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ATEM Mini Macros from Scratch

Photo Moment - February 21, 2020

The ATEM Mini is a powerful device on its own, but once you start writing macros for it, hoo-boy… you can make this thing sing! This video is a lesson in how to create macros, and the process for figuring out what you need to do to make the macro that you need. I'll take you on the journey of figuring out how to fade a mic input from zero (full volume) to minus-infinity (silent) over time, which requires a little bit of macro trickery. What you learn here, however, can be applied to making any macro you desire.

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Comments from YouTube

You’re a rock star. Thanks so much. Blackmagic has horrible info on this stuff. Thank god for youtubers like you. Much appreciated.
For all of those BASIC and HTML programmers who thought you would never program again....!
AWeSOME!!! could you send that xml file?... cheers...
No way to send here but you can make your own… best way to learn!
FANTASTIC PRIMER. I've set up an auto-switching camera macro that my client wanted. Thank you!
Cool Well done!
Joseph you’re an awesome teacher and YouTube creator. As a teacher myself I really appreciate your thoughtful structuring of you training videos, clear delivery style and the look of your presentation. Well done, you’re an inspiration to me.
Hey Joseph, thanks for your always very informative Videos. I have a question and I hope somebody here can help me out: is it possible to do 3 parallel live streams over one yt channel at a time? Would be very thankful for an answer...
I’ve done two before, no problem. Never tried three but I don’t think there’s a limit.
@PhotoJoseph thank you
Can these macros then be run from a stream deck?
Hello, please tell me how good is the live streaming with Atem Mini Pro?
This is great, thanks for sharing. Can these marcos be used to create split screens? So presenter to camera in a vertical third on the left say, then keynote presentation coming from a mac on the right two thirds?
Sort of… you can position the key (the picture in picture) anywhere, at any scale, and cropped however you like. But you can NOT move the "back plate". That is stationary.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks very much. I will stop tinkering to try and change something that can't be changed and get on with my life!
While I haven't got my ATEM Mini yet... I've been swotting up for the exam!

Love the tip about saving your files with a timestamp; I can't begin to think of how many times that would have saved my ass...ignment! 😂😂😂
Thanks for a super informative and helpful video. The Mini Pro my work ordered is coming in any day now. Have you tried setting up macros to navigate through the media pool? Hoping I can make a couple to move forward and back through it rather than having to make one for each slot. Any insights or suggestions you have are appreciated. Continuing the google search until I have the unit in front of me to play with, lol. Thanks again for the tutorial.
Hola, gracias por el tutorial!. Disculpar que escriba en español... mi ingles no es muy bueno, una duda: Sabéis si existe la posibilidad de hacer una "Macro circular infinita"?, me explico: durante infinito tiempo esté cambiando de camara1 a camara2, y luego otra vez de camara1 a camara2, etc,?. Muchas gracias, y enhorabuena PhotoJoseph por tu canal de youtube
si, es posible.
Can an ATEM Macro be assigned to a Hot Key or a Stream Deck or Deckboard button?
yes. Watch Aaron’s video:
Very cool Joseph! With the finished Macro, can you trigger that from say a StreamDeck or does it have to be triggered from the ATEM Mini itself?
I trigger mine from an iOS app called Strata Macros . You can use a Streamdeck with some third party integration; Aaron covers that in this video:
Wow. Thank you for this tutorial and the creative ideas on using macros.
My pleasure!
more macro stuff please
I'll do it!
Nicely done Joseph... wouldn't be nice if you could assign a seldom/never used button to a macro!
yeah it would be!
They should add midi control
Thank you very much. Very clear instructions. You are a gifted teacher. Enjoy your video very much.
aw thank you 😊
Great tutorial.
Thank you!
great job.. thx. Would love to see more macro videos in the future.
ANythign specific?
Thanks for the clear and thorough video. Is there a way to have a macro loop? Say changing between three cameras on a live music performance stream?

