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Camera Control with ATEM Mini and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras (BMPCC)

Photo Moment - May 28, 2021

If you've ever looked at the Camera control tab in the ATEM Software Control app and wondered what all those color wheels are for, this is your answer. You can control the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras (BMPCC) through the app, and in this video I'll show you how it works!

Need an ATEM Mini?

What this tip is about…

The ATEM Software Control app has a page for camera control, but it doesn't do anything, unless you have a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera attached. Then, it does a LOT of things!

In this video, I'll show all the camera control options, including Lift Gamma and Gain, color controls, Camera Gain, Shutter and White balance, aperture and even focus! You can even build macros to control many aspects of the camera as well!

And, if you're using an ATEM Mini Extreme or ATEM Mini Extreme ISO, then you even have hardware buttons on the switcher to control the camera! It's pretty cool what you can do.

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@MrFahrenheit360 Yes, you have to set your camera to UHD.
@Benno Zwanenburg I have the Bi-directional converters it won’t work. I also have an URSA and the BMPCC 6K Pro. The Ursa is fine but the pocket 6k pro is not full screen.
@Benno Zwanenburg That doesn’t work. If you have an Atem mini extreme and a BMPCC6K Pro, try it and let me know. It doesn’t work
Very strange, it should work, my Pocket 4K works fine. Keep in mind the recording setting goes automatically to RAW, you can’t change that but you should be able to choose UHD, or HD for a cropped/zoomed in image.
If it doesn’t work you should contact Blackmagic.
@Benno Zwanenburg Yes, the 4K works fine. The problem is with the 6K Pro
Can this be done with HDMI as well as SDI (with SDI converter boxes ...or an SDI Atem) or HDMI only? (I know you mentioned that it needs 2-way communication in a previous answer)
If you have an SDI camera that supports camera control (only a few of the BMD cameras do), then you need to use a bi-directional converter and connect SDI to both input and output on the camera/ converter.
Does this work with wireless video transmission such as hollyland?
No. Wireless HMDI is one-way communication. This requires two-way.
How do you connect the camera? I have a Pocket6k Pro and want to control it with atem.
Just HDMI!
@PhotoJoseph Thanks, I had to send SDI out of the Atem extreme back to the BM converter I’m using for the camera to get it to work.
Is there any app that runs on android or ios that triggers remote recording via an Atem Mini Pro?
I want to record on the 4 cameras, but would love to be able to start the recording from the floor, using something like a phone.
Look up MixEffect. I don’t know if it will start and stop recording, but if anything will, it will be that. It is an amazing ATEM control system for iOS.
Hey Joseph, great tutorial. Do you think the single point AF, is good enough with the right lens and focal throw to keep you in focus for talking head style videos, if you're not moving all over the place. Woth the ATEM it seems you can quickly grab focus very easily as well. Just wondering your opinion on this.
BMPCC cameras? Not a chance. Their AF is the worst in the industry. There’s a reason no one EVER talks about it. Talking heads should be in manual focus with enough DoF to capture small movements, and the talent told not to move too much. Lots of YouTubers use AF on cameras like Sony or canon for their talking head parts, and IMHO, it’s awful. I don’t like seeing the focus change. It’s very distracting. Again… my opinion.
@PhotoJoseph so Bmpcc in MF could be an option, and preferred it sounds like in your view.
@Quiztasia yep. You can use the AF from the ATEM to set focus (you’ll see how slow it is), then leave it there.
@PhotoJoseph sounds amazing, great idea. I’ve always had issues with MF but I think it’s coz the aperture was too wide open and the DoF was way too shallow. Looking forward to getting better with the pocket camera.
Thank you for your detailed video. I have a question that hasn't been answered before: Can you use the ATEM Mini/Pro to start and stop recording e.g. the BMPCC 6K Pro to the internal CF card? It would be very kind if you answer that. Thanks and greetings from Cologne, Jürgen
Yes, absolutely
Hey Joseph i am from India,just wanted to know can we use this atem mini just to use our pc monitor as camera external monitor,i wanted to know when does it exactly becomes broadcast camera ,when we plug bmpcc6k to atem or after we click on aur button ..and before on air bmpcc6k remains as cinema camera and on its mode.
filter is for ND filters
Is “filter” for the 6k pro built in ND?
Was messing with my atem today and found out that the filter in the atem software app controls the electronic ND on the 6k pro. Not sure if it’s been answered but there it is haha.
yes, I've since realized that — so cool!
pretty good info thanks!
I have a hand held rig with a wireless transmitter and receiver but it does not seem to connect. Any suggestions?
@PhotoJoseph I tried switching to 1920x1080 and still got nothing. Not even a tally. I have a blackmagic bi directional converter box at both ends and a 3g/6g sdi cable
*I tried the hard wire connection in addition to wireless. The only thing that has worked is direct in with an HDMI cable
ok but you didn't answer the question — did you plug the Hollyland receiver into a monitor to see if it's outputting a signal? If not, then that means what it's getting on the receiving end isn't being interpreted. Troubleshoot by moving backwards in the chain, eliminating one piece at a time until you find where the break is happening.
