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The Time Has Come!! I think #1
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by Graham Parker
September 4, 2016 - 4:49pm

Hi  Joseph @PhotoApps.Expert It is about time that I moved on from aperture. Lets face it Im only really using it as a library anyway. Am I correct in saying that you have moved over to Lightroom as I have just found some of your live tutorials on moving to LR from an aperture perspective ?? and also noticed you using it in a photomoment.

If this is the case will the live tutorials be continuing, as I enjoy the way you teach it clicks with me and learnt a lot with the Aperture ones. If so you will have a new member here and Ill sign up to watch the LR ones.

Have just downloaded LR as I have PS cc and played with it for only about 10 mins. First thoughts very quick. But why the ……. are some of the keyboard shortcuts different!!! I have been using PS seriously for about a year now and was given one of those keyboard covers with all the short cuts written on in bright colours and have learnt all the common ones, but in LR the first two I went to use are different. As I said only 10 mins in so expect will be able to change them as I progress through.




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