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iPad with Retina Display as interim step to MacBook Pro with Retina Display #1
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by Les
December 3, 2013 - 8:02pm

I eventually intend to upgrade my current non-Retina Display MacBook Pro to a MBP with a Retina Display. However, I don’t have the fund available at the moment. I was wondering if an iPad Air (has RD) would provide far better resolution than my current MPB by enabling me to use the iPad as a second display while using Aperture on my current MBP? I often end up connecting my MBP to my 30” Cinema Display, so that I can get better resolution. However, that is a pain, since I have to disconnect the Cinema Display from my MacPro.  I’m looking for a portable hi resolution option and I’m hoping iPad/MacBook Pro/Aperture combo can suffice, until I can upgrade my MBP.  Any thoughts?

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