@PhotoJoseph I wasn’t clear in my original question. Sorry. I can’t get camera control via wireless transmission. I have ran two sdi cables to a bi directional box and have it now. Apologies for the muddied question.
Oh, well no, you can’t. Yeah that’s a totally different question! Wireless HDMI is a one-way transmission. For camera control you need two-way. Hence working with one HDMI cable (bi-directional format), or needing two SDI cables (mono-directional format).
Here: Custom Picture in Picture in the ATEM Mini; Create and Save Your Own PiP | ATEM Mini Tips 07
@PhotoJoseph, This was an amazing video. It answered so many questions I had about the setup that I am not pushing this configuration for our Facility. But I have a question about connections. We are looking to run decent lengths using SDI. Have you used this application with Black Magic HDMI to SDI Converters with Sucess? Camera->HDMI->HDMI to SDI-> SDI to HDMI-> ATEM MINI. We are also interested in the ATEM Television Studio HD, any luck with camera control over SDI From the ATEM Television Studio HD?
BMPCC->HDMI->HDMI to SDI Converter-> ATEM Television Studio HD?
I am curious about your thoughts on this path?
I use BMD HDMI to SDI converters all over the place. I don’t use the camera control feature as I’m not using BMD cameras but it definitely works. I just upgraded most of my converters to 12G because the new 12G boxes carry timecode — the older 4K and 6G models did not.
@PhotoJoseph thankyou so much cor the input. 🙏🙏
Do you need an actual ATEM device in order to color grade a Black Magic Pocket? Or could I use just the software?
As far as I know, you need the ATEM hardware to do it live. I don’t know of any stand alone system for grading live. However you could make a custom look using the same tools in Resolve then load the LUT on the camera.
@PhotoJoseph Perfect! That is what I needed to know, the LUT would work :) Thank you!
How about camera other than black magic cam?
Can we also use color setting in atem mini?
great series of videos
Thanks, Mervyn!
hi joseph, great video, thanks, I have my blackmagic pocket cam connected via hdmi to my atem mini extreme but the camera is not responding to anything - no controls are working at all. Do I need to change a setting in the camera for this? I have updated all software btw:) Thanks for some quick advise. cheers from Zurich
Remove everything else from the ATEM and test. I’ve found some hardware can actually interfere with the communication. It’s super weird.
@PhotoJoseph thanks turns out I needed to do a software update on the camera as well, and the lens I use … Panasonic vario … is not compatible with zooming remotely
@Gerd Leonhard (secondary account!) ahh! And which lens exactly?
Great content! Quick question: which hdmi cable should I use to control the bmpcc4k with the Atem Mini Pro? A d what setting do I choose in the camera? Thank you very!
Nearly any cable, and just plug it in. It’s honestly that easy.
the HDMI cable needs to support at least HDMI v1.4 or ethernet
Great video. Is it possible to do the same thing by connecting the camera to the atem by a Hollyland Mars or any other wireless transmitter-reciever?🤔
Daniele I’m not ignoring your question, I keep meaning to test it. I’m 99% sure the answer is “no” but I wanted to verify… but I didn’t get to it yet and now I’m heading out of town for a week. I’ll try to remember to test this when I’m back!
Thank you for the video.
What setting do you have on the bmpcc? Is the setting on video or film? Are you loading any luts on the camera? When I connect my bmpcc, the atem program image look extremely pale and flat
From your experience, is the video image quality the same when saving to a hard drive the same as the image quality when recording from within the camera using an SD card?
You mean captured to an HD connected to the ATEM? Definitely not. The in-camera will be superior, as the ATEM is compressing the image for live streaming, and what you are recording is the stream-quality image.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks so much for you reply! I truly appreciate it.
@PhotoJoseph thanks for the insightful videos these are very helpful. Is it possible with the iso pro to record a "normal" mov mix of everything rather then something that may lower because of bit rate and Internet connection? So almost like what you would've multicamed later in resolve is done and baked in live in a h264 or something? Thanks!
How are you powering the table camera? Battery or hardwired?
It was powered with the included AC cable.
Hi I have 2 Blackmagic cameras 4K and 6K also ATEM Prodaction Studio 4K Switcher. I connected all, the software as well, I can see my cameras on my multyvew, but I got a issue. When I go to Camera section on software and trying to control cameras it looks like noting is changing when I change bottoms. Can you tell me what can be issue, also my 4K Blackmagic camera is turning off automatic after few second, can you tell me how to fix it inside camera settings ? Thank you, good video.
Thank you for the great video. Does the Atem mini control the BMPCC via the HDMI cable only? if so, I am not sure why mine does not work. do I need a certain type of HDMI cable? thanks
thats strange, mine does not work too...Ive tried 3 diff cables...
5:54 I am wondering if the aperture open/close functionality on button press can also be triggered via macro? Through macros it could be used on non-extreme ATEM models, e.g. via Streamdeck/Companion buttons. Macros would also be helpful for gain/focus/shut/black buttons, increasing/decreasing the respective values.
Essentially anything that can be triggered in software can be used in a macro. So yes, I’m pretty sure everything you mentioned can be done in macros.
​@PhotoJoseph I tried finding out the exact xml value to replicate this button function as macro but without success.

