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How to Connect ATEM Mini to your Network

Photo Moment - November 11, 2021

If you're not sure how to connect your ATEM Mini to the network, this is the video for you! I promise it's really easy… and you may not realize how many benefits there are to doing it!

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What this tip is about…

If you're not sure how to connect your ATEM Mini to the network, this is the video for you! I promise it's really easy… and you may not realize how many benefits there are to doing it! Connecting your ATEM Mini to your network provides significant advantages over just using USB, and is required if you want to live stream directly from your ATEM Mini. In this video I'll explain what you need to know, and talk about how to connect it to even the smallest of home networks!

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I do have one question, we have a room that we are getting ready to hold interviews in that we would like to either live stream and record, however, we have no way to plug our ATEM Mini Pro ISO into ethernet, is there a way to connect it to Wi-Fi? If that's not possible, we appreciate your help anyway because this video was a great help since your video taught us some things we didn't know about our ATEM Mini.
Thanks for the content! I have an Atem Mini and will be connecting it via my local network. Do I still need the usb connection for streaming software like vmix?
If you have ATEM Mini, then yes. Anything above that (ATEM Mini Pro or higher) has its own encoder built in.
I watched your video and I like what you're doing my problem is I cannot connect the ATM television Studio HD and the hybrid X Studio mini I would like to have someone give me some professionalism or some type of idea on what I'm doing wrong thank you
Is there a way to connect your audio mixer via ethernet to an atem mini, thereby bypassing the quality and delay problems?
It is not easy to convey information succinctly. You do it so well! Thank you.
What kind of Ipad did you use for the program
I had so many questions about the Atem line, and while other videos answered a couple here or there, yours touched on every single one of those main questions! Thank you!
That’s great to hear, thanks!
hi PhotoJoseph, I appreciate for your support, I am using Atem Mini experiencing that the HDMI out is not sending signals. What is the cause of this and possible solution taking into consideration that it has only one output how can I have the output broadcasted
What is it connected to? Did it ever work? Try the simplest connection possible; plug it into a monitor and see if that works.
What if the ATEM Mini Pro doesn't show an Ethernet connection in the setup window? I have both a Pro and Extreme and there's no problem when the Extreme is hooked up, but the Mini doesn't seem to see the Ethernet cable (I just got it back from Black Magic because there were problems with audio and video output, but they said they found nothing wrong with the unit).
connect over USB and ensure that the network setup is correct; needs to be DHCP or if manual, have a valid IP address entered.
I just subscribed and will watch your video again. Should the ATEM and computer and router be necessarily connected to the internet to work remotely?
what do you mean by "remotely"? If you mean outside the network, then they have to be on the same network that has internet access and you'll need to set up a VPN. They are not natively available over the internet, but if you VPN into your location then you can control them as if you're sitting on that network.
@PhotoJoseph I get your explanation very well. If one is using an app like strata lite it is appropriate to be on the same network with a mind on Paying attention to router address and ATEM IP address. Thanks very much.
How do you use the cell phone internet (via USB-C) AND do recording????
I can add my cell via USB-C to Ethernet via converter, but then ho do I manage it on PC.
PS. A quick test did not allow a switch between my cell's converter & Mini Pro... no internet, suddenly. Will still test more...
Can I use a USB splitter to do multiple USB features at once???
You need an Extreme with dual USB ports to do both. You can’t use a hub for that; different protocols.
