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4-up; Auto Levels & Curves, RGB & Luminance Problem #1
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by jesswin
June 12, 2014 - 7:21am

I just installed the appleScript and presets for the above. (Aperture 3.5.1 and OS 10.9.3). Everything works as expected except for one preset: Auto Curves (Luminance). With this preset, I find that the result I get from running the preset from the menu is different from what I get running the same configuration manually. To illustrate:

This is the result running the preset from the Effects menu:

This is the result using the same settings but clicking the B&W Auto button:

All the rest of the presets show no difference whether run from the menu or manually. I have tried multiple files and it is always the same. 

Has anybody else seen this? Any ideas?

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