I came across:

<Op id="CameraControlFixedPoint16Bit" address="5" category="0" parameter="2" action="Set" values="1"/>
// Did change the iris, but not in steps (min/max)

<Op id="CameraControlFixedPoint16Bit" address="5" category="0" parameter="2" action="Offset" values="1"/>
// Changed the handle in the software (in steps) but the iris did not change

<Op id="CameraControl16Bit" address="5" category="0" parameter="4" action="Set" values="1"/>
// Changed the iris in a wired way (not in steps though). The software did not react at all to it.

I was wondering if you could record a macro on your Extreme and while recording it, clicking on the up or down button to see what the actual xml code is for changing the iris in steps. This would be very helpful.
Hey I’ve got a question.
Do you need a lens that works with the camera in order to use any of the CCU controls?

We’ve got 3 PCC 4Ks, and the ATEM mini extreme iso. The lenses on the cameras are not controllable, connected with mount adapters, but we were hoping that at least we could control other settings.

Both the ATEM and cameras are up to date, and connected through HDMI directly to the switcher. Is there a maximum HDMI cable length maybe? Currently we are on 25ft cables.
I actually hadn't tested through the computer. I just connected the camera with a manual lens on it to the ATEM Extreme, and used the ATEM's hardware buttons. Let me test with software… same thing, works fine. I'm able to adjust gain, shutter, etc. on the camera. Do you're cameras have the latest firmware? And the ATEM?
The ATEM itself does have the latest firmware, the software control is the latest, and only our main camera has the latest firmware.

The camera that started working is not the updated one.
I’m guessing there’s a setting we switched on by accident, or maybe the HDMI cables we use are odd.

I’ll try a few things to see if maybe that’s the problem.
do keep me posted — I'm sure this will come up again. Thanks!
Okay so it seems like the HDMI cable we use on the main camera isn’t allowing some signal to pass through.

I switched the cameras places, and the control also switched. I tried other cables, and it worked.

