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ATEM Mini Pro — It really is that good

Photo Moment - April 27, 2020

The Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro is a thing of beauty. Packed with features and worth 2x to 3x the price, it's a one-stop shop for your live streaming needs.

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Have you had any problems with monitors for the multiview? I've had issues since day one... every monitor no matter the settings/ frame rate or type of hdmi cord has intermittently turned off and on randomly.
The most recent ATEM update did adjust something in HDMI output to address issues with certain monitors, but I don’t think it was an intermittent problem. There were reports that some HDMI monitors simply didn’t work. If you’re having intermittent issues, I’d try a different cable if you haven’t already (problems are often due to a faulty cable), or it could be a problem with the HDMI port on the ATEM, or just a faulty unit. I have not had the issue you describe, though.
I love all this. Now I just need to come up with about 25k to replicate your system. And some content, too. And then I'll be YT star? Oh mama! Scaramuch Scaramuch! Can you do the fandango?
i can you help the cheap and better cam hdmi for the atem mini pro
Great Show
I need to use 6 cameras plus a computer output to produce a stream
Can I feed I atem mini into a atem mini pro to be able to total 6 cameras?
Obviesly with limitations, but posible?
I purchased the ATEM mini pro, and want to use it to stream to you tube and use the program out to a 4 port hdmi splitter to broadcast it live to other monitors in the building while uploading to you tube. I like the multi view option via HDMI to the a monitor, but do not want that to go out to the 4 program monitors. Can you use a USB c to hdmi adapter and pipe A/V that to the 4 monitors? and keep the MV function on the HDMI out of the atem mini? An extra HDMI out would have fixed this... Thanks!
Nope. One HDMI output and it can be Program or Multiview. And no tricking the USB. You could pull the USB feed into a computer, like to OBS, and rebroadcast through there with additional hardware.
If you use a USB HUB and connect the ATEM, SSD and Computer would you be able to record to SSD and use as WebCam?
A lot of info that makes it easier for all of us. I got a question. Is there a way to see the preview on the PC where the software control is?
no, there isn't unfortunately.
@PhotoJoseph thank you very much
Can we use the multiview and at the same time can I project the pgm out onto a screen directly to project the final output in our church LED
No, one HDMI out means either/or but not both. You can stream the program and use the HDMI for multiview.
Hey Joseph, thank you so much for the info. I'm not sure if you already made a video on this topic but I didn't find it. You talked about ways to both record to an external hard drive and stream to you laptop/pc at the same time. Do you have a video on how to do that exactly? Thank you for your time and efforts.
The ATEM Mini Pro and Pro ISO can record to an external USB drive. Just connect the drive to the ATEM and press record in the ATEM software
11:27 Ask Scott Manley about stream keys and not accidently leaking them. He did that and someone started streaming porn on his account.
Noooooo oops!!
my atem min pro doesnot connect live streaming i plz help me
you're gonna have to provide a LOT more info if you want help, my friend. Or contact me directly at
Great video! Could you cover on how to stream to a different platform other than YouTube or Facebook? I am thinking of using a site called “event stream” to stream my wedding. Thanks!
Also, do you have my suggestions on how to wirelessly send video to the atem mini?
How to split screen on Atem Mini Pro?
Picture in Picture, then adjust the top “layer” to be 100% size and cropped. The bottom “layer” (i.e. the background) can NOT be cropped or moved, so your subject has to sit on the left/right side of the screen.
Does ATEM Mini have multi-view?
The Mini does not. The Mini Pro and Mini Pro ISO do:
Does ATEM Mini have multi-view?
Please do a video about changing the xml file for streamed to a different service.
Nice thanks for this but my question is can one stream to YouTube with the ATEM MIni Pro Hardware using the Internet connection directly and as well send the ATEM mini pro program output as webCam to a system through USB and stream with OBS to facebook, please I reall would need a help here, thanks so much for this video
Good News!...there is a 4 camera limitation work around. I have a 4K HDMI 4x1 switcher hooked up to input 4. So I have cameras on inputs 1-through 3, and the 4x1 HDMI switcher Box on input #4 (as a sub group)...where I put 2- GoPro's and 2- Panasonic G7's on it, for a total of 7 HD-Cameras Feeds. The only issue is, when I switch through the 4x1 sub-switcher, there's a few millisecond of blackness, as the 4x1 switcher drops one signal and picks up the new selected signal...but I just make sure I have channel 1,2 or 3 on the program feed while I'm selecting the proper camera feed from the 4x1 sub-switcher.
hai Joseph, i have atem mini. and the problem i cannot solve is HDMI out, only some type of brand that can receive signal from atem mini, most of monitor computer, cannot receive this signal, i have sony tv 60 inch that can receive signal fro. hdmi out atem mini, but mosy of my exsistingmonitor cannot, also i have my smartphone turn into field monitor using app and cable, cannont receive hdmi out signal, can you help me with this problem ?
