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DJI 3D Focus — Bringing Autofocus to Vintage Lenses!

Photo Moment - January 20, 2021

Controlling a gimbal while manually focusing a lens is a job for the three handed man — which you're not! The new DJI 3D Focus system brings a LiDAR based focusing system to any manual lens. But how well does it work?

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Do you want to see more on this system? If you're shopping, here's the links (and you do need the RS 2 for this)
DJI 3D Focus and RS2 Pro Combo
Yes. Do make more, would be a great help while we all assess if we should give this a try. I was thinking that you could try offsetting the lidar to offset the center tracking point. Or maybe even have a slightest manual control over it to offset it while shooting. Food for thought.
@MotMovie interesting. I wonder if there's a way to "see" the LiDAR beam, to know where it's hitting?
Great review!!! I love the way you explain and test everything in depth.
Thank you! This one was fun to do.
I have a question if you zoom in into a person or a thing , will it also focus as you do it ? or you have to set up the distances you want to focus to ?
That's an interesting question. Most cheap zoom lenses are not parfocal — meaning, if you focus at one end (say 24mm) then zoom to the other end (say 70mm), then it will NOT still be in focus. So a lens like this would NOT work with the 3D Focus if you zoomed it. As long as you don't zoom it, you'd be fine though. A high end zoom lens, which stays in focus as you change focal length, would work fine though.
Nice review. Thank you!
Thank you!
Amazing Work 👍
Thank you so much 😀
Interesting to see how this motor perform on stiffed cinema geared lens , will it have the right speed and torque to rack a 300 degrees lens barrel?Im pretty sure they are working on Ronin 2 version too or a stand alone kit for the future
It’ll spin as long as the rotation needs. There only question is torque for the stiff lens.
Interesting, I wonder if you could use other larger LIDAR options? Anyone think of using Infra-red? which would be a lot easier to track people & LIDAR for objects.
Would infrared bounce? I’m sure there’s a reason it’s LIDAR!
@PhotoJoseph Maybe. I was just wondering if it could be used to differentiate between people vs objects, keeping anything warm-blooded in focus.
12:10 song ?? or link from where you get it
Finally a meaningful review of the 3d focus system. this was actually extremely helpful.
Thank you! I really appreciate that.
DJI released a firmware update today for RS2...hoping Active Track is improved as i'm having same exact issues. I think DJI will eventually nail Active Track though because my DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone is very good with Active Track....
Oh that’s good to know, thanks! I’ve heard from other viewers that ActiveTrack worked very well for them, so I think my experience was a bit unusual. But that’s great that there’s and update!
i wish it could work on RSC2 as i don't need the bigger and more expensive RS2
So unbelievably cool for a $180 add on! I was expecting it to be more expensive, but how can I not try this if I already have the RS2? I shoot on the S5 as well so auto focus is not usbale. I decided to fully switch to manual cinema lenses so this is super exciting. You clearly have to learn the nuances of it, but come on!! Even if it's mostly center focused this can be such a game changer
Couldn’t agree more… it’s really exciting!!
That's just a pain to setup, useless and a waste of money
And you say that from experience? 🙄
@PhotoJoseph yes I do, I bought the whole package, to use with my BMPCC6K.
Don’t get me wrong I love your content, don’t meant to come across as having a go at you, my problem is surely with this little piece of accessory from DJI. I feel this isn’t ready for the market, more test should have been carried out first. Now am stuck with 3 profile after trying to test/setup the 3D focus and didn’t work. There is no way of resetting my RS2 to default/factory setup. Dji online/product support is not that fast to respond either. The gimble I must say is amazing. But that 3D focus, in my opinion isn’t ready for the market.
@KozKreole Mizik You can't delete the profiles, or overwrite them? I haven't tried yet as I haven't gotten that far.
i keep saying, adding body sensors on actors that can communicate with this will be the perfect solution
Yeah that’d be an interesting addition for sure
DJI camera tech just keeps on getting better and better. You just need to know how and when to use it.
Agreed! They really do make some cool stuff.
This is a great product as a start. Imagine if this can be combined with some ActiveTrack technology where a target subject pretty much stays in focus all the time regardless of where they are.
Amazing product! Does this have a counterpart for the RSC2?
No, unfortunately.
honestly, they need to do a firmware update on RSC2 so we can use the thing on RSC2.
@Amir Ba I agree! If the RSC2 had more support accessories it would be epic.
Great video, I'm hoping to see the system used on the 18-35 sigma. I have the Bmpcc 6K starter kit lol.
I don't have that lens, so someone else will have to do that one ;-)
Love to see more test footages, thanks
Thanks! I have many more lenses to try with it, so I'm sure I'll do another video.
Man, I'd love it if DJI made a similar 3D Focus accessory that didn't need to be connected to any gimbal at all! I'd use that thing with just regular, tripod-based filmmaking. Haha.