So.. no idea why, but we switched the cables with others, and now they all work.
Thank you for taking time to help me!
aw man… always check cables first!! ;-)
Podrías poner subtitulos en Español
Ya hay subtítulos en Español… también an Coreana, rusa, francesa, árabe y muchas más
You are the Best!!!! Thanks You very much!!! This is a good tip
Is it possible create macros for key 2 3 4 on Atem Mini Extreme?
I don’t understand the question. The six macro buttons on the Extreme trigger the first six macros in your list.
@PhotoJoseph is it possible create macros for enable or disable upstream key 2, 3 and 4? Thanks
Oh. Yes, of course. Start recording a macro and enable a key and stop recording. That’s it. Or build it completely with all the settings. Remember a macro only does what you tell it to do.
Great work Joseph. I know a lot of people use GH5 via HDMI input with ATEM mini (pro). Do you know if I could use GH4 in the same way with Atem mini (pro)? Thanks!
Absolutely! I used a GH4 as my main “webcam” on an ATEM Mini for a year. Works great!
@PhotoJoseph Awesome. Thank you very much!
Hello, I have a Atem Mini and I am looking at purchasing a BMPCC original from someone, but first I would like to know is I can do color correction through the Atem software. My rig is setup for streaming so there will be no post production editing/color correction
Double check the blackmagic site but I’m quite sure that all BMPCC cameras can be controlled.
@PhotoJoseph thanks
If you hold the focus button down on the 810 mini extreme it’ll do auto focus you don’t need to set up a macro
I literally showed that capability. But there are many reasons to build something into a macro.
@PhotoJospeh maybe "Filter" setting is for the new 6K Pro variable internal ND filters???
Apparently it is! Someone else confirmed that for me. That’s awesome!
Great video!
Which lens are you using on the 6k and which settings do I need to set so the autofocus/focus control works?
That was a Canon 24-70 and there’s no settings… it just works!
Wish zoom control worked.
It does! With a powered zoom lens. That’s Tip No. 12, coming this week!
@PhotoJoseph gotcha. Makes sense. THANK YOU, sir 🤜🏾
@Ant Pruitt thanks for watching, amigo. Tell a friend! 😁
Thanks Joseph! We are using 5 bmpcc 4k with the extreme. They work great, despite that we haven't been able to copy-paste colors settings from one can to another in the atem software control. The menu remained greyed out.

All our cameras and atem have been updated to the latest (-1) firmware. We use direct hdmi connections, no splitter or converter in between.

Did you or some else experiences this?

Thank you
That’s weird. I’ve used it on the older ATEMs with SDI cameras and as you saw in this video, the option was there for this camera. Have you tried using another computer; maybe the installation of the ATEM Software is wonky? Have you asked BMD support?
We have a bmpcc 6k pro for our live streams at our mosque, with the ATEM Extreme Iso, the filter option is for the nd filters that are available with the bmppc 6k pro or the ursa broadcast or the ursa line of cameras in general. Great video as always.

