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ATEM Mini / Pro Update for Audio Sync Delay!

Photo Moment - June 12, 2020

The Blackmagic ATEM Mini and ATEM Mini Pro just got a long awaited feature — the ability to manually delay audio coming into the Mic 1 and Mic 2 ports! You can also now scale the Upstream Key up, instead of just down. Cool!

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The update is here! Do you know why I experienced the variation? Download the sync tests from and watch Aaron's video to
Man, I’ve spent an hour watching your vids. I think I’m just going to take the rest of the day off and call this a master class. Excellent job!
And I love the hat tip to the other vlogger. That was a boss move.
Thanks for your great videos!
but could I just connect the audio of the console to the camera and just have all the good audio in the camera and from their to the ATEM? thank!
50.00 (large 4K source download to maintain 50.00) - doesn't work
Thanks for the helpful video. The update is so important, that i now think about to buy this device, if itˋs available.=)🙋🏼‍♂️
50p videotest can't be downloaded. thx!
Hi Joseph, I have updated to 8.2.3 but it is not showing the new sync additions. Am I doing something wrong?
Did it thanks Joseph, followed your instructions from the start and all good.
PhotoJoseph, the tutorial is awesome! I tried to download your 59.94 sync test video and Vimeo said there was an issue. Also, I did download the 29.97 video (that's the resolution for one of my cameras) to my iMac. In running the video in both Quicktime and iMovie, my eyes and ears are telling me the sync video is out of sync by 2.5 frames. Is that because I am a noob using novice software? An issue with my hard drive. It is baffling to me, but if it really is off, then I cannot use that video to help sync my ATEM Mini Pro. Any thoughts? Thanks!
Huh how weird, I don’t know why the download wasn’t working but I’ve just updated the link and it’s working again. Thanks for letting me know! As to it not feeling in sync on your computer… the only way to KNOW that it’s in sync is to look at it in a video editor like Final Cut or Premiere where you can see the audio waveform and ensure that the beep lines up with the frame of video that says “in sync”. THe files I’ve delivered are in sync, but as with everything, you should verify it yourself.
Just noticed this today (23/06). Did the frame delay dial changed from 8 frames to 4 frames?
Mine shows 8 frames… what frame rate are you at?
I just checked and I have 8 frames no matter what frame rate I'm set to.
i just realised that i upgraded the ATEM to 8.2.3 on a different laptop and had used another laptop to run the ATEM software with was running the older version 8.2.2
That is how i got 4 frames i guess. iI upgraded all my laptops so that i don't get this problem again.
That’s odd, I would have though that it wouldn’t show up at all on the 8.2.2. Oh well, problem solved!
Many thanks for the excellent tutorials :)
Thanks for watching!
Is it possible that during long stream (2-3h) it is gonna to unsync? I mean, at the beginning you sync audio and video and it is perfect. But after couple hours audio starts to be not sync?
Well… anything is possible :-) But I think you’d find it could be a streaming setting, like not using the right key frame setting. You don’t have much control in the ATEM Mini Pro, but in most manual services you have a lot of settings to get right. Where are you seeing the drift?
@PhotoJoseph now with ATEM Mini it is not a problem. But years ago I was using WEB PRESENTER. It has seriously issus with audio sync via XLR. Sound goes to web presenter diractly from audio mixer (sound delay in mixer). At the start it was always perfect. But a 45 minutes to an hour later sound was out of sync. At the begining just few frames. But longer streaming goes it was worse. Once we had to set 800ms delay at audio mixer.
check your audio sample rate. I'll bet there's a mismatch. If you're video is 29.97, try 441.Khz audio.
Hi Joseph…very informative as usual, and I respect that you not only link to another person’s solution, but give him props in your video. My current cameras don’t have embedded audio and I prefer a bit more precision so, if I do use an ATEM, I’d be using your approach.
The audio delay is huge news for me, but there’s still one major question I have about the Pro unit before getting one for myself or recommending it to others, and I’ve not seen it answered anywhere; though it's similar (in end goal) to a question below. Even if it means tinkering with the XML, do you know if it’s possible to program the Ethernet stream to draw its feed only from one input (say, input 1), but still switch 2-4 on the USB output and retain preview/multiview over HDMI?
The idea is to switch between 2-4 going USB into software like OBS/Wirecast, drop in videos, extra input(s), bug, etc, and feed that back into the Mini Pro as the final Ethernet program feed...with one laptop that doesn’t have to encode the live stream. If that isn’t possible, the alternative I see is to buy the Mini [non-Pro] with a third party encoder, or use a second laptop and capture card, instead of the Mini Pro. Kind of to your point that it’s meant to be all-in-one (and to preserve preview/multiview), I’d rather have that ‘fixed’ Ethernet output in the Mini Pro, shut up, and have BMD take my money :D
thanks for the kudos. Unfortunately no, you can't do what you're asking. You can change the HDMI out to be either Program, Multiview or any single output, but what goes out the ethernet and USB is always the Program.
@PhotoJoseph Darn, not great news but thanks for the reply! I'll have to dig deeper to see if that's a hardware limitation...or inquire about another firmware update.
You’re asking for features that you’ll find in bigger products, honestly. That level of “show me this on output one and something else on output two” is what you find in the bigger (more expensive) ATEMs.
@PhotoJoseph Indeed. I've set up the Videohub 12x12 in a TV studio environment (and Roland switchers, but no ATEMs). The functionality was great but, as you say, those are bigger and more expensive. Based on the [comparatively limited] outputs of the Mini Pro and the ratio of clients who've been willing to pay <$700 vs >$1000 (20+:1) to stream, I don't see them as being in the same market segment.

