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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

This is a collection of all PhotoJoseph LIVE shows, now featured on the PhotoJoseph LIVE YouTube channel. Additional episodes are listed below!

Auto Switch Camera Angles Using Macros

Photo Moment - March 11, 2021

Have you ever wanted your ATEM Mini to change camera angles automatically? It's a common question, so I created this ATEM (mini) Tip to show you how!

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What this tip is about…

Operating an ATEM Mini is pretty easy, but what if you want the camera angles to change for you? You easily do that using the built-in macros capability! All you need to do is start recording a macro, switch to one input (for example, CAM 1), then insert a pause of however long you want — a few seconds, a minute, whatever! — then switch to CAM 2 (or any other), add another pause, and repeat. That's it!

When you run the macro, it'll switch, pause, switch, pause, etc. And if you want this to continuously switch, you can simply set the macro to repeat! Just don't forget to add a pause at the end of the macro, so that it takes time after the final camera switch, before it starts all over again.

If you want the switches to feel more random, then build multiple rounds of switching into a single macro, each with different timings between inputs, and repeat that. For example, switch to CAM 1, pause 3 seconds… CAM 2, 5 seconds… CAM 3, 4 seconds… CAM 4, 7 seconds… CAM 1, 6 seconds… CAM 2, 3 seconds… CAM 3, 9 seconds… and so-on. You can even change the order that the camera angles switch! Just build a random “pattern” into the sequence, and make it long enough so no one notices that it's repeating. Pretty cool, right? 

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Can a macro be creeated where the switching between 3 or more cameras is random? Likewise can the switching be programmed where the dwell time, the time each camera is live, is variable between an upper and lower time limit?
No, there no random input. However you could record “random” changes (e.g. Cam 1, 3, 2, 1, 4, 2) and pauses (e.g. 10s, 13s, 8s), then loop that. It’d feel random if you make the original string long enough.
Is there any chance you can do a tutorial video on how to use the software (I have the ATEM Television Pro HD, not the Mini) to do instant replays? Our school films the local high school football games for live streaming and it's been a big request.
It’s on my list. You need third party software. I haven’t yet tried this but along with a HyperDeck is supposed to do it. Problem is it supposedly takes about two seconds for the HyperDeck to switch between REC and PLAY so it’s not super-instant. However I’ve also heard that they NEW HyperDecks are faster at switching.
@PhotoJoseph We do have the Hyperdeck Studio Pro HD as well. Thanks for the heads up on the software! I'll start digging into this as well, and I'll look forward to your video.
@Winston Cely it may be a while… so please let me know how you get on with this!
super useful, thanks Joseph
How do you add a transition effect? I have a bmpcc6kpro with ATEM iso extreme. If I use 4k, which I do a lot, I get black bars at the top and bottom, which shows during livestreaming. I'm using a macro to zoom in at 1.07. But I can't get the mix transition to work, just the hard cut. Someone mentioned that you may have covered this in another video, but haven't found it. Thank you.
The BMPCC cameras default to a DCI resolution instead of UHD, hence the black bars. I don’t know why; it’s dumb. To add a transition, just select the type you want, and when you change angles it’ll use it. Seems strange that’s not working for you. Nothing tricky about it.
Excellent vidéo, thanks for sharing, your tutorials are truly the best by far.

I do have one question however, can I do the same for multiple actions? Or multiple macros auto switch instead of cams? Reason I’m asking it’s because I want a different overlay for each cam that’s all.

Excellent vidéo, thanks for sharing, your tutorials are truly the best by far.

I do have one question however, can I do the same for multiple actions? Or multiple macros auto switch instead of cams? Reason I’m asking it’s because I want a different overlay for each cam that’s all.