So, I don't know that that limitation is really there. As far as I can tell (untested), the connection to the gimbal itself is, I think, just for power. I need to test this theory.
It needs to gimbal to do the “thinking” so at this point it will only work with the rs2 gimbal.
But cda tek made one that works standalone. It is bigger. But it has more options. It even allows you to work with native mft lenses like the 12-35 and use the electronical focus of the lenses without motor.
LOL… I don't think you'll ever see a focus gear built into a camera. But this accessory works really well! Thanks for watching :-)
I would be possible to do. Cda tek made a similar box that you can combine with a bmpcc4k and works with native lenses with electronical control to set the focus without motor. The point is that i doubt camera manufacturer will skip it at this point as it can only focus straight forward from the camera. This would be very limiting for followfocus options. But in the future... why not if the technology goes further ;)
Hey, why is your video overexposed? It also says on the quality settings it's in HDR 4k. I've never seen this happen before...
aha — you must be in the fringe combo of OS and browser that isn't loading it properly Did you see the "video look like 💩?" tag at the very beginning? It's a link to a secret SDR version of the video. Here it is:
Dang, that's working pretty well and like, I like it. That auto track wobble is annoying, but that could be a software fix if isolated. Keeping stuff centre frame isn't a huge deal, I really like how the focus pulls, it feels organic and it's quite snappy.
It's got my FULL attention now. Thanks for the video Joseph, I've been buried in early days new series so my computer YouTube time has been crushed mid week.
Someone told me that ActiveTrack is usually much better than that, so I need to play with it more. Thanks for watching! You definitely need this; you have more vintage glass than anyone on youtube 😂
the four-pt font 😂😂😂😂😂
It’s true!!! I had to use the magnifier app on my phone a few times.
"I have no idea if the battery is charged or not." "Well that's gonna slow this video down." Lol!!!
The problem with real unboxings!
More on this! Yes please!
Does it need some sort of calibration with every lens change? Is that quick or tedious? Does it work with lenses that can focus beyond infinity or would it need hard stop precisely at infinity?
It does need to be calibrated per lens, but you can save lens settings for up to three (pretty sure it's three) lenses. Quite sure it'll work with a lens that goes beyond infinity; you manually focus at 1 meter and at 3 meters. The lens does need physical hard stops though — (I could be wrong, but I don't think I am) — I don't think there's a provision for soft stop lenses.
Great job. Really dug your fancy intro too.
I wish they make it adaptable for ronin s/sc ..
someone else just asked me about this. HOnestly I don't know why it needs the RS 2. It could just be for power delivery, because the 3D Focus connects directly to the Focus SC Focus motor. It connects to the gimbal only for power — I think. So maybe it could be driven with an external power supply?
@PhotoJoseph true.. but not sure on the voltage maps.. I wish tilta comes up with something similar and makes it universal
Hey Joseph thanks for a video.
Having only one HDMI port on a camera what would you choose to raven eye or ninja 5?
The RavenEye gives you control over the gimbal, including ActiveTrack, manual gimbal movement with a virtual joystick, and the auto movement thing you saw when I did the "do you wanna play?!" scene. If you don't need that, then the Ninja would give you a higher quality and lower latency image. Plus the ability to record ProRes or even ProRes RAW on an S5 or S1H. Also a heavier thing to carry attached to the Gimbal handle. Hmmm I wonder if you could use the pass through on a NinjaV to to RavenEye though… hmmmmm!!!!
@PhotoJoseph yes you can use the pass from the ninja v directly from HDMI out to the Raveneye.
Nice review by the way!! Thank you Joseph.
@Rizeq Nakhash wow that’s great! So you could actually shoot RAW this way. Amazing.
Don't think its ready to rplace a dedicated focus puller yet, but in some situations could be helpful. For us vintage and cine lens users, this tech has huge potential specially if they could combine it with thermal detection for tracking.
Thermal… I dig it!!
I think THIS is the future.
Yeah I think you may be right. As I explained at the end (if you got my final summary thoughts), this kind of tech can make the world in 3D in extreme detail. It's not much brain power I don't think to identify a subject and tell it to lock on, and as I said, even hold it when it goes out of frame, since the field of view of the sensor and the camera lens can be totally different.
I am planing to get the same stuff . Do you think the gimbal will work with blackmagic 4K ?
Absolutely. They show this with a Canon 1D on it. It's a big gimbal designed for big cameras. But, to be 100% certain, look up the weight specs on it.
Looking forward to getting this soon, ordered a week ago now. From your footage it seems to work better when the camera is stationary which makes sense, and it seems to overload the gimbal using active track and Lidar, as I’m getting spot on active track results. Great video!
That's interesting… the LiDAR is completely independent of the ActiveTrack. The 3D Focus connects to the focus controller directly. So perhaps I just need to figure out ActiveTrack, as this was my first time using both of them. If ActiveTrack is that good, then this really should be perfect!
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