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Sony A7ii RAW Support? Info, theories, guesses? #1
Ken P.'s picture
by Ken P.
January 17, 2015 - 9:51am

Does anyone have any information or even theories/guesses about support for Sony A7ii RAW files in Aperture?

I was one of the ‘hang tight, wait for Photos’ crowd but now that I can’t work with RAW files for this camera, I’m about done.

Can anyone talk me off the ledge with something hopeful about the likelihood of a RAW update for the A7ii?

Thomas Emmerich's picture
by Thomas Emmerich
January 18, 2015 - 4:53pm

Apple’s schedule for adding MacOS X RAW support for a particular camera can range from 0 days (i.e. before the camera is even available to the general public. Believe it or not this has happened to the Canon Digital Rebel line a couple of times). to 3 months to never. In other words, we have no idea. Only Apple knows. 

Just sit tight and shoot RAW+JPEG for awhile.


Ken P.'s picture
by Ken P.
January 19, 2015 - 3:05am

Thanks, Thomas.

So RAW support for a particular camera is at the OS level, and doesn’t require an Aperture update, correct? If so, I’m a bit more hopeful. I did confirm that Adobe aready added A7ii RAW support.

I do shoot RAW + JPG, however without RAW support I’m limited to editing the JPG within Aperture for the time being.

I guess I can hold off a little while longer and hope it’s more on the 3 months end of the “3 months to never” scale.


Milt Anglin's picture
by Milt Anglin
January 19, 2015 - 6:29am

To me this shows that photography and photographers are way down on the list at Apple. When Photos does finally come out I doubt it will geared for the serious photographer. It might catch up after a few updates, like Final Cut Pro, but who can wait for that.

Adobe keeps up with new photography products because it is a big chunk of their business.  As for Apple, they appear to be far more interested in the latest iPhone, iPad, iWatch or iWhatever. I have been using Aperture since version 1.5 but I really feel it is time to move on.

Hello Capture One!


Ken P.'s picture
by Ken P.
March 21, 2015 - 3:27pm

I can confirm that Apple’s RAW Compatibility Update released earlier this month adds support for the Sony A7ii.  The update is version 6.03

I can now edit RAW files for this camera in Aperture.

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