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by John James
April 23, 2015 - 6:17am


Seems to me that Capture One is the closest and maybe even the better alternative to Aperture. There are many reasons that have been discussed already. 

What I’m getting at is that in the past @Joseph did us and himself the greatest service of all time by having the ApertureExpert website with all the video tutorials, webinars and discussions to get everybody up to speed on all facets of Aperture. Seems only natural that within PhotoApps.Expert a similar thing could be done to help everybody and generate business for @Joseph targeting Capture One fanatics. 

Anything like this specifically planned anytime soon? 

@Joseph, have you actually decided what platform you might adapt for your own use? Is it Capture One or maybe LR?


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by MikeA
April 23, 2015 - 10:31pm

I think Joseph made his intention clear that he wants to stay independent of a single developer in the future, to prevent what happened to

However, it will be interesting to see where this site is headed to. Is anybody else surprised that, to this day, we had not a single news entry on the front page concerning the release of Lightroom 6? I was under the impression that Joseph was using LR for some time now.

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by Jon Kirshner
April 26, 2015 - 7:18pm

I qm hoping that Joseph will become more involved with Capture One Pro and how we Aperture users can relate to and use this software. I decided to put Lightroom and C1P into my “Finals”. I do not want to try the free trials since it will take me longer than 30 days to figure things out. So, I have been reading whatever I can find that makes sense. The important features to me are: DAM/Library importing and organization, method and size of referencing Libraries/Catalogs and previews/thumbnails, and corporate responsiveness to issues and future support.  I am not prepared to determine if the rendering and editing tools are better in one or the other program. They both are highly regarded, so I will just accept that once I decide, I will not be disappointed.

It appears to me that C1P is the closest of all programs to the way that I have used Aperture to import raw files, organize my library, and modify the metadata.

While my raw files will all be referenced (external drive), I do not know how large the C1P Catalog will be and whether this is something that can be ‘modified’ as we can with the Aperture Library. My raw files are 617GB and my Aperture Library is 65GB.  This is a major concern for me.  Currently I have limited space on my local drive, and am trying to find out the what will happen with CP1 and Lightroom if their ‘Libraries’ are maintained on my local drive or if they are located on my external drive.

Last, many have posited that Phase One is and will be more responsive to support issues, speed of improvements, and future maintenance and support.  I am concerned that LR is considered less than an equal partner with Photoshop. As a result, I foresee that it may be possible that Adobe will do the same thing to LR that Apple did with Aperture. Of course, asking all LR users to transition to Photoshop.  Also, it seems that the latest update to LR (6) is more about certain editing tools than about some things that would be of more interest to me when transitioning from Aperture.

Still using Aperture and looking for answers.


Jon Kirshner's picture
by Jon Kirshner
April 27, 2015 - 7:13pm

Very impressed with Phase 1 tech support. Asked them some questions this weekend and received a reply today.  Yes, their Catalog should be located on the local drive.  The size will be similar to the Aperture Library, and you can change the quality of the previews in ‘Preferences’. 


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