I’ve done this in OBS but that was with multiple cameras connected on different capture cards. Using the ATEM mini obviously only is seen as a single source in OBS. Hope that makes sense. For me there will often be times where it’s hard to do switching and performing. :)
yes, you can make any macro loop. There's a "loop" button in the ATEM software in the Macro panel
Such a great explanation, thank you!
great work :):) thanks
Thank YOU!
Hey Joseph, I'm getting ready to call deep on a BM Atem Studio pro. Although one point that doesn't seem to be covered by anyone is doing a side by side interview. Like news reporters talking to remote guest on either side of the screen but live. Now editor brain say's "Just do a macro where for a wipe transition and the the T-Bar at 50% and just L & R frame the talking heads. UNLESS you got a simpler way to go about it.
You can do it without the wipe. Try to tune into today’s (April 8) live show as you’re the second person to ask about it. If you’re there let me know in the chat that this is what you want to know.
So Helpful 😀 thank you so much.
my pleasure!
Could please review the NEWTEK Tricaster Mini, all Set with the PTZ Cams
I'll keep it in mind but unlikely I'll get to that one, sorry
Great explanation! Just curious; are there keyboard short cuts to the macros? I would love to be able to use them with my programable mouse buttons.
Not natively, but I’m quite sure there are tools to do that. Best place to research that would be the Blackmagic forums.
Ah this would have saved me at my last show! Thanks so much.
Glad it helped! There's so much power in macros…
If you play back music from a musicrecording software you would not have to bother with that or if you use a mixer you do it manually.
Correct. I have music coming in on one of the inputs (was a computer but now I’ve got an old iPod that is just on permanent shuffle) and want to fade that out on show open. I’ve now reversed it as well to fade back in on show close.
SUPER DUPER DOPE! please more macros. more advanced stuff on occasion. anything leading edge that you are working on is helpful.
Thanks man, I appreciate that. I enjoy the more advanced videos but they take longer and don’t get the views… so hearing that people truly appreciate them means a lot!
Right on. I’ll keep it in mind!
Thank you Joseph for a great tutorial. Would love to see more macro videos in the future. ⭐
PhotoJoseph, you are the best!
aw shucks, thanks!
Thanks for the Awesome Macro Tutorial. Wonderful details and explanations.
Glad you enjoyed!
Awesome lesson on how to achieve the complexity of the ATEM Mini without having to study the programming language to the macro. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, you are truly an Artist in sharing this and Thank You for extending my Production Tools. Marcos no longer look that dangerous or difficult to play with. Your shared knowledge is appreciated!
Thank you Randy, I appreciate that!
Hi PJ, how are you? Just a quick question, as my source of everything video and audio. Can I use a Tentacle sync with my GH5 and Zoom H5? I am trying to be more professional with my audio capture, can I sync with the Zoom H5
I've never used it so I can't say, however unless you're jam syncing multiple cameras, there's no value to this. Editors like Final Cut and Premiere do an incredible job of syncing based on the audio. Just make sure your camera is recording a "scratch" audio, i.e. just the internal mic is fine, and they will sync up perfectly.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks PJ, I thought it would make my WF smoother. I am not using multiple devices just my GH5 and boom mic capturing audio on the Zoom H5.
yeah, you don't need to sync timecode.
Do you have a GitHub repo for your macros ?
Sure you can — it'll get blocked but I'll see it and unblock it.
PhotoJoseph ok. After dinner time. I’ll put my Atem config on github and post the link
Thanks… I'll check it out!
PhotoJoseph I’m just scratching the surface of Atem macros so my actual macros configuration is not great, but the sharing and group use of the github repository is where the power is.
clever. Thanks! good job and good teaching :)
Thank you!
imho, this macro functionnality is nice, but an actual programming language would be better (say python or js or something), we're missing things like loops, tests, variables and the like
@PhotoJoseph sure, I meant there should be also a more advanced solution for those who want / can get into it
Ah… well that’d be an entire second language to support that’d have to be compatible with the first… again, I don’t see that happening, but what do I know! If you’ll be at NAB, that’d be a good place to ask about it.
@PhotoJoseph well, technically that would be a language against the existing programming C++ API that is available...
That is, and also isn't possible. The thing is, macros run on ATEM, not on the pc, and ATEM is frame locked, so it can't run anything that is not fixed timing. So the macros are just simple lists.

OTOH, if you don't mind having some kind of a computer around, there is official c++ library and a bunch of unofficial c++, python, node, arduino etc... stuff that can programmatically do anything.
What David said ;-)
seems like a bug fix from Blackmagic could fix this...
lets wait for NAB
A bug fix to fix what…
Well, to fix the macros…
I shouldn’t have to learn how to do code to do a simple macro. That’s why I called it a bug fix, unless they wanna pay me to do code for them which I don’t know how to do… LOL
Yeah that’s not a bug.
Happy to see your new video
Thank you so much!!! Greetings from Spain!
I'm first... 💔
Haha thank you!
@PhotoJoseph welcome 😜😂😂👍
Love your videos on the ATEM Mini. I would like to see one where you use it to green screen and show exactly what needs to be done to do that. I have seen from other videos from others that it can be done using the atem software but it wasn't explained very well.
Sure thing… um, how did you find this video? It was unlisted for captioning… unless you’re the caption writer? If so, cool! If not, please tell me how you found this video. That’s super weird.
@PhotoJoseph It is listed in your playlist for the ATEM Mini.
CheapFuneral oh interesting… unlisted still shows up in playlists. Good to know!!

Hi Joseph, first off big thanks for the in-depth video on marcos. I’m working on a OBS/BM mini streaming rig for a DJ. We’re looking to set up auto-switching between 3 cameras (which I’ve learned how to do from you & Aaron) and would like to create an override macro that pauses the auto-switching and cuts to camera 1 so the DJ can talk on the mic. And then another macro that resumes auto-switching. 

Are the latter two macros possible? If you have any tips or can point me to any resources please do let me know. I’m more of an audio guy, so this is a bit over my head. Thx!



Hi Mike. If you build a macro to run through cameras (i.e. switch to cam 1, hold 10 seconds, switch to 2, hold 10, switch to 3, hold 10), then enable looping and Recall and Run

…and run that looping macro, it'll go until you stop it. You don't have to stop it; you can just click another macro and that will take over. The challenge is that whatever you hit next will loop as well, until you turn off looping. So I'd run your looping macro, then when you want to switch to the DJ, turn off loop and hit a macro that switches to him. When you want to go back to the loop, enable loop and hit that looping macro.

One thing you could try (but I'd definitely test it) is if the DJ macro is just a simple camera change, don't worry about disabling looping. Yes it'll “loop”, continuously sending the camera switch command to the ATEM, but it shouldn't matter. But I'd test it, in the event it freaks out the ATEM. You could also build a delay at the end of that command so the loop isn't immediate; i.e. “switch to cam 1 and pause for 10 minutes”. The pause won't do anything except then the command will only loop every ten minutes instead of 30 times per second. 

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