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Frequency of Major Release for C1? #1
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by mkg
October 22, 2015 - 10:55pm

Interested in getting C1 to replace Aperture.  The current version is 8.3.3 and soon 8.3.4 or 8.4 (to include uncompressed raw for a7Rii and others) coming out, so the concern is when is C1 9.0?

Looks like there is $99 to upgrade from current version to the next major update.  Looks like C1 8.0 came out about a year ago and really don’t want to pay for new license only to have to pay another $100 to upgrade in the very near.

Is there another year left on version 8 (I know anyone who really knows cannot say but based on history, how often are updates released for major revs)?

Thanks in advance…


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by Stuart
October 23, 2015 - 1:17am

I have been both Lightroom and C1 8.3.3. Been waiting for the update so I will be able to process Sony A7RII Uncompressed Raw. For now I am using Lightroom. Also there are issues running C1 with El Capitan. Hopefully the update will happen in the next few days. Now there is a discount going on but only until Sunday October 25th. Now as far as a major upgrade not really sure when that will happen.

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