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Photo Moment - December 16, 2019

The Blackmagic ATEM Mini is here, and it's incredible. This is easily worth much, much more than it costs. I am absolutely blown away by this thing!

  • 00:00 What is the ATEM Mini?
  • 2:54 Tour of inputs & outputs
  • 4:57 This is NOT a live streaming box (on its own)
  • 6:26 Inputs 1-4 and their audio settings, including AFV
  • 7:52 Audio inputs (and why you can't use them)
  • 10:30 Still and Black buttons
  • 12:10 Transitions
  • 14:23 FTB (Fade to black)
  • 14:31 Picture in Picture
  • 15:51 Keyer for green screen and graphics
  • 18:38 Software Switcher
  • 20:05 Software Audio controls (incredible!!)
  • 23:43 Summary
  • 24:04 Output Settings
  • 25:09 Setting the ATEM as a Webcam in Skype
  • 26:15 XML export and import

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Why are all the shots except the main one so dark.. Is that an issue with the Atem, not taking the time to adjust the alternate angles or just that only the main shot was lit for broadcast? This is not a lighting criticism but a real question... As I'm think of getting one, and if it's an issue with the Atem it's important to my decision... Thank you :)
Thank you for the complete review. The one we ordered finally arrived after two months on back order. For $295 this is a fantastic little box, pairs well with OBS, and Stream Deck (Using Companion). Blackmagic Design really hit the mark for a budget system, that is very powerful.
Which lav mic do you use?
What mic are you using for this video?
Sennheiser AVX
yes please streaming demo!
Coming next week!
you are champ
Thanks for this Joseph - extremely informative. I have my mixing desk (all mic's running into it for drums, guitar, vocals etc - also often used for zoom meetings while playing) plugged into a Roland VR4HD but thinking of switching to this or the Pro... the issue of delay is managed on the Roland but its cost is huge compared to this... would you recommend plugging sound from the desk into one of my cameras and switching between cameras but running sound through one?
I don’t know if doing this with music will hurt the music or not. The preamps in a camera aren’t the greatest; fine for dialog and general audio but may hurt them music quality. I’d test. The cheapest delay box I know if you have to go external is the Behringer Shark
Thanks for the overview. I wanna ask which camera type is best that allows the LCD to show when an HDMI cable is plugged to it and also give clean HDMI output.?
Thanks as you reply
Nearly all LUMIX cameras
PhotoJoseph, I am a teacher that needs to make a lot of videos because of Covid-19. I like to mix video of me with images/voice over. I post to Google Classroom and IGTV. I have been using a variety of video software and want to settle on one. I use Mac at home and pc at school. I am good with tech but not excellent. Willing to sacrifice some features for ease of use. Can you recommend software. I see you use Final Cut Pro. Is that too much for my needs? I have had issues with iPhoto.
FCPX is great. iMovie is easier to use and will still do what you need.
great video man!!! great work!
thank you!
Just came across this channel as was looking for some info regarding ATEM mini,
And wow, been a while since i seen a direct, highly informative, no nonsense, finely paced review and tutorial of a piece of AV tech equipment, so many online these days lack this.
Instant sub!!!
Thank you, I appreciate that!
Joseph - thanks so much for the great walk through!
Glad you enjoyed it!
Can you use the HDMI out as an output for a video only live event?
sure can!
Which hardware mixer with a built-in delay would you recommend for relatively small-scale home studio setup? I was using separate unit - Behringer Shark FBQ100 to insert delay into audio stream...
Letting know that a separate show about Webcaster would be highly appreciated! Thanks for a great content. I think I'm buying the "pro" version. Scaler + USB to act as a capture card are both killer features for me. Even saving some space on the desk compared to good old Atem Television Studio + Intensity is a huge win.
If I have a Behringer x32 audio mixer, how can I use both the mixer and the atem mini? This is for a church
I'm doing something similar - Here's what we're doing We're taking 2 XLR outputs from the X32, delayed in the X32 routing section by about 110 MS, and using an adapter (2 female XLR to stereo mini) into one of the Mic inputs on the ATEM. We turn off the audio on the other channels, and use compression etc in the X32 not the ATEM. Then we stream directly to facebook live via ethernet, or let a computer see it as a webcam via USB-C and do whatever you want with the stream from there. Hope that helps!
Oops - i just realized that we're doing the direct streaming via a MINI Pro not the Mini (we have both in our setup). But you can still do what i said above with the x32 and stream via USB-C
Super.... love this. I was looking for info and the search got me here. Perfect tour of the ATEM Mini. Thanks a million,
You're welcome! And thanks for watching!
I would definitely be interested in seeing a video on the streaming hardware. Specifically, I'd be looking to stream to YT and FB simultaneously, possibly locally networked televisions as well. Do you find this hardware to be more reliable than OBS, etc?
hardware is always recommended, and you should look at the ATEM Mini Pro
@PhotoJoseph thank you! I ended up watching that video right after my comment here. Love that feature.
