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Photo Moment - December 16, 2019

The Blackmagic ATEM Mini is here, and it's incredible. This is easily worth much, much more than it costs. I am absolutely blown away by this thing!

  • 00:00 What is the ATEM Mini?
  • 2:54 Tour of inputs & outputs
  • 4:57 This is NOT a live streaming box (on its own)
  • 6:26 Inputs 1-4 and their audio settings, including AFV
  • 7:52 Audio inputs (and why you can't use them)
  • 10:30 Still and Black buttons
  • 12:10 Transitions
  • 14:23 FTB (Fade to black)
  • 14:31 Picture in Picture
  • 15:51 Keyer for green screen and graphics
  • 18:38 Software Switcher
  • 20:05 Software Audio controls (incredible!!)
  • 23:43 Summary
  • 24:04 Output Settings
  • 25:09 Setting the ATEM as a Webcam in Skype
  • 26:15 XML export and import

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I found how to delay the audio in the manual. Maybe it's a enw addition to the software.
Yep, added about three months ago:
Joseph - great video! Hey, have you experimented or know a workaround that would let someone use their USB-C monitor as the multiview monitor versus an Atomos or TV? Is it as simple as using an adaptor? I'm curious if you've seen such a configuration?
To be specific, I have a LG 21.5" HD 4K Ultra Fine LED Monitor Black for Mac Only. The ports on the back are for USB-C (female), so I'm curious if an HDMI OUT (HDMI to USB-C) is possible with this monitor so I can free up my Atomos for my camera as an external recorder for the main angle.
Thanks for the overview.
11:18 sadly not :(
regarding the audio you should never let it hit the red.
You know the difference between Mini and Mini Pro?
I need to stream through Zoom for virtual meetings from my PC, and a SmartTV to display when other people outside the room is talking.
Can I do that through the Cheaper version?

I connect my PC through USB C and then the Smart TV through my laptops HDMI?
Can I send different Output to Zoom and the SmartTV?
India? Heck, I could carry your cases for you! ?
So I just watched this whole video waiting for the part where you show the "Mulit-view" only to find out the ATEM Mini doesn't support that feature. You have to get the "Atem Mini Pro" to get Multi-view. So ultimately this product is best suited to static shots.
Would you be able to use dlsr cameras?
Thanks for this upload. Amazing stuff! We recently invested in the mini pro iso, specifically for the recording capabilities. After trying it for a little bit I have issues connecting the atem to obs by only using an ethernet cable. That then requires us to use an USB-c which then eliminates the possibility to connect a harddrive to the Atem. Do you have a solution for this?
Thanks for the review.I recently ordered for the blackmagic intensity shuttle. Can i just return that and order the Atem mini for multi camera?
Amazing video, super informative, thanks so much!!
Great Video ! I bought this box for months but I finally know what can this do after watching this , Thanks Joseph !
Regarding the mic/audio delay: what if i am taking output audio from an audio mixer to the ATEM mini? will there be a delay?
Generally audio direct to mixer is ahead of the live video on HDMI, but if BMD did add delay to those inputs; it should not be an issue. He did say you can sync up by running audio into the camera and have it arrive in the HDMI input(s) in sync. I do this with the mixer output into a camera when we use multiple mics.
the audio delay has since been fixed in updates
Really appreciate the review as you cover lots of use cases so we don’t just get a list of features.
How would you use a USB Mic (Blu Yeti) with this device?
This just shows up in OBS (or whatever you use) as a video source, so you’d just plug your usb mic into your computer and add it to your scene
Great walk thru! Thank you. Are you in the PNW?
Please slow down a bit for those of us who need the assistance to get started with this.
I want to be able to teach using multiple would I do that? Would I need some of the equipment you are talking about? I also want to have several screens open at once.
mans said he was going to India in 2020
Hi, For weddings, How can we connect a wireless camera on the gimbal, to be part of the other wired cameras. Also is there any solution to different frame rates recording into ATEM for live streaming a single output.
OBS will let you delay the audio to keep things in sync
Is it possible to have it on automatic camera switch?
Like it switches camera angle without me pressing buttons. To have it on let’s say 30 sec per camera, and then it shows the next one.
Are you still going to India?
Not this year (2020). Hopefully in 2021 we'll do it. for more info!
Joseph: Its only three hundred dollars
Me: Dreaming about using a camera which doesn't output in cassette tapes
When using the software to record the signal out, do the cameras have to be recording individually as well or they are simply turned on? Let me know thanks!
They just have to be on ✊🏾
♥from India
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Great video! Just received my ATEM mini pro. Do you have a presentation for it?
Great tutorial, thanks Jo! Can you show more than one feed in picture in picture?
Really nice video. But please: could you explain in more details about the ethernet port and the possibility to connect more than one computer to the same device? Thanks in advance!
Excellent show. Got our ATEM Mini Pro yesterday and wanted a quick overview. Obviously this was the Mini, but it was still a great tutorial. Thanks. What would I like to see? A deep dive into keying (Luma, Chorma and Alpha, if that’s even possible).
You are amazing. Thank you
Hai, joseph. your video really helpful to setup atem mini, thank you. and i recently bought atem mini for webinar work, and today i test out to zoom direct, work flawessly, but when i tried connect to OBS, suddenly it was blank screen black, the driver already known by obs, but, when i select the video capture device to blackmagic, no preveiw in OBS, just blank screen, nothing and when i tried audio input capture, work well. can you help me ? thank you.
Right before I bought the mini I purchased a Sound Devices MixPre-3 for sound. It appears to me I can do all that I need to do with the software on the Mini except record. I still have time to return the Mix-Pre 3 II and I have not used it. What would you do? Thanx, -keith
Really helpful video thank you, I watched it before doing my first job with the ATEM mini yesterday. This thing is so amazing, and so affordable!

