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Problem with COP9 and STYLES #1
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by Tom Carroll
December 6, 2015 - 1:45pm

I’m using MAC OS 10.11.1 (El Capitan) on iMac 12.2 when running Capture One PRO 9 (build - f31d002). Something appears amiss in Capture One Pro 9 related to saving and using STYLES.  I created an COP9 catalog from my COP8 catalog with at least two apparent problems.  Keywords imported with no problem, ratings imported with no problem.  Minor problem is printer/export PROCESS RECIPES did not port from COP8.  I can manually recreate said RECIPES.  Now for the major problem: When I attempt to save a STYLE in COP9, COP9 does not know where to put the style: it can’t find the STYLE LIBRARY.  In images created in COP8 with STYLES, I can see the STYLES in COP9 but I cannot invoke the COP8 STYLES in COP9.  Furthermore, if I delete a COP8 created STYLE in COP9, I cannot later invoke the STYLE in the same image.  The STYLE just goes away because COP9 cannot find and access the STYLE LIBRARY as near as I can tell.  I have VERIFIED THE CATALOG, and catalog verifies OK.  But no change in elusive STYLE problem; it’s still there. There’s more: all of the above happened on my desktop.  To further test, I deleted COP8 from my laptop and installed a fresh new version of COP9.  Before I did anything on my laptop I attempted to create, save, and use STYLES.  Same problem: no change.  Sounds like a serious problem to me. Question: Is this a know problem?  If not, what am I doing wrong?  Many thanks.  I’m looking forward to using COP9 AFTER I get this little problem solved.  1512050900  — Case number: 206262  Let me know on the forum post if you have experienced the same problem.  I have reported the problem to Phase One.

Tom Carroll

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