Good evening thank you for your efforts I have a question please can I do green screen and picture ine picture at the same time
excellent, short and concise. Thank you!
Is there a way to start that script from the ATEM itself once it's programmed?
The having to be explicit about what it needs to do is similar to Photoshop actions. Would be nice if the Atems could allow the insertion of steps between steps without having to go into the xml like PS actions do, but editing the xml doesn’t look too hard.
Yeah agreed. The system is not new, designed on standards ages ago and meant to be very editable. I would love to see some user friendly GUI layers added to this, though.
@PhotoJoseph it seems even more odd since they’ve worked with you on your live stream and absolutely know this is a concern for many. Hopefully it’s in the works.
It’s not “odd”; remember that this tech has been around for a really long time on a high end broadcast level and only in the last two years has this been brought to the general consumer. And it’s something a third party could do. I wouldn’t expect BMD to do anything here. But, I could be wrong!
Ahh, I see. I’m pretty new to hardware switchers so did not actually know how long it has been.
hallo joseph, great tip:) Is it possible to show (or to hear or to feel eg on apple watch) the time left to next switch of a camera to another camera anywhere. regards alexander
No, unfortunately. You only see that a macro is running, not how much time it has left.
What do you record into using atem mini ?
If you have an ATEM Mini Pro or above, you can record the Program out using any USB drive attached to the ATEM. Is that what you're asking?
No, so I only have regular Atem mini. Can I attach my drive to that?
Nope, sorry.
Well said and great video. Question: Is it possible to add fades in the macro instead of only using hard cuts? Thanks again
super useful, thanks Joseph!
Glad you like them!
how to set longer time each camera sir?
program in whatever delay you want in the PAUSE segment
THE MISSING KEY thanks for explaining the sequencing of how ATEM records the macro states and changes...changed my frustration levels to low!!! thanks
You're welcome! It's not obvious, until someone tells you, then it's obvious ;-)
That's a pretty cool trick. Thanks for taking us through that!
My pleasure!
I have owned my mini & mini ISO for 6months... So look for this series to FINALLY help me get the most out of them..... thank you!
That is AWESOME to hear, thanks!! So much more to come 😊
would be nice if I could add random to that macro
I hear ya. The best I can offer is to manually make a seemingly random pattern and repeat that. So for example… Camera 1, Pause 3, C4, P2, C3, P5, C1, P6, C2, P4, etc. If you do this edit in the XML you could make a pretty long string without repeats very easily. If you really wanted it to be random, use a random number generator to generate the patterns. Then repeat one that’s long enough that no one notices the pattern.
These are perfect, thank you for making them!
You're so welcome!
I recently got an ATEM mini extreme. On the last version (mini pro) I had no trouble switching from camera one and camera two, while maintaining lower thirds lyrics provided by camera four. We use the chroma mode for upstream key and we’re able to maintain lyrics superimposed over the two cameras shots fir seemless switching. With the ATEM mini extreme, I do not see an easy way to keep the lower thirds graphics superimposed on the cameras as I could before. I suspect it is because they have added a number of additional available upstream keys. Any ideas?
I don’t have an Extreme, but I don’t see why it’d be any different. When you change sources (CAM1, CAM2, etc.), the USK should not be disabled or changed. Is it turning off? Is the source for the USK changing? Are you changing sources by pressing buttons on the ATEM, or are you using macros to change?
To answer your questions, I was using the large camera switch buttons and the AUTO button to change sources. . The USK would switch off when I did so.

I just watched your second ATEM mini tip video (nice series so far!) where you partially touched on macro setup details that I was not familiar with. I’m wondering if that is my solution and will give that a shot.
For those who have never heard of ATEM, it would have been helpful to get an overview first.
I have many, many overview videos. Can't do an overview every time! Please start here with the "complete tour":
@PhotoJoseph No problem. I clicked from your newsletter and had no idea what the app did. Just a sentence or two at the beginning of the first video saying what the app does would have been helpful. And definitely excited to see what happened with Aperture. I still need to convert mine over!
Man, first video of the series and already love it!
Glad you enjoy it! #2 just got released, too!
Great video Joseph. Looking forward for more.
Thanks 👍 #2 is out now!
Can I stream from my Atem Mini Pro to YouTube AND use same Atem as "webcam" for local presentation (Atem -> PC -> projector)?
Yes. Streaming is via the built-in encoder so is over ethernet. The USB port connected to a computer makes it a webcam. And you still have the HDMI port for multi view.
Can a macro record "engage the loop" feature? So, if I execute a "Run Macro" command from my streamdeck/companion can I get it so the button press plays the macro AND loops the camera switches...? Thx
I just tested it, and no, it doesn't record that. There is a "continue macro" command in Companion, although I don't know what that does TBH… I'd explore that.
@PhotoJoseph THANK YOU... it seems criminal that I get to ask these questions and people like yourself and others are there to help out... what a day and age! I guess what i’m saying is, a big thank you for testing that and making a great suggestion. Cheers!
Good tutorial, but that 'portrait chest enlargement stance' + that ''I'm looking at my monitor and back' impression looks just odd & feels cringy.. :)
so, it's cringy that I'm actually turning to my screen to record the demo, and that I'm standing in front of the camera? Whatever. This isn't a "stance", this isn't an "impression". It's just me standing there recording a demo.
Fantastic tip number 001 down 998 to go.
haha I'll do my best ;-) #2 is up now!
Thanks for the tip! I think I'll try this out this week for our church live stream!
Thanks for going back to the mini, this is amazing and I have not even finished the video yet! But I am already excited about it and i the first few seconds you already answered a few questions I had,. Awaseome carajo!!! haha
haha awesome, I hope they're all that useful for you!
It is a good tip!!! Thanks a lot
You're welcome!
If you have loop engaged, and click another macro from Companion, will the loop stop?
Yes. Only one macro can run at a time.
This is great!!! Thanks
You're welcome!
I must retract this previous statement "Every once and a while you are so amazing words can't explain....only once and a while".

I now have to stay "Frequently you are so amazing words can't explain" .
Hahah best complement ever!
This is the best explanation for me dude.
Sweet! I hope you enjoy them all!
Bitesize perfection!
heheh thank you!
I said I’d like it and I did (:
hehe awesome
Hi, Joseph can you help me about, how i can use Croma efects? i like use my iPad just like presentation source . And I in the front. Can you give us more Macros examples? Thanks!
Hey Fuasto. I'm not sure I understand your question… is this different tips you're asking for, or all one? Can you please elaborate, and I'll add them to my list of tips to record!
@PhotoJoseph he has his iPad as a source, with what he wants to display, and then he wants to chroma himself into that iPad source, his face as the overlay. If you have videos that have visual examples heavy, instead of talking heavy, that'd help our ESL friend.
That’s my guide on how to do a key on the older ATEM. Good idea, do check that out.
Quite nifty for a one-person programme to keep things moving. Thanks!!!
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