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Help making a Preset #1
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by FlickPhotos
December 17, 2013 - 7:51pm

Hey there, I know I am new to this forum, but I was hoping this collective could help out.  I have been trying to build a preset the simulates an older film camera I have.  In particular, the look of one photo in particular.  I have included it with this post.  I love the look of this image.  I would like to be able to reproduce it with other photos I take.  I have included a RAW file of a recent photo shoot that you can tinker with.  If you can help me create (or at least point me in the right direction) a preset that will give my photo the same “feel” as the old film one, that would be SPECTACULAR!  God Bless and thanks!

Pentax shooter, Aperture user, never touch Adobe ... Not changing..... deal with it.

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