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Help w/ laptop + Aperture setup..starting from scratch. #1
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by Mark S
April 18, 2013 - 7:10pm

It's that time of the decade again…time to update my computer, which seems to be on its last legs: an aging Mac Pro with 4 x 1TB drives (2 drives are clones of others) and a 1TB Time Capsule. I'd call myself a prosumer (though not particularly technical)…I work with both images and video and a variety of apps - Aperture, FCP, some PS, etc. Right now I have about 1.5TB of unique files and it continues to grow, maybe adding 500GB-1 TB a year in both images/video? A wild guess.

I wanted to get any advice on 2 items: overall setup for a completely new setup, and if I should RAID 0 v 1 (or something else).

Here does my best guess:
MBP w/512GB SSD: houses all apps and Aperture library. I travel a lot during the day and also need a 15” screen, thus the MBP.

MBP then connects via Thunderbolt to…

G-TECH 4GB (or 6TB?) RAID drive: set to RAID 0 (or RAID 1?) this would house all my referenced images as well as other media. Not sure is RAID 0 is the better choice - if it provides great speed benefits over RAID 1 if I have referenced images. Or if I need RAID at all.

Above drive then connects via Thunderbolt to 2 devices:

1. Apple Cinema display (1 generation older than current gen)
2. G-TECH 4GB drive: partitioned into
a. 512GB: clone of my internal MBP drive using SuperDuper (at least that is the app I use now) - I think I would like to have a bootable clone at the ready like I have now.
b. 3.5TB: clone of the RAID drive (or should I use Time Machine?)

I also have the 1 TB Time Capsule. Which perhaps I can hook up to the MBP to continuously backup the internal drive, though I'm not sure Apple would let me use Time Machine to manage the drive in 2b plus the external Time Capsule?

Anyway, just curious how batty I have gone, or if I'm on the right track.
I'm not tied to anything - using RAID, Time Machine, brand of drives, or software (well, I am tied to Aperture! ☺ )
Any advice would be reeeeally helpful!

Mark S's picture
by Mark S
April 19, 2013 - 2:07pm

Ooops…as you may have guessed, I mistakenly have “4GB” instead of “4TB” above (living in the distant past!  :) )

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by olvia
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by olvia
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