or do you have a monitor computer type that can reveice hdmi out signal ?
How do I modify the XML file to stream to a different RTMP network? Do you have another video?
I can through the Atem Mini pro get the image towards the projectors for the screens and people to see? this is for a church that projects the songs and sermon notes, can you? thanks
Does the recording to disk function allow you to make additional edits in Final Cut or Premiere?
RTM file hack... do that video please!
So glad I found your chanel!! Regarding audio. I was planning to use zoom f8 but for an upcoming event I don't have tome to set up, find my delay and adjust so thinking now I'll just have to feed my audio into my cameras. Real bummer. One question not answered in the vídeos I've seen so far, what's you take on getting away from software? I'm going intona situation where I'll be on wifi not eathernet available and in the past have had issues with OBS dropping frames. I purchased the ATEM MINI in hopes that I can go straight from that to YouTube. Is that possible and is my logic correct that by eliminating the editing and processing on my mac, and doning that through the atem I can potentially have a better experience than what I've encountered with using obs and adding graphics/ switching sources there and pushing uo through wifi?
Looks like the ISO solves your setup
I had a question about the primary and secondary streaming options. Does this mean you can stream to 2 different destinations straight from the Mini Pro?
You can have multiple destinations but you can only stream to one at a time (unless your destination is restream/caste etc)
Photojoseph, you wise atem wizard... know how to rig an atem mini and a projector to both receive the same signal from a teacher's laptop? I want to be able to show teacher's powerpoint to the livestream but have them controlling when the slides change (obviously). Was then planning to do picture in picture using the camera.
Ha, after watching the Mini tutorial I subscribed to your channel and saw the Pro tutorial. One question I’d love answered is restreaming to RTMP. Thanks again for great work.
ATEM Mini seems to have a problem with multiple screens at once and fancy overlays. I really feel Streamyard offers a much wider choice of options at a better price.
can i have your old one xD
can you recommend us a playout software independent from any smtreaming soft. i mean like a vcr where we can drop the files and ads and being play ? thanx in advance
Tutorial atem mini pro ISO
Any advice on Youtube connectivity. I can stream to Facebook with no issues, but when I try to YouTube, it does not recognize the BMD ATEM mini pro as a Webcam. Therefore my screen on the top left corner never populates.
Are you streaming to YouTube from the ATEM Mini Pro, or are you using the ATEM Mini Pro as a webcam in YouTube on the web? Two different approaches. You should definitely be doing the first. Choose Youtube in the streaming setup and enter your key; that’s it.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks for the reply. Being that I am using a camera to view the Pastor on stage, I have to use the ATEM Mini Pro as the Webcam. Presently, it will connect to my iMac Webcam, but that will not give me a view of the stage. Facebook recognizes it, but we really prefer to use Youtube.
First time EVER I've asked someone on YouTube to answer a question. So far you would have to answer 685 comments if that were even possible?!
I'm still stuck on the issue of ONLY one HDMI out. You said my audience will not see me access Multiview. By Audience did you mean those that I stream to? I'm going to use this in a live environment as at the same time and I my local monitor shows the multiview whenever I press it. AND everyone is right YOU'RE GOOD - Keep your Day job! We appreciate you.
Im interested in purchasing the Atem Mini Pro but want to stream over Wirecast. How do i connect the Atem Mini pro to live stream through software? Can i connect it to my PC and how? Your help is appreciated.
Wirecast will see the USB signal or you can convert HDMI to USB with another box and feed that to Wirecast
if i connect the atem mini pro to my pc via usb can i record to the pc by selecting the pc as the diskto be recorded to on the software !? is there any way to record from it to the pc without using a third party app like obs or wirecast !?
I’m confused can you use the c port output for multi-view then use hdmi out for a projector? Everyone says something different. Please help and thank you!
No. USB-C is either for recording to a SSD drive, or for outputting the program to your computer as a webcam (so the Program is seen in zoom, skype, etc.). HDMI is either Multiview or Program. Mix and match as you please. You can NOT get multiview out the USB-C.
Is the streaming in atem mini pro reliable? did you have any issues, interruption, freese ... ?
Just found your shows yesterday and you got a new fan.
Got the ATEM Mini when it came out (hardly used it sadly) and realize that ATEM Mini Pro is the thing...
Just got the Feelworld LUT7S monitor on my GH5 too, and realize that I might have been better of with an ATMOS Ninja with recording options.
There is a lot of useful information for a newbie those seconds at the end of this show.
Already been looking at the HOLLYLAND Mars 400S for more flexibility on camera placing.
Your videoes are so good that I need to dive into your previous ones to see if you have made any "This is how you set up your gear for a on-the-road-streaming-event" with as little gear as posible using the ATEM Mini/ATEM Mini Pro.