Oh.... Watching this video one more time.

Last time: I want to go on that trip to India
Today: Shit, this trip is probably not going to happen.
Anyway, thanks Joseph for an excellent video!!
Rudolf, I'd love to have you join me in India. We haven't cancelled the trip yet but I have stopped taking orders. It's not until late November so I have hope that we'll be able to do it, but only time will tell. Full info at and you can email me from there to ensure I let you know the moment it is confirmed or delayed, if that happens!
@PhotoJoseph Hi Joseph! The trip has to be another time for me.
Is there a way to auto cycle between cameras, say cutting every 10 seconds or so?
yes, build a macro and loop it
Hi PhotoJoseph.... A couple of questions, 1st: Will the ATEM Blackmagic work with Mac OS X Lion? Also, will it give modulating wipes like used to be the case with the Grass Valley 300 switchers? (Perhaps, you've seen old episodes of The Price Is Right in the Bob Barker days.... essentially, those wavy and oscillating patterns in their shows....) also, suppose I was to get a USB Mixer... so I could plug in a singer or 2 and a few instruments would it work properly without syncing errors, especially if I were to plug in some 2 or 3 cameras to switch between, whether they were mini dv, hd cam on even xd cam?
My hope is that those transitions could sway either from side to side or up and down...m
Thanks for your review. Have you used the
Roland Professional A/V VR-1HD AV Streaming Mixer and compared them?  The BM gives you much more for the buck especially with 4 vs 3 hdmi's.
Amazing on the quality you are getting! Which software do you use with Atem Mini is it OBS? Do you have any videos where you show all them setting etc? I have such a huge delay in the sound and not sure why... :(
This wasn’t a live stream, it was recorded “live”, i.e. “live to tape”. But then it was uploaded. I use hardware to stream; my encoder is by epiphan.
Joe, how would I use the switcher to switch live if people are in two different locations?
define “different locations”… the other room? Another building? Across the world?
@PhotoJoseph A different building Maybe a mile away.
Still doing the India trip? Haha. #covid19
nothing funny about covid19… we will go to India if it’s safe to do so.
b r a v o
t h a n k y o u
Sorry about the dumb question. How do I record the mixed video into my computer? Is the USB interface enough for that? Do I need some kind of special HDMI input?
You can record to the USB drive, no computer needed. If you do need to record in the computer, then you’d an do it through the USB interface, or get an HDMI to USB converter for a higher quality signal. Or just use an external HDMI recordered.
Hi , I'm new to live web streaming .
The output of the HDMI goes to where ? Computer or any other devices
There are many answers to your question. They are all answered in this video, so I encourage you to watch it (again), and also watch my video on the new ATEM Mini Pro, as that offers other options as well
Nice! I'm thinking of buying this for casting live streamed concerts. In the software, can you select a separate audio-interface? Or,, does it work well with OBS?
I’m not sure I understand the question. You can route audio through the ATEM, as shown in this video, or you could add a separate audio interface to your computer if you wanted to. And yes you’d an stream from OBS. Also look at the new ATEM Mini Pro which has its own live streaming encoder built in
@PhotoJoseph Thank you for your answer!
Why would you want to set your cameras at different frame rates?
you wouldn't, but not all sources can be set to the exact same framerate. For example, an iOS device can only be 1080p59.94. A laptop can be 1080p30 but not 1080p29.97. Lots of variance in the devices you might want to connect — the scalers bring them all into range on input
Thank you
I'm considering this device for our church livestream services on Facebook... If I connect this device to a PC via USB (to use as a multi-view webcam setup) and then connect our sound board to that same computer via usb through an audio interface, will the streamed video and audio be synced up with each other?
No, but if you're using software like OBS to stream, you can bring it back in sync there.
Outstanding review!!!! I really love your style of presentation. Great job!
Thank you Alipay, I appreciate that!
Brilliant video. Thank you so much. Can I ask a question please? I wish to use this to record playing acoustic acts and wish to know if there is any way to put a timer on cameras to rotate round? Eg whilst we play can camera 1 be recording for 10 second then switch to camera 2 for 5 seconds then camera 1 for 10 seconds then camera 3 for 5 sec etc? Would be amazing to do this so can play and make a broadcast without having to press buttons as be difficult whilst playing.
you can build a macro that does that, and set the macro to loop. So, yes.
Hi Joseph, I was wondering if you could share with us the information of the Webmaster streaming device that you are using to streaming your live video, please? Can you provide us with the model and the manufacture information, please? Thanks a lot for this great tutorial and presentation. What a great job!