Fingers crossed that the Mini Pro is technically capable of that kind of functionality, and BMD concludes that a firmware update will only make it even more appealing. Then you can make a new video on that cool new feature :-)
I wouldn’t count on it. Their next level up, the television studio, is $1000 and has more inputs but I think still just one output, and of course doesn’t have the encoder or USB webcam capability built in.
Thanks for this! Good to know you can adjust frame delay now, my church is creeping closer to going for an ATEM mini for live streaming.
I suspect the iPad may not be really in sync itself.
you may want to use something like an actual recorder, and play out from a tv or something
Hmm, interesting. I should try playing the video off multiple devices and recording their screens
Love this update, and your videos...however, I'm thinking of returning or selling my ATEM Mini Pro. PhotoJoseph, since you seem to know so much about this, maybe you can help me. Iif I'm using a Teradek Vidiu Go for my live streaming, I have to send the HDMI output to the Vidiu Go. But that leaves me unable to preview the other cameras. There's so many great features but this one kills it for me. I've also had issues playing high bitrate H264 videos back to this switcher through the HDMI port. Stutter occurs every so often on a longer video. I bought a Roland V8HD as well and there's no issue there with the same video, same laptop and same HDMI cables etc. Anyway, this delay fix was essential but unless you know of a way for me to get around this switchers one lone HDMI output, I feel like it's going back to sender.
I have no idea on the dropped frames, that's interesting. Is it doing a frame rate conversion? That could possibly explain it. But as far as the streaming issue, no. This device really is meant to be an all-in-one. If you want to use another encoder, then this isn't ideal.
@PhotoJoseph The dropped frame issue is odd. I noticed it first on a live stream and then tested for 2 hours after. I used two different videos with no frame rate conversion needed. I tested using various frame rates on the switcher but it was all the same. And again the Roland Switcher never dropped anything. With the Roland I miss the split audio feature of the AMP and the ability to fix or grade each camera's color input (Roland is only on the output). And the backup encoder (to my vidiu go) of course. There are many pluses about the Roland but it's also more than 3 times as much. I'll keep testing this AMP before I let it go.
Even though Aaron's approach is very ingenious, I appreciate the precision of your approach across different frame rates.
I appreciate that!
Perfect! Thanks 🙏
You're welcome!
Hola! desde Madrid, Spain. Record two audios at the same time and compare two audios, audio camera audio + mic audio?
You could… but watch Aaron’s video; he follows that train of thought to a better destination ☺️
I concur!
Thanks for this! Since the HDMI delay of cameras is different, I wonder the best way to calibrate the Mini audio direct in delay when you've got the full enchilada of 4 HDMI camera sources, each with different HDMI delays.
If you're using four cameras with different delays, you're kinda screwed. You can only program in one delay per input. I don't know if you can create macros to change the delay; if so, you could have the delay change as you change camera angles, but you'd hear the shift happen as you switch. Keep in mind if the alternate cameras are far enough away (wide shots) that you can't really see the lip flap closely, then you'll probably get away with it. Sync to the tightest angle.
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