essentials? Unless you are always trying to give the perception that it is live.
Do you have any idea how much time that takes?
Or as he mentions in the beginning “you’ll know at the end”, you can scroll to the end and find out what he’s talking about. So complaining when you actually know makes you the dumb ass. lol. Stop whining and go do something with your camera.
Jeff Speers why don’t you have your own channel and stop telling people what to do... he said you’ll find out at the end. Do the editing yourself and go to the end. 4-5 people in the same comment section who are special needs. smh.
It's also not Joseph's fault that you sat through all 13 minutes, nor that you didn't watch it at 2x speed which would've taken only half the time. I actually loved the anticipation, thinking about how it would be that he messed up.
xt3 does 10 bit internal 4K 60p..
it's a very tempting piece of kit... ;)
blackmagic pocket 4k does 12 bit raw 4k 60p. I thought xt3 only did 10 bit in 30p, can you link a source that says it does 10 bit 4k 60p internally
yeah my own camera is the source
Huhu!!! Good one
but on atomos it was recording in 4k 29.97fps...
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