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New Work Flow / Going forward - How are you doing it #1
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by Kelly Sleeper
August 28, 2014 - 7:16am

I’m really trying to look at all the great things in LR.. I mean I’m really trying and I can find a lot of things to like but damn folks.

Exporting to my proof galleries for clients from LR sucks and Facebook is a joke from LR.   Lets just say management of photos after whatever editing is done belongs to Aperture hands down.    So I guess it’s cull and edit in LR and Photoshop export to jpg, then store, export and share from aperture / future photo on.    Mostly this work flow for high iso wedding receptions and things where the noise reduction and some of the filters in LR allow me to not go to Photoshop.     

So I actually feel like the extra time to export to jpg and import with aperture as referenced for storage of final images and dispersement.   Being jpg the disk space will be limited unlike and exported tiff or something at 135 meg per file so lightroom originals would sill be there in the catalog if needed.  

My studio work goes directly into Aperture at this point which just adds to the probability of screwing things up.  

How are you doing it? 


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