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Keywords in Keyword HUD expanding after adding new keyword #1
Hans Douma's picture
by Hans Douma
July 30, 2014 - 1:23am


A question about a possible setting of the keyword HUD in Aperture I might haver missed:

My keywords are organized in a number of main groups, each containing multiple keywords and groups. Normally I keep all these groups collapsed, because the number of keywords in a main group can be significant. When I want to enter a new keyword, I find the (sub)group where the new keyword should be put in, type the new keyword and press Return. What then happens is pretty annoying: all groups within the main group now expand. Since I have many, many keywords, finding the just entered new keyword is a challenge.

I wonder, is there a setting that will prevent  Aperture redisplay from expanding everything ?

Tom Payne's picture
by Tom Payne
August 25, 2014 - 10:09am

Not sure about the setting I’ve never seen something that will prevent expansion but as a HUGE fan of Aperature’s key-wording I usually just use the search bar at the top of the Keyword HUD to look for the correct keyword to apply.  When there is a “duplicate” it will also show the higher level category.  When you type them in you will get the “short” list then I just drag and drop the correct keyword from the HUD onto the pictures.  A nice extra feature is that if you select multiple images and drag a keyword over one of the selected images it will be applied to all the selected photos at once.

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