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I select an import folder but in library my images appear elsewhere.. #1
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by Darryn
September 23, 2015 - 2:54am

Hi Everyone,

This is probably basic but I’m lost as a Lightroom newbie.

On my mac, the images I import to lightroom reside at pictures/lightroom/images.   If I am in the library module, this shows correctly on the left panel.

I imported some images last night and in the right panel of the import window, I selected the correct subfolder in which to import the images.   This was pictures/lightroom/images/family2015.   After import, back in the left pane of the library module, a duplicate “family2015” folder had been created on top of my normal file structure to which my images were shown.  From a hierarchal perspective, it appeared as pictures/lightroom/family2015 - so outside the “images”folder.

If I use finder to look at where the images are actually residing, they are in the correct folder - pictures/lightroom/images/family2015.   But when I select this folder back in Lightroom, they are not there - they are in this new folder residing a level up.

Here’s a screen grab video of whats happening..

Has anyone come across this before?  What am I doing wrong?

Thanks and cheers


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