This isn't a thorough guide, because it makes a judgment on Wi-Fi not being a valid connection, and skips that gigantic subject -- even though there may be "emergency" situations when Wi-Fi is the only option, and the user is smart enough to balance the risks.
Then you should make a video on that. If a user is savvy enough to bridge wifi to the ATEM over their computer, then they don’t need me telling them how to do it.
@PhotoJoseph Rather comically insecure response. The universal truth for ambitious YouTubers is: it isn't all about you. Tethering the ATEM Mini Pro to a Wi-Fi-connected computer is not a matter of "savvy," just a few quick clicks. It's another major subject that belongs under a purported "everything you need to know" guide entitled, "How to Connect (the) ATEM Mini to your Network."
@FocusPulling (.com) sigh I’ll repeat what I said in the video. Wifi is not recommended. I’m not going to turn around and then tell you how to do it. If you’re so convinced that it’s necessary for emergencies, make your own video and I’ll go comment on it.
Might be helpful to know how to find its MAC address if you are needing to whitelist it in a managed network.
I didnt want to get into that level of depth. That’s networking education beyond this video. That rabbit hole is deep.
So how we can live stream directly to youtube via ethernet cable? (atem mini)
That’s exactly what this video is about… do as it says here and you’re online.
@PhotoJoseph did the laptop will connect to internet after i plug the cable to atem mini?
Can I use the ATEM Mini Pro ISO with a USB-c hub to both record and tether my iPhone?
Hi! can we display the live streaming from the atem mini pro to a TV or a Projector with a laptop without using any streaming software?
Don’t even need a laptop. HDMI out from the ATEM to the projector!
@PhotoJoseph but then I lose the multiview .. so is there a way that I can get both?
@Stonekiller Haokip aha. You could stream to an ATEM Streaming Bridge over the local network. No internet needed, and you can use high bandwidth.
Your reply is appreciated. To correct typos: I connected the Netgear 5 port SWITCHER's ethernet ports to the Mini Pro ISO, MacBook and internet, for software control, to free the USB port for recording and later re-mixing (the point of the ISO). This worked, but when I connected in another room, my stream no longer got through to "my" YouTube live site as an internet stream. Can stream via USB connection to Mac, as a webcam but thus lose it for recording. Resetting and new keys didn't help. We got the mini to produce a better, multi cam live-mix streams through the internet systems of concert venues but have had to continue using a fixed lens plastic gadget which does stream reliably through the U's Twitch. I'm trying to understand "subnet masks" and such, but generally baffled by the Youtube interface. Should I be copying more than just the key? Or try twitter or Vimeo?
When I connect my windows pc via hdmi it only shows my computer background. It doesnt show what Im doing on my pc. So weird. I need help.
Enable mirroring. You’re looking at a second desktop.
Unfortunately, our budget could not stretch do the extreme version off the ATEM mini pro ISO and already, swimming in complexity, the last thing I wanted is there have so many more buttons and inputs multitasking in a concert situation. I did manage to replace art Netgear five port switch with the flash eight channel router for my home studio and thereby liberate that router for use with the switcher lap top and what ever Internet connection I'd be using at actual events. However I found that although my key appeared to be good I could no longer get through to YouTube when using other networks that our home without reverting to using the USB connection to connect to computer, rather than to record. What is going on? Searching on the Internet I've know that the others have the same problem and also some mention oven need to change the subnet mask, whatever that means.
Sounds like a networking issue unique to that environment and beyond what I can help you with. If you’re on DHCP then it should “just work”. Create a new youtube key and try again?
new sub here! got a Pro ISO yesterday and am ready to go nuts! watched about 20 hours of your stuff already! ; )