Another thing is that my MacBook Pro is giving me a warning that the Blackmagic software (for UltraStudio Mini Recorders, hardware I see I actually only use running directly to Wirecast) will not work in coming versions of the MacOS. I guess Blackmagic will release new software versions in time... Then again... will I use Wirecast after this. You have given me tons to think about!

Again: Thank you for the very good shows PhotoJoseph. Very very helpful to a newbie!
What SSD did you use in this video to record to you external hard drive?
I noticed there’s a lot of delay on the Multiview. Is that because of editing or is that really how bad the ATEM Mini Pro lags?
I have 2 questions please:

#1 - Can you see any difference on the HDMI vs USB to PC connection quality?
#2 - Do you have any tips on how to hook a FocusRIte Scarlet 2:2 Gen 3 that has a mini usb to the ATEM for audio?

Thank you so much and blessing - Chris
Could one record the video to an SD card connected to an external card reader instead of a hard drive?
I just got my ATEM Mini. The latest software DOES include "delay" in the audio settings.
Thats awesome, this was the killer for me. I guess I can get one soon then.
isaacu on the “MINI” or the “MINI PRO”?
I assume both with the latest update. It's in the sound mixers section.
@isaacu Yes, I have it on the Atem Mini Pro as well. Thanks for letting us know. It’s so small and most people will actually miss it.
very good run through. I have comb through so many channels, but yours is the most practical. thanks for your hard work. Just a questions, I am thinking of using this to replace my Streamlabs OBS, but there are some functions that I just cldnt figure out, like how to set the pic in pic to a larger size in the preview pane (so far I only see that it straight away go to Program window)
Hi Joseph, fantastic video, this is so helpful! I wanted to ask you if you can record on the SSD directly even if you don't stream live anywhere. Just simply record what your cameras are seeing!
Thanks a lot in advance
Can you do a video on how to stream ATEM Mini to Zoom or Hopin?
I got one, don’t need it anymore ( haven’t open the box) 📦 🇺🇸
Mi cámara muestra los ajustes en la pantalla (Cannon) y quiero transmitir en Microsoft Teams live. Podría decirme cómo puedo transmitir?

Yes, keen to understand how to modify XML file to Live stream to RTMP streaming like Vimeo or Dacast, etc?

Will you be posting another video on this as many people will be super keen to understand how to achieve and do this?

I also use services like Restream or Switchboard Live to Simulcast out to multiple locations at once like;

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Periscope
  • Twitch
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram

These platforms only use RTMP

By the way thanks for a great video and very professionally executed  


Rob Roytel

The Streaming Guy

Hi Rob, yes I definitely will. I’ve had several requests already!

— Have you signed up for the mailing list?

Hi Joseph,

   My name is Sonny. I watch your videos all the time. I purchased the MEVO cameras in the past because of your very good reviews. Now I purchased the ATEM MINI Pro. Just wondering if you can make a short video on how to fix a couple of my issues with Atem Mini Pro. I can’t seems to find any out there that explains.


1. Atem Mini Pro is not showing the blackmagic as webcam in facebook, youtube and OBS  to chose when connected via Ethernet (Not USB-C). I tried on my Surface pro 4, Lenovo PC tablet and to my MacOS Sierra. All with same result.The good thing is, I am able to control the atem software.


2. Atem Mini Pro is not allowing me stream on facebook and youtube by using a stream key. These are the same results for USB-C and Ethernet adaptor connectivity.


I could be doing something wrong. I’m new to all of this. Just want to know if the product is defective before I do something to maybe exchange it from Blackmagick.








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