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Can PhotoApps.Expert survive? #1
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by Jim Pappas
March 17, 2015 - 6:45pm

I am not asking this question to be mean.   This is one of my favorite photo sites… based on the value I was able to get (via expert feedback) while using my favorite photography application – Aperture.  I worry that this site is not going to reach critical mass given its new direction.   I think it needs more focus, especially for the short term.

The critical next step for many (or most) of us right now is the transition from Aperture to whatever our next program will be.  There are lots of discussions evaluating which is the best next program.   There is precious little discussion on how to actually make the transition once we make that decision.   We need more focused discussion on how to execute that transition.   It is not even clear where to post such questions.   For example, I’ve decided to transition from Aperture to Lightroom.   That decision has been baked and I do not expect it to change.   Where exactly do I post such questions?  Aperture or Lightroom sections?

Here is a simple example:  I posted a question in the Lightroom section about how LR handles RAW+JPEG pairs… and this is a critical piece of information on how I choose to do the migration.   After two days, not a reply.   I do not think this this would have been the case if I asked a similar question about Aperture last year.   Instead, such a question would likely spark a healthy discussion.  This example is what I mean when I say I am not sure the new format will allow us to reach the critical mass necessary to make the site useful.

At a minimum, I think you should create two new discussion forums:

  • Aperture to Lightroom Transition
  • Aperture to C1 Transition

You can add more too… but my specific suggestion is to create a structure that is actionable during this next and immediate phase we need to complete.



/Jim Pappas

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by PhotoJoseph
March 18, 2015 - 1:22am


Thanks for the feedback. Right now the focus *is* on getting people educated about where to go next, and of course that's not going to be an easy task nor a one-size-fits-all. We have to educate about all the apps out there and see where people go. It's entirely possible and even likely that if the majority of people switch to one or two apps, then that's where the majority of the focus of the site will point to. But for now, we want to get as much info out there as we can, especially comparison info, so users can decide.

Your suggestion for the forums is a good one; I'll go create those right now. In fact, maybe I should just rename the existing forums, since that transition discussion is really what needs to be happening now.

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