i have my trash can ethernet connected to my modem. do i need to ethernet connect the ATEM directly to my modem or will i get the same results just going ethernet to my trash can?
“Trash can Ethernet”? I don’t understand.
@PhotoJoseph Mac Computer. The little black round one that’s been dubbed the Trash Can. I thought if it were plugged in to the Ethernet I could just plug the Atem into the computer to use the Ethernet connection. That didn’t work so I plugged the Ethernet directly to the atem from the modem. That seemed to worked. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something.
@Freaky Randy E. I understand. If you connect the ATEM directly to the computer, then you need to follow the instructions in this video. The path of least resistance is to plug your ATEM into the network switch that your modem and your computer are also connected to. That way, everything is on the same wired network. If you don’t have a network switch, then presumable your modem has multiple ethernet ports. Plug your computer into one of those, and the ATEM into another.
Hi please how can I connect atem mini extreme to my windows laptop and sharing the Internet from laptop to atem to stream live.
Your laptop is getting internet over wifi, and you want to stream from the ATEM using your computer’s wifi, is that right? If so, then do what I showed here for building a tiny network between your computer and the ATEM. You’ll need your wifi and ethernet networks to be on the same router and subnet setting, with different IPs, and that should do it. However keep in mind that wifi is not good for live streaming and you are likely to experience buffering and dropouts.
Do you have any videos that address connecting ATEM to network and connecting to it off site via VPN or other methods? I am searching everywhere for this information.
Not in video, but there’s nothing about the ATEM to set up differently. As long as you have your VPN set up correctly, then you can access the ATEM just like any other device on your network. Just open the Atem software remotely, and enter the IP address of your ATEM. It works great; I do it all the time. As far as configuring your VPN goes, I can’t help you with that. That is totally hardware specific and will depend on your router.
@PhotoJoseph thank you so much for your help! I am going to try this!
By far the best explanation of when, how, and why you would want to connect your ATEM Mini Pro via USB-C or Ethernet. Especially, when it comes to using your Atem as a webcam. This video helped to connect the dots for someone like me who has been trying to figure out how to use the ATEM Mini Pro as a webcam while simultaneously wanting to record to a hard drive. The short answer is that you can't. Thank you, Joseph.
You got it. Glad it was helpful!
Im experiencing Granular Visuals and Poor Audio since i have connected my atem mini pro iso to the network switch... Im recording to a hard drive and im recording with an A6400 and an Rode NTG 4. Not sure why it is so bad. Any advice would be great!
Reboot everything?
@PhotoJoseph everything was rebooted. I was just recording last week and it came out great. Not it's horribly bad quality...
@Tyler Bundy - Omaha Nebraska it’s hard to imagine. Maybe a camera setting changed? Can’t have anything to do with the network; it doesn’t interfere with the the video path.
@PhotoJoseph ok so I have spent all day on this. When I go to the recorded file and select the main mp4 file it's all grainy with bad audio. But when I go into the ISO file for the video it's nice and crisp and when I go to the audio it is also clear... im working on talking with Blackmagic support but if you know anything why this would happen let me know. Thanks for responding!
@Tyler Bundy - Omaha Nebraska wow. Ok, do a reset on the ATEM. This may not work as there’s a bug that makes this not work on some models, but it won’t hurt anything if it fails. There is what we call the “Recovery Mode”.  Holding down the upper left “ON” button while applying power puts it into a state where a firmware update is required.
When I come to a client company to do a can I then connect my Atem extreme Iso, companion, stream deck XL and mixeffect to work fine together. So networks when working on location...
All I get is one line of internet connection.
You need to bring your own router. Just like doing it home; think of the client’s connection like your WAN. You are sitting on top of that.
But the ATEM mini can not stream, only pro versions can
Correct. But you can still add it to the network for control.
@PhotoJoseph yes ofc, the usb gets a free spot for pc stuff, my question and might be a solution, CAN it accept usb hubs? aka something like 5/10gbps capable hub.
did you try any combination to see if the ATEM detects anything extra?
@VooDooDNA Hubs work only to add multiple drives. But you can't add a hub to make it usable for USB drives and as a USB webcam. Those are different protocols, and the USB port auto-switches to the needed protocol depending on what you connect. It can't be both at once. If you need both, you need the ATEM Mini Extreme.
Hey Joseph. Thanks for the great videos! I've just subscribed. Quick question. Is there a way to see an Item that is at a remote location? We have an Atem on a network at our local church and I'd like to be able to access that from home. Is this possible? Kind regards.
Absolutely! Set up a VPN at your church. Once you connect to the VPN from wherever you are, you can access the ATEM as if you were there. Or, run the ATEM Software on a computer at your church, and use a screen sharing system to view it. I personally use a system called “Jump” as it’s proven the most reliable. You can see it in use in my “5x BGH1” video.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks!
Joseph. How is the review of the GH6 going? I have a GH5 currently and a few BGH1's... but waiting for that sweet GH6.
The camera isn’t out yet, so there is nothing to review (yet)
do you know if the lumix lx100 has a remote input =D
I don’t but I’m sure you can google the user guide for it and look in there
@PhotoJoseph thank you =D
Short and sweet, Joseph. Great job!
🙏🏻 Pedro!
Can I say, perfect level of detail, especially for the network terminology and the reasoning for using it.
Wow thank you, that’s VERY much appreciated!
Educational comment from IT: “Hub” is a common name for network devices, but actual hubs are older tech and you probably won’t be able to buy one. Switches are the new standard! Buy a switch!