Thank you! A few folks have confirmed that for me; that’s awesome. Question for you since you’re using the 6K — are you capturing 6K bRAW for a re-edit? That’s an impressive setup.
@PhotoJoseph sorry for the late response, didn’t notice it for some reason. Yes we have 2 bmpcc 6k pros and the regular 6ks also. So we use the cameras a lot for the live streaming of our services in the mosque and unfortunately the cameras can only output 1080p signals from the hdmi (which is just really stupid of blackmagic i think) so we are limited on that. But on the occasion that we do record anything for posting later on it will depend. We have recorded 6k braw with a 8:1 compression a lot especially on projects that dont have a high turn around time for them because that gives me a lot of time to edit and get the best possible time to produce good quality. Especially a lot of our camera men are volunteers and they dont know a lot of settings on camera its always really really helpful to be able to make changes in post such as iso, white balance and so on. I always prefer that our team shoot raw because of it. There has been times where they recorded prores 4k just because of the disk space but almost every single time we regret doing that because its a nightmare to edit. I am so glad blackmagic released the braw for 4k now so i would love to try that out as well. Hope this helped. Thanks again for your great videos. Have helped a lot
That's quite the setup! And I had no idea that the BMPCC cameras were limited in HDMI output to 1080p… fascinating. Good to know! And that's awesome how flexible bRAW is for your workflow. Fantastic.
Nice video! One thing I need to do is figure out a way to make the shutter default to angle instead of speed. My cameras get switched to shutter speed every time I connect the to my ATEM.
Yes, pls
I’ll look into this
I could not find a way, sorry. Same thing happens on my loaner cameras. That sucks! Please write to BMD and request this change. They need to hear it.
Here's the gain vs ISO conversion -12 = 100, -10 = 125, -8 = 160, -6 = 200, -4 = 250, -2 = 320, 0 = 400, +2 = 500, +4 = 640, +6 = 800, +8 = 1000, +10 = 1250, +12 = 1600, +14 = 2000, +16 = 2500, +18 = 3200, +20 = 4000, +22 = 5000, +24 = 6400, +26 = 8000, +28 = 10000, +30 = 12800, +32 = 16000, +34 = 20000, +36 = 25600
Hi. Are the Black Magic Cameras the only ones that can be remote controled with the ATEM or are there other cameras, from other brands, the can be controled as well with this device ?
AFAIK the Blackmagic are the ONLY ones!
@PhotoJoseph Thanks. And what a shame. Are there other good mini switchers out there that can remote control other cameras like the Sony A7sIII or the Gh5 ?
Nope. To my knowledge this is totally unique.
Could "filter" control the ND filter on the 6K Pro?
oooh, that's a great idea. You might be right. And in fact, I have a 6K Pro in a box that just arrived for another project, so I'll have to test it. Thanks!!
Yes, it does!
I can confirm that it does control the ND filter on the 6K Pro.
@Arne van der Heijden oh that’s awesome, thanks!
Can I control the camera if I take away from Atem 30-40 meters ? I use mini converters black magic .
@Sergiu Barsan I haven’t tried those yet. Will they carry the two way information that the BMPCC needs for control?
@PhotoJoseph I researched this very topic if you can control the blackmagic cameras from the atem mini using HDMI fiber cable and there are some videos on YouTube and they confirm that you can.
@Sergiu Barsan fantastic!! Thanks for sharing that. That’s awesome!
@PhotoJoseph If you can get your hands on this cables maybe you can make a video and combine it with on camera recording and then replace the HD files recorded from the atem with the files from the cameras. I believe many people will be interested in that. If you want 4k and the mixer is HD then this is the only option. I looked at the blackmagic 4k switchers but the features found on atem iso are great.
@Sergiu Barsan I’m definitely planning a whole ISO/bRAW video. The cables are very interesting. I think that’s a separate video but is definitely worth doing. Thanks!
Thanks a lot for a long-awaited view on the actual pairing of these gems of gear.
I have a question though, that's still holding me off from buying the Pocket cameras for use with the Atem, and that is: What powerzoom options are there really for the Pocket 4k cameras, that could be controlled from the switcher?
haha wait just one more video, and you'll see!
@PhotoJoseph Awesome! Can't wait!
Thanks, very helpful indeed. Well done! Can I hope for some more info regarding the zoom control soon?
As a matter of fact… the very next video! It's already shot; just need to edit it!
@PhotoJoseph Awesome! That's exactly what I was hoping. Thanks so much!
Great video as always Joseph. We have two bmpcc at our church combined with an ATEM mini pro. A superb combo. However sometimes the camera will not connect with the ATEM and sometimes it will. We haven’t figured out why. We use the same cables.
Gustaf, we use 5 bmpcc 4k and it happens also to us that one cam doesn't connect and cannot be remote controlled from the atem software control.

We have not figured what happens yet. We use direct hdmi, no splitter nor converter.

We will keep investigating if some longer hdmi cables lose the connection (we use up to 40 meters)
This is a glitch in the software. This happens to me all the time. I am not sure which of my devices is interfering, but I have to remove both computers (which I use for roll in video and Keynote presentations) and then restart camera and ATEM. Then it will reconnect and restore settings that are stored. My understanding is that this is a known issue. I only say that because one of my friends diagnosed the problem based on something he had read.
@Robert Hendriks would you say that we should first plug all cameras, then connect any other hdmi sources, such as computers, we should avoid the bug?
I think it’s probably safe to unplugged all other non-camera sources, start up the ATEM, restore settings, turn of cameras NYS make sure they are being controlled... then plug the other sources in.
@WE CAN LIVE on mars I wonder how long your hdmi cables are?

Thanks, for sharing the informative post.  waiting for more info regarding the zoom control soon?

Yep! That’s the very next tip! With any luck I’ll finish editing it today. 

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