Webcaster, not webmaster, and all that info is in the description. However the Webcaster X2 has been discontinued. Look at the new ATEM Mini Pro for an all-in-one solution:
Thanks a lot. I am buying one.
Thanks my friend for great contents that you posted, i was about to to order one just now but i have one fear .that will bring that question.Can i record live steam on it ?please let me know b4 i place my order. thank you kindly
You want to look at the ATEM Mini Pro, not this ATEM Mini. Here’s a video to watch:
If you have this do you still need the blackmagic mini recorder to register devices to OBS
What is the audio hardware that I can use to create the delay to match the HDMI in? I mic my drumset and run my mixing board in for audio. I need to not just run that through the cameras because that degrades they audio quality. I have one DSLR and several gopros that I will be using.
cheapest audio delay box I know of is the Behringer Shark
PhotoJoseph Thank you so much! Will that affect the audio quality in anyway?
PhotoJoseph It’s also worth noting that I use a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20and then within the next month I will be also using a Universal Audio Apollo x8p. Do you think there is anything in the software that I can use to set a delay without having to even buy a device?
Fairlight is THE original DAW and NLE system developed in Australia in the 80s (in a Sydney suburb called Fairlight). They designed the first video engine and so much more. It is indeed a coup for BM to have bought the company.
It’s good stuff, for sure!
It’s good stuff, for sure!
Hey PhotoJoseph, great content! I just got my ATEM Mini and have been asking around if you have any advice for color matching cameras with the ATEM Mini if you’re not using a BMPCC4K or a BMPCC6K. Thanks!
Same way you color match cameras for any recorded use… adjust the settings in camera to get as close as possible to each other, or if you can, set the cameras to log and build custom LUTs for each camera. There is no way to perfectly match multiple cameras from different manufacturers in-camera. So either use all the same cameras, or use cameras that have live match in capabilities (i.e. the BMPCC cameras).
Same way you color match cameras for any recorded use… adjust the settings in camera to get as close as possible to each other, or if you can, set the cameras to log and build custom LUTs for each camera. There is no way to perfectly match multiple cameras from different manufacturers in-camera. So either use all the same cameras, or use cameras that have live match in capabilities (i.e. the BMPCC cameras).
@PhotoJoseph Great. Thanks for the advice PhotoJoseph! Definitely helpful. I have a BMPCC4K and a BMMCC and just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything obvious. Really appreciate your help, quick response, and great videos!
Hi there, I'm using a brandnew ATEM Mini together with an EOS M50 and a laptop for powerpoint presentation. Unfortunately I have some ugly artefacts in the output signal! Where does this come from?!? All HDMI cables are less than 2 meters. With HDMI 1.4 I'm on the save side, do I?
I don’t have an EOS M50 but it certainly seems like this should be fine. Can you elaborate on “artifacts”?
@PhotoJoseph "artifacts", right...:). It looked like watching TV in the 80s. I found out that the cable to the screen just was HDMI standard. I'm also not sure whether the screen from 2008 lead to the quality loss.
Nevertheless I managed to make it working exchanging them. Pretty nice tool, the ATEM Mini.
Ah so it was the cable. That’s interesting. And sure, a crappy old monitor isn’t helping, but very good to know that the cable was the issue. Thanks for updating me.
As a teacher, I use Google classroom, meet, and other educational apps/programs. Will these work within the ATEM mini?
The ATEM doesn't care what you put on screen. It’s just passing a video signal. So if you connect a computer’s HDMI output into an input on the ATEM, then you can put anything you like on screen.
This device is so awesome. I want this so bad, but I legitimately have no use for it at all. I wish I did video production just to own this type of stuff.
.....but I mean at $300 it couldn't hurt to own lol.............
LOL, that's the spirit! ;-)
fantastic product review and good details shared. i was looking for a camera, could kindly suggest one with full HD or 4k that can connect to this ATEM mini. email
the LUMIX G7 is the most affordable camera I know of that is good for this pairing:
Great info! The audio delay is a non-issue for me considering I would only use the Mic inputs for background music. That said, how's the quality? Both inputs are stereo right? Also, just to clear, the HDMI out is only 1080p right?
Both inputs are stereo, can be switched in software between line and mic level, and HDMI out is only 1080p from 23.98 to 60 and all flavors in between.
Thanks for this great video 🤩
thanks for the great comment! ;-)
Hi maybe a silly question but where do i download the software ATEM Television studio?
from blackmagic website. Click on support then type ATEM into the search field.
Does a dslr cam and lets say a xbox connected work for picture and pictures aka can both be used at the same time with using obs for streaming?
@PhotoJoseph yas! Thanks im still waiting because its on back order
Thanks for the great video!
Which harwaer mixer with delay do you suggest? To sync a line in that I can't put as a microphone for the video.
The least expensive device I know of with delay is the Behringer Shark
fantastic product review - I've just ordered one
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