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Lost images in Aperture #1
IRA DICK's picture
July 22, 2015 - 11:22am

I downloaded a series of images from my last photo shoot.

They appear in Aperture OK, but when I try to change Adjustments I get the message Image Not Found.

I deleted the files from my SD card, but obviously the images are in Aperture.

How can I find the lost images so I can work on them.

I hope it’s an easy fix as I have 106 photos in this project.



Vena Sankar's picture
by Vena Sankar
October 4, 2017 - 8:00am


Any chance you found a solution to this issue?  Would appreciate any insight you gained in solving this as I have a similar problem.  In cleaning up my photo storage (multiple libraries, some managed, some referenced, and multiple storage locations) I have managed to delete several folders of photos (folder exists, but no contents).  I’m pretty sure I was attempting to move all images to an external hard drive to make it easier to back up and to find files.  Anyway, Aperture displays thumbnails, so I know they made it in Aperture at some point, but now it appears that the original files are gone.  Is there any way to export an image from Aperture when it says referenced file not found - even if it is a low resolution image?



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