I wondered if anyone else has experienced the same issue as me though? I have used it with the hdmi out plugged into three different monitors (all powered from the mains) and while it works on each of them, there is one monitor that causes the atem to draw too much power over usb (at least it seems to me). The result is that the computer track-pad is super laggy, it is then back to normal the second that I switch that particular monitor off.

Haven't got around to trying that monitor on batteries yet, but would really like to figure out the issue before investing in one of the Atamos Ninjas for example.

Any suggestions welcome, thanks!
I just bought the pro one to spare some time in video editing but you just gave me a whole tutorial. Awesome. Thanks ;)
Thanks for this! Looking for a solution for streaming live worship for my church. We have the ATEM mini and have a blackmagic mini recorder to go with our DSLR camera. Streaming using ProPresenter 7. Now that I've researched more, am I right in saying we may not need the Blackmagic mini recorder? Any idea?
Trying to figure out if I can use my MacBook that I'm using the software as the same device I'm running a Presentation on?
Can I use this with the roadcaster pro??
Is there a version of this ATEM that does stream, that costs around $700?
yes. but still no sdi. hdmi is limited to about 15m. if you use extender you lose ccu.
Hey Joseph,
How does the ATEM mini record to an external source? Does it link to a computer only or can I hook up an external SSD? I host a podcast and I'm looking for a camera switch that can record to an external source.
if you're using the ATEM Mini Pro, you can record to a USB-connected SSD drive. If you're using the non-Pro, then you need to capture the feed off the HDMI output. Watch my videos on the Pro as well. There are important limitations to understand what you can and can't do — the USB can be used to record, or to connect as a webcam, but not both. The HDMI can be used for Multiview, or Program, but not both.
It looks like the Webcaster X2 is no longer available...any other suggestions? Great demo, by the way!
Amazing intro! I'm going to be using my ATEM mini for some streaming live music events, looking forward to seeing how it works.

Can someone recommend a capture card around the £100/$130 and £200/$260 price point? I need to upgrade my capture card as I notice some really bad banding issues on my current one.
That was a very good tour of the ATEM Mini. As a very fresh user, I get going right away. Of course, a lot still to look into and try out, but it's just for me to see this video again as many times as needed.
I'm using the Wirecast software for streaming. Would be interesting to have an idea of using your hardware streamer vs Wirecast (and other software-based solutions). Especially on the go, where I use my MacBook Pro with less power than my iMac, streaming to a number of channels at the same time.
How much long HDMI cable can be used .
PnP: Can I use a stored photo that is a transparent PNG and treat it like a logo? (Maybe the photos stored cannot be transparent) Also same question with the keyer feature: Can I key in a transparent PNG from the photos and put a logo over my recording?
Great video! This was the ATEM mini video I've been searching for! Thank you!1
Thank you for the video! Just got my ATEM mini and I can't wait to work it with my URSA pro and my GH 4.
I purchased one which is arriving next week so I've been watching tons of videos on how to operate. I must say this has been the best of all them all, very simple and yet, complete and graphic. Thank you

I'm planning to offer streaming services since I've been watching EVERYBODY in the world, from regular Joes to large corporates streaming with just the web cam on their computer or even mobile camera. Just a few use an actual more robust and professional setup.

So I have a few Qs.

I'm not familiar with your cameras (I shoot Canon) but I noticed to cables coming out of your camera on your left. I'd guess one is the HDMI out to the Atem, What's the other?

This may answer my first question but, in long runs, do you use AC adapters for the camera? Since they are not recording, in your experience, how long can a DSRL or Mirrorless camera run on AC?

Do you need a second computer if you're doing a powerpoint presentation, video or something? or just one laptop would be enough to handle the Atem software, streaming and running media?

And, now that it can delay sound, I have a Mackie sound mixer that i can use to hook up multiple mics (up to 6) So I'd guess just need to connect the output to the analog sound input and find the right delay, right?

If, for any reason the 8 frames delay is not enough. Do you think it'd be possible to connect that audio mixer to the mic input on the camera?

Last, but not least. I own 2 Rode wireless mics, one Apogee USB and 2 shotguns, (one Rode, one Deity) If there were more than 2 talents, and since I only have 2 wireless, do you think using both shotguns mics in a boom ish setup would work?

Sorry for so many questions. I'm trying to figure this out ASAP in order to find out exactly what can I offer and not oversale:

Thank you again for the video and in advance for your responses.
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