Also, if you simply plug into switch with no router or DHCP server behind it, your ATEM won’t be able to automatically obtain an IP address, so if you use a switch, be sure to connect your switch to your router. Additionally, your computer and ATEM must be on the same network, so if you plug in a separate WiFi router (not your internet modem/gateway/router) to your switch for WiFi access from a computer, chances are that additional “router” will hand out it own set of IP’s and be on a separate network. This is resolved by using an “Access Point” as an secondary WiFi device instead of a WiFi “router.” You ‘could’ use a secondary WiFi router as a pseudo access point by connecting your switch to a LAN port instead of the WAN port and disabling DHCP on the secondary WiFi router. But if you’re buying a device as a secondary WiFi device that you intend to use with your existing router, get an access point instead!
Thanks for the knowledge bomb, Jake! You rock.
Some more educational comment for Jake: if you plug in your ATEM into switch w/o any DHCP, you still be able to access the device, because it WILL obtain an IP address called Link-local address from address block
Can you do another video like for your recommendations on this connecting remotely out in the field
Thanks for being a member, Trace! Do you mean using a cellular connection? If so it’s on my list!
@PhotoJoseph yes a cellular connection
@Trace Miller I don’t, sorry, but congratulations! I am working on a video that you’ll like though.
Cellular … it’s on the list!
How can I separate the camera tracks in DaVinci resolve? When I open the DR project all cameras show up in one single track
Do you mean from the ISO recording? I’m not a Resolve editor so I’m not sure. I do know it’s not built as a multicam track but just cute between clips.
@PhotoJoseph yes from the ISO recording, the ATEM mini ISO creates.a DR project that you can further correct. The problem is that all the cameras appear under the same track, it makes it hard to replace the files with higher quality files for us non Blackmagic camera users. .
@Alex Alonso Couldn't you copy and paste a clip from each cam out of the master DR track onto separate tracks and stretch them on the timeline?
@Chenango Creative Labs Yes, that's exactly my process as of today, but imagine doing this for a 2 hour-long event with 3 cameras.
I will definitely do that 🙌🏼
Knowing what I know about networking and the Atem working with Companion , and Stream Deck it is also a good idea to assign the Atem a static IP address to keep it out of the DHCP pool.
The only advantage of that would be that the address can’t change — which is a real advantage but also on a small network it really shouldn’t change. But you’re not wrong.
An elegant solution would be to make a DHCP reservation for atem’s mac address, this way you keep the flexibility.
@George that’s exactly how I do it
great clear and understandable info. Will you be doing a video on stream deck and companion? I could never get companion to work but did get my stream deck to control my atem extreme iso for switching which was all I really needed.
Thank you! I’ve talked about it in several videos but never done a setup one. I guess I should!
Excellent and Clear! Thank you!
Awesome, thank you!
Don't like ads? Me neither. Ads are disabled on this video, and I'm asking you to consider subscribing instead… ALSO if you want more 411 on networking particularities, read Jake's comment: AND check out this FIVE HOUR ATEM training I just did…
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