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Additional Minor LUMIX Firmware Updates

Photo Moment - November 22, 2019

A bunch of other minor firmware updates were released for other LUMIX cameras this week, and I wanted to be sure you didn't miss them!

Complete List of Updated Cameras

Micro Four Thirds

LUMIX Micro Four Thirds Updates Download Page

Compact Cameras

LUMIX Compact Cameras Updates Download Page

  • LX10 / LX15
  • TZ200 / TZ202 / TZ220 / ZS200 / ZS220
  • TZ90 / TZ91 / TZ92 / TZ93 / ZS70

Firmware Update Procedure

(Compact Cameras use same procedure as G Series Cameras)


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📄 Full Video Transcript

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Comments from YouTube

Hey Photo Joseph, Just went to update my lenses ... When I opened the Zip file i got a .lin file is this correct?
speliotis try it. Did you read the installation instructions to see if they’re any different? Just copy the file to the SD card and try the installation. If it isn’t right, it’ll tell you.
Thanks for getting with me on this... When i opened the zip file I only got an EXEC grey card... .lin I watched the videos & read instructions yes... hmmmmmm
But have you tried putting the .lin file onto the memory card and installing it?
yes It doesnt recognize it... I will try again tomorrow....
speliotis what lens are you trying to update?
Thank you Photo Joseph for these easy to follow instructions... Does this camera update have any affect on the lenses we use? i presently use the (12-35mm) & the (35 - 70mm) ? is there a link that you know of to see if these lenses have a recent update.. they are on version 1.
I show exactly this in the video… please watch all two minutes of it. Thanks.
I just want at least 50mbit for 1080p60 for G85. They upgrade all Cameras but they dont even make the G85 worth to buy
Then the G85 isn’t the camera for you my friend. It’s not worth it “to you”. Still very worth it to a lot of other people ;-) Check out the G9, it’ll give you what you want and it’s under $1,000 right now.
I don't understand that EC update on the gx800. Didn't notice any difference. I still have to click up once to activate EC adjustment just like before. Or what am I missing?
Since I don’t have one of those cameras, I can’t check it myself, sorry. All I know is what’s on the webpage!
Ahh well that explains the i.s. turning off "randomly" that I noticed. kewl
Hi PJ, hope all is well with you and family. I used your link and updated my GH5, thanks
All the links you need are here:
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