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Import of Aperture (iPhoto Option) Library to Capture One #1
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by Fletch
March 13, 2015 - 9:14pm

Have experimented with 30 day evaluation version of Capture One 8 I have decide to give it a go as my path tot he future.  Now it is time to import my Aperture Library to Capture One and I have run into a problem.

When I initially installed Aperture 3 (about 18 months ago) I was given the option of converting to an Aperture Library or using the existing iPhoto Library and I opted for the iPhoto Library as they are supposed to be interchangeable.  Now I appear to have a problem in importing the Library to a Capture One 8 Catalog.

When attempt to use the Capture One 8 Library Catalog function I am given the option of importing three types of existing catalogs: 1) Lightroom;  2) Aperture;  or  3) Media Pro.     I select the Aperture option and navigate to where my Aperture (iPhoto Library) is stored but it is greyed out and and can not access it.  Even thought I use Aperture exclusively to manage my Library and workflow it is not available as an import option.

Is there is simple way to covert the iPhoto Library to an Aperture Library - so that I can then import in into Capture One 8?

Am I going to need to open a new Aperture Library and then import my entire iPhoto Library into it so that I can then import that into Capture One 8?  I have about 800GB of photos and not looking forward to duplicating that and then duplicating again in Capture One 8.

Also, I would love to be able to downsize my existing Aperture/iPhoto files by eliminating 80% of the RAW files from my RAW+Jpeg entries but am stumped.  Any help will be appreciated as there must be others who are having or will have the same questions in converting from Aperture to Capture One 8.

Thanks - Fletecher - From Lijiang China

Fletch - Living in Lijiang China

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by MikeA
March 14, 2015 - 1:28am

Check this out:…

I would probably start a fresh new Aperture library and simply drag and drop the iPhoto